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Ron Zacapa 23 Solera rum

Ron Zacapa 23 Solera

Guatemala | Aged

Ron Zacapa 23 Solera Rum was created in 1976 in the highlands of Guatemala, where it is distilled from fresh cane juice before aging at 7544 feet at 62 °F (17 °C).

The 500 year-old Spanish Sistema Solera method is used to age Ron Zacapa 23 in white oak casks. This results in a combination of rums aged between 6 and 23 years.

The current Ron Zacapa 23 bottle features a woven band around the middle, which is in reference to the original hand woven palm leaf petate bottle cover that covered the bottle.

7.5/10 (1762 ratings)
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1762 Ron Zacapa 23 Solera ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Kristofer from Sweden with 11 ratings

Tasty, generous, rich and easy!

A perfect beginners rum.


Posted 7 years ago by Steven James from United Kingdom with 33 ratings

Sweetened spirit with spurious marketing claims and very questionable age statement.

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Posted over 7 years ago by Andy (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 106 ratings

There's no doubt, Zacapa 23 is great for the premium rum industry. I'd guess its the most prevalent aged rum out there, and brought many newcomers to rum.

I like Zacapa 23 but not as much as Diplomatico, El Dorado, an others. It has a great rush of initial spice that dissipates quickly and leaves the mouth with a slightly oily sweet molasses finish.

For a ‘10+ year’ aged rum, I wanted more subtle notes. I get a blast of butterscotch and caramel with a little nutmeg and maybe even an olive note - but generally a little bland without much depth


Posted 22 days ago by Pmrp from United States with 10 ratings

I can see why many people love this—it’s sweet, it’s strongly flavored with reliable notes of coffee, nuts, and chocolate, and it’s priced among other mid to high end sippers from Jamaica, Barbados, and Venezuela. But this blend from Guatemala desperately needs ice in my opinion—otherwise, it gives me a harsh burn that travels into my chest. When chilled and softened, its a decent sipper, but I still prefer its competitors from the aforementioned countries.


Posted 1 month ago by Pirate from Greece with 25 ratings

Worst stuff i 've ever tasted. Will never forget it. Like ethanol/rubbing alcohol, with a ton of sugar/glycerine thrown in. I bet there are many other additives inside there, as well. The "freshly pressed sugar cane juice" doesn't make it "agricole" and the solera ageing is deceptive. Has all the characteristics of a total scam, a real "sugary scam", as others noted. The ugly handmade ornament around it compliments the joke, which is like an april first's prank, or a halloween trick but with total absence of a treat, anywhere inside the picture. Won't touch anything from Zacapa brand ever again, even if i receive it for free!


Posted 2 months ago by Swoop225 from United States with 3 ratings

This is the one that got me to start a rum collection


Posted 3 months ago by Scott from United States with 1 rating

10 years ago was asked why I am ruining the rum by adding a mixer. Then I was introduced to Zacapa. Keep trying others, but this is still my favorite.


Posted 2 years ago by catalyst_245 from Australia with 6 ratings

It's a typical sweet rum. Should probably be considered a rum liqueor. I know some people enjoy very sweet rums - if you're one of them, maybe give it a try. I have to rate this low, though, it's just not for me.


Posted 2 years ago by Chavelo from Greece with 23 ratings

Quality has changed in the last few year, the pricetag has mantained-increased


Posted over 2 years ago by Tony from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

Was really looking forward to this as it has all the attributes to be a great rum. Then you open the bottle and it smells lovely and fruity. then take a sip and its very very sweet. Not sure on the sugar content but im guessing very high. I know its a solera so its not a full aged rum but for the price in the uk you can get aged rums for that price. To be honest i found el dorado 8 beat it hands down and the 12 is in a different league. Nice for just one or two but to much sugar for any more. Couldnt bare to think of the hangover after a night on this haha.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Kevin from United States with 19 ratings

Very deceiving rum period. It's like lets mix and match and pray. I can hear them saying "Those idiots see the 23 & its a sale". Steer clear of this mismatch. Let me add that I see alot of high ratings? If I was a beginner (novice) I might misjudge this also. Sorry my rating stands!