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Sailor Jerry Spiced rum

Sailor Jerry’s Spiced rum is crafted from a blend of Caribbean rums that are blended and infused with spices and other flavors including vanilla and cinnamon.

The rum is produced by Sailor Jerry Ltd., a company founded to honor the sailor-turned-tattoo artist, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins.

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667 Sailor Jerry Spiced ratings

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Posted 1 day ago by darrenfitzp from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

First received as a gift, and enjoyed it thoroughly. A very good any day rum.

Posted 1 day ago by Nick from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

First spiced rum I tasted. Smooth and very drinkable

Posted 5 days ago by JAN92 from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

Always a strong contender can't go wrong whatever you put it with.

Posted 8 days ago by Jbarber from United States with 13 ratings

Good flavor for mixing. Not a sipping rum in my opinion

Posted 8 days ago by Cerro from United Kingdom with 10 ratings

OK, it's nothing special but it's not terrible. Decent and a step up from the likes of Kraken and Morgans, still not something I would order but it is the best of the cheap spiced rums.

Posted 9 days ago by Cjbspender from Germany with 32 ratings

Way too much spice for my tongue, and the spirit is nothing special either. Better to forget.

Posted 14 days ago by Hotvw1 from Canada with 37 ratings

I don’t like spiced rum to begin with and this is too sweet and too much spice. No thx.

Posted 25 days ago by Srod from Canada with 10 ratings

Très bon rum a cocktail
Si comme moi vous aimez les cocktails de type tiki (zombie,mai Taï,jet pilot , scorpion etc...) Il faut que vous vous en procurer une pour votre collection
Ce rum sent bon les amandes la vanille le caramel un peu de gingembre
Aux goût c'est la vanille qui dommine suivi des arômes de cerises et d'amande vers la finale ont a le gingembre et le citron vert
Le sucre est bien présent c'est très caramel mais ça ne tombe pas sur le cœur
La présentation est belle la bouteille fait très fin 50 début 60 très rétro comme j'aime avec les réalisations de sailor Jerry le liquide est d'une belle couleur caramel doré
Aux final c'est un peu Kitch mais c'est excellent

Posted 27 days ago by Mekpdue from United States with 5 ratings

I like this rum. It is pretty good straight, but mixing with a dark soda is best. It is also pretty inexpensive.

SJ has a definite vanilla aroma and taste. A couple of them and you will like them even more.

Recommendation: try it.

Posted about 1 month ago by jack herrer from Czech Republic with 14 ratings

best rum for this price. strong finish, so maybe not enjoyable by anyone, but long time my favourite

Posted about 1 month ago by Rob Pettigrew from Canada with 22 ratings

Mainstream rum with a big marketing budget, or so it would seem

Posted about 1 month ago by charlierumber from Australia with 5 ratings

tried this a few weeks back and wow the taste was like drinking unleaded. I don't know what it was but it was pretty bad

Posted about 1 month ago by Serbanik15 from Romania with 7 ratings

Nice color. Did not find this rum as smooth as i was thinking it is. It is very sweet.

Posted about 1 month ago by Fozzie500 from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

First tasted this Spiced Rum back in about 2008 and i drank the full bottle in one night (mixed with coke) i loved it that much, the recipe has been changed since then and i still like it, however it has never been as good as that first time. it is probably the brand of rum i have drunk the most.

Posted about 1 month ago by Red from United States with 7 ratings

First shot was neat. It's not overly sweet or cloying. It has a pretty distinctive vanilla scent and it was surprisingly smooth for an overproof rum. 2nd try was in a pina colada, which it didn't do so well in, but it's not meant for pina coladas anyway. 3rd was in my girlfriend's diet Pepsi. Yup, I said diet Pepsi because that was what was available. It had a pretty weird chemical aftertaste, but that was probably the Pepsi and not the rum. Overall I'll just judge it based on the neat shot, which was pretty decent, and I'm sure it would taste good in Coke.

Posted about 2 months ago by Andrewofcalgary from Canada with 31 ratings

Lighter and more refresher than kracken and also a bit cheaper.

Posted about 2 months ago by Dedspurs from United Kingdom with 19 ratings

Wouldn't get a bottle for home but ok to drink occasionally in pub with coke.

Posted about 2 months ago by slawomir borowina from Poland with 6 ratings

Every bottle is different. You never know what you will get :D

Posted about 2 months ago by Belec from Belgium with 23 ratings

Créé pour célébrer la vie du célèbre tatoueur américain Norman Keith Collins (surnommé Sailor Jerry), Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum est un rhum aromatisé aux épices principalement la cannelle, la vanille et la noix de muscade. Distillé dans les Ile Vierges des Etats-Unis, cet embouteillage est la deuxième version de la marque. Un peu moins sucrée que la version précédente, les notes de vanille et d'épices ressortent davantage.

Posted about 2 months ago by Jaydee01 from Germany with 25 ratings

Für die Tattoo Geschichte von Jerry gibt es von mir eine 6 statt 5. Gut, aber pur gibt es besseres.

Posted about 2 months ago by BRAVESTar79 from United Kingdom with 14 ratings

Tasty rum, goes down a treat. Great for the price 👍

Posted about 2 months ago by Adreinke (PREMIUM) from United States with 17 ratings

A good spiced rum if you’re looking for one to mix while out for drinks with friends. A higher alcohol content then other spiced rums.

Posted about 2 months ago by GoldenFlashGoudy from United States with 7 ratings

Had a buddy in college who was a tattoo artist, and swore by the stuff. Decided to finally give it a go and wasn't terribly disappointed. In shots it is awful, but it gets better on the rocks, and is better than average in mixed drinks. The bottle art is cool, and the tattoo art on the inner label is a fun gimmick. That said, I ultimately judge Rums based on their qualities and taste, not on presentation. Which is why I will rate this Rum a 6. Serviceable, but not great.

Posted 2 months ago by JGiralt from United States with 42 ratings

The spice blend is on point but it is so incredibly sweetens, it removes all enjoyment from the product.