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47 Bacardi Select ratings

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Erg scherpe smaak, voor mix met cola wel te doen. Maar voor puur vind ik het niets

This rum is easy tosip and isgreat with coke. Gave it first as a gift and then bought it for myself.

This is a nice cheap rum to mix with cola. I have sipped it, but Bacardi 8 is the entry level sipping rum for Bacardi.

Excelente Ron para convivir, mezclar, ahorrar y pasar el rato.

It's been a while so i only remember i didn't really like it! Not bad but not something you'd buy again!

Es un ron regular nomás. Se consigue mejores rones por un precio similar. En boca es de sabor agradable pero quema demasiado al pasar. Solo para tomarlo combinado.

Tried the Bacardi Select rum at the Bacardi distillery in San Juan last year and it's just nasty as a neat sipper. Go directly with the Bacardi Oakheart and it will mix with Coke much better than the Select.

Like most of the time Bacardi offers I find this rum to be less than appleasing. It Was not super horrible over ice with rum. However it would not make the list of my top 5 mixers. Bacardi really needs to work on the quality of their rums as most of them that I have tried are not what I would classify as top shelf rums like they try to portray.

Tried this on the rocks today.. lots of astringency and alcohol.. very little of the flavors typically associated with rum. Tasted like a bad, cheap scotch, but with some mildly fruity rum flavor. I definitely won't be having this again; would be even recommend with Coke. I'd MUCH rather Bacardi Superior for any use.

Awful. A dumb frat boy's drunken wet dream. If you're GPA is 1.1 and you're trying to drown the pain of your latest D grade, bottoms up. If you're interested in something with flavour, maybe try earning another $30 and move up a few shelves.

Lots of alcohol on the nose. This follows through on the first sip, but isn't as pronounced on the second. A little more harsh than I would like, but the burn goes away fairly quickly and the aftertaste isn't bad at all. Definitely not a sipper and not intended for that, but it does make a decent mixer. Not bad at all with cola.

What can I say it's nothing special I have actually used a little for my steak that was good but for drinking not a fan

As all the Bacardi products this goes with mixer. Yes, I know, taste issues -and I'm just not a friend of Bacardi

Smoother than Bacardi 8, velvet taste. Serve it better without coke, straight.

It's just no good.
Sharp flavour don't like it.

idem au bacardi gold ou 8 ans ideal pour cocktail ou cuba libre

Better than the regular stuff still not something you want to sip.

If you don't like this rum, you're using it wrong. Go on an adventure and take it with you. It will change your world. GAI (get after it)


I purchased a bottle of this to through in the camper while we are traveling. I consider it a utility rum, not great, but good enough for mixing. I have tried it over ice and it is OK, but not great.

Yup, still kinda taste like turpentine... I actually poured this one down the skin after two (mixed) drinks because I didn't want to torture myself any further.

They've re-labeled it but haven't improved it. For the same money you can get authentic rums from Barbados which taste much better.

As the title says. Not bad, and good with coke. One of the rums I started with.

When I was younger I enjoyed my rum to much so I quit for about20 years. When I tried this Bacardi 20 years later it is the one that reminded me why I like rum so much. It is a good place to start to see if you have th palet for rum.