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Medium ron varadero a ejo 7 year rum

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27 Ron Varadero Añejo 7-Year ratings

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Glass of Ron Varadero 7y revealed quite a strong burn. Bottle and label looks very nice, but its all blacked out. Golden color. Pure burn. Typical Havana rum, so that's a nice compliment.


This is - to my taste - a much better rum than the Havana Club 7yr, as it is sweeter and richer. Very good with an ice cube, not as refined as for example the 8yr El Dorado, but nonetheless a very good bargain!

Good mixer, nice sipper for everyday use. It's cheap, light and easy to drink.

Best cheap rum I've had,.good Carmel flavour, easy going down, smooth finish

This rum is surprising. Much better than Ron Varadero anejo. It's not woody nor tobacco strong like some other Cuban rums. Nonetheless it's taste is very much Cuban. It has a sweet caramel finish.

This is my favorite everyday rum. Sweet and easy to drink. Great for mixing, too.

This is not a bad rum but not a great rum. The dryness and sweetness is lovely so trumps Havana 7 even though it's the same molasses. It doesn't have enough depth of flavour for it be a higher rating but a very credible cupboard stocker.

molasses. dry rum.
just for mixing with coke. really similar to the havana club 7.
easy, light, with a touch of smoke in the back. maybe some pineapple as a note of fruit.

Last week I had a Havana Club 7yr on the rocks at a bar (there wasn't any better choice of rum). I thought ok, for that price it is really not bad. Now I got a bottle of Ron Varadero 7yr and it reminded me of the HC 7yr. Then I saw the comments here on and it made perfect sense to me that this must be the exact same product but with a different label. It is a nice cheap rum. Color is light, taste is harsh, aroma a bit flat, but still too nice to mix it with cola or something. If you see it in a store, buy one. You will not regret it.

Varadero 7 and Havana Club 7 are the exact same product! If you like HC 7, give this one a try and save some money... The ONLY difference is the packaging.Both names represent a great Cuban rum for the money.It has a slightly sweet,chocolaty wood taste that leaves you longing for more.


This used to be called Ron Caribbean Club many years ago so my actual rum is about 20 years old ! Not that it helped any.. Crisp , dry and with an alcohol bite , very Cuban in nature.
Not for sipping but makes an above average Cuba Libre.

Es un ron que no esta mal pero al que le queda mucho para llegar a un buen nivel.

I tried this in a Colombian cigar shop. I couldn't pass on the chance to have cuban rum. While I'm not sure if would drink this neat, I'm more than happy using this as a mixing rum or on the rocks. I had it on the rocks and it was just a bit warm. I think it's too much neat.

Sehr lecker Rum zum mixen und pur genießen. Wird auf alle fälle wieder gekauft. Top Preis Leistungsverhältnis.


This rum is very similar to Calvados. Really original rum, low alcohol emphasis, complex flavor.
I finished fourth bottle: exactly 8/10. Very solid concentrated impression.

Encore un 7 ans qui fait des merveilles dans les cocktails ! Un brin trop rude pour l'apprécier seul. Excellent en Cuba libre.

Good but not overwhelming. Too harsh to enjoy neat but perfect in a Cuba Libre. Good price as well.

Smoot round sweet flavour. Nose: especialy sugar cane. Better than havana club 7yo.

I did not expect much of this rum ... and didn't find much. It's a harsh rum for a 7-year product. Also, it's almost identical to Havana Club 7yr old. Is it the same product but with a different label?

Better than the Havana 7 which got me about the rum train in the first place. Not stellar but very likeable indeed. Could do with being mellowed with ice, but is good straight up nonetheless.

Herkomst: Cuba
Abv: 38%
Fles: 70cl

Aroma: karamel, hout
Smaak: licht zoetig vanille. Karamel, tabak en eikenhout.
Nasmaak: ietwat zoet, eindigt droog.

Prima rum, denk Havana Club 7, voor deze prijs (

To be honest i taste absolutely no difference to the Havana club 7Yo. Even the bottle is almost identical. If you look fo a challange,try to taste them blindfolded and tell which is which. Anyway its a light,daily sipper but nothing special

Ich muß zugeben das ich mir von diesem Rum mehr erhofft hatte. Pur ist er mir ein wenig zu scharf und kräftig. Mit Cola hat er wieder ein ganz anderes Aroma. Ihm fehlt aber die Weichheit die ich bei Brugal z.B. so gerne mag.