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Ron Zacapa XO rum

Ron Zacapa XO

Guatemala | Aged

Ron Zacapa XO Rum is produced in the highlands of Guatemala where it is distillled from fresh cane juice. The rum is then aged from 6 to 23 years at 7544 feet above sea level at 62 °F (17 °C) using the solera process. The solera aging process incorporates barrels that previously held American whiskeys, sherries, wines and Cognac

The unique Ron Zacapa XO glass decantur features an impression of a woven band around the middle, which is in reference to the original hand woven palm leaf petate bottle cover that covered the bottle

715 ratings
Now this is some good stuff


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715 Ron Zacapa XO ratings

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Posted 4 years ago by Christophe from Belgium with 14 ratings

Ze ziet er beeldig uit, ze ruikt zalig, ze proeft naar meer, maar...
Beschrijving klinkt alsof het hier gaat over een prostituee. En toch geeft deze rum je dat gevoel.
Je geniet ervan, maar moet je hier echt € 98 voor betalen?
Deze Z XO heeft een hele mooie donkere karamel kleur, traant beeldig en in de neus krijg je een vleugje eik en rijp fruit, kaneel, tot zelfs een zweem van rijpe banaan.
Bij het proeven voelt deze spirit fluweel aan, toetsen van verbrande karamel, tabak, koffie en dit alles met een zoet fruitige toets. Zalig, maar zit hier een rum in van 25 jaar?

Alweer het Solera systeem, maar deze blend heeft de laatste 2 jaar (na Solera) op cognac vaten gelegen. Is dit de oorzaak van de typische droge lange afdronk?

Zou ik het er nog eens aan geven? Volmondig ja!!!
Wat een verschil met de Z 23y!

Leuke foto's op mijn Instagram:


Posted almost 7 years ago by Thomas from Denmark with 4 ratings

Fantastisk rom


Posted 7 years ago by Andrew Bushe from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

I first tried this rum in a restaurant in Poland. It was served on a tray with two Zacapa glasses. In the first glass was the Zacapa rum and the second was turned upside down so the rim was against the napkin on the tray and contained cinnamon smoke. The general idea was to put the smoke glass on top of the rum glass and let the smoke flavour the rum for a while and then pour the rum into the smoke glass.

Although this seemed like a bit of a gimic, it did produce an interesting flavour.

I picked up a bottle of this to add to my collection and it is an amazing rum, sweet, smooth, toffee, with hints of spice. It is slightly better than the Zacapa Solera 23 year, but probably not different enough to justify having both if on budget.


Posted 7 years ago by toto2974 from Italy with 7 ratings

the packing and 'very charming recalling bottles of old cognac, and' just tied to what 'creates a high expectation within see it.Il product comes with a nice bright color of old gold, the smell that is perceived and' immediately and sweet with hints of vanilla and a hint of alcohol and mild and not by disorder, are perceived in the mouth of the notes of molasses and caramel but overall interesting. The final and 'soft just like a cognac, but sadly not' long as you expect.


Posted 7 years ago by Giuseppe from Italy with 33 ratings

i love it.... i have a bottle NOT SOLERA


Posted 7 years ago by Faulsack from Germany with 10 ratings

Nase: Schokolade, Holz, Karamell, Rauch
Gaume: süß, Holz, Schokolade und etwas"Honig"?
Die Aromen sind mild und unaufdringlich. Das Gesamtbild passt.


Posted 7 years ago by Thomas Jesen from Denmark with 41 ratings

God rom med en betydelig bedre duft og smag end 23'eren, dog synes Jeg også, at denne har en tendens, ligesom 23'eren, til at blive lidt kedelig i længden.
Ikke en genkøber.


Posted over 7 years ago by Rongo Tiki from United States with 20 ratings

This is so good!


Posted almost 8 years ago by JJ Geewax from United States with 36 ratings



Posted 8 years ago by Brandon from United States with 18 ratings

Too close to the cheaper Cask 23 version to warrant the higher price. Zacapa overall is a good rum to get people hooked on rum - very drinkable, tasty, but not a ton of complexity. Definitely looks good on the bar and as a gift though.

Even so, I like it when I just want to sit back, toss back, and not have to think about it.


Posted 8 years ago by donmichelangelo from Germany with 25 ratings

Fantastic presentation of the rum, the bottle reminds me of cognac bottles.

Regarding the rum:
Very nice, a good sipper here and there with some edges, not too smooth and not too sweet, but still something for the sweeter ones under us, but if you compare only the rum (the liquid) itself with the Zacapa 23 Anos, then I would choose the 23 Anos over this one.