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Millonario Reserva Especial 15 rum

Millonario Reserva Especial 15

Peru | Aged

Ron Millonario Reserva Especial 15 rum is created from molasses using a 1930's Scottish column still and aged in American and Slavonian oak casks up to 15 years using the solera blending method.

The Ron Millonario company was founded in 1950, and in 2004 was purchased by the Italian Fabio Rossi.

7.8/10 (344 ratings)
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344 Millonario Reserva Especial 15 ratings

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Posted 4 years ago by Brian from Canada with 4 ratings

My wife bought this recently for our anniversary. She is more of a beer girl, but has falling in love with the taste of this rum. I would share a glass of Ron Millonario 15 with her any day of the week.
This rum has tremendous flavours of molasses and toffee. There are also hints of orange peel and cloves.


Posted over 2 years ago by Lloyd from Australia with 31 ratings

This rum is truly a sugar loaded sipper. To some, its sweetness is somewhat overpowering while to others, it's the perfect blend for an introduction to rums. I find the sweetness a little overpowering as the only flavours I detect past the caramel and brown sugar is tones of vanilla and citrus (possibly lime).

I would not recommend mixing this with anything as it's minor complex tones will be lost to the mixer. 8/10


Posted almost 3 years ago by Taster from Switzerland with 113 ratings

Part of Rum Calendar 2016.
Barrique, sweet but also sharp at the same time. 5.5


Posted almost 3 years ago by Michael King from Czech Republic with 50 ratings

Něco na způsob Zacapy, ale lepší!! Rozhodně něco k doporučení.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Oğulcan from Turkey with 1 rating

Scottish column still and aged in American and Slavonian oak casks up to 15 years using the solera blending method.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Snookerman from United Kingdom with 129 ratings

I know this has a fair amount of sugar in it. That didn't stop me from enjoying it. It's got a sweet burnt brown sugar, caramel and toffee falvour with just a slight twist of an astringent red grape. Obviously, the packaging is interesting and I'd have thought likely to attract some people to starting to drink rum.
I need to taste more of this - but, for comparisons sake with other well known favourites of around the same price bracket: so far my impressions are that it's smoother, sweeter and lighter than El Dorado, but not not as complex or richly rummy. It's certainly not as complex as the more powerfully tasting Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva. I don't think this is as good, but it is very enjoyable nonetheless.


Posted almost 3 years ago by XPraetorian from Belgium with 1 rating

One of my favorites for a casual drink. It’s caramel taste makes it a very smooth and enjoyable one.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Luke from Czech Republic with 102 ratings

Jedná se o velmi dobrý rum. Hodnocení jsou pro mně 6,7,8 podle teploty a toho, co jste mněli před tím.
Studený - citrus, karamel / Teplý - víc karamel a máslo než citrus. Je zvlášní jak si s chutí pohrajou i degustace jiného typu, před vlastním testem Millonaria. Kdyby byl tento rum v cenové relaci 800kč dostal by o bod více. Sladký a zároveň silný s tím citrusem.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Dennis from Germany with 3 ratings

Was recommended in a nice Bar to try. Sugar characters at the beginning and a smooth spicy surprise at the end.


Posted almost 3 years ago by sulohanuri from Finland with 27 ratings

Nice grass cover. Strong and spicy taste but way too sweet. Allmost like a liqueur. Less sugar and it´s great.


Posted almost 3 years ago by PitBullCH from Switzerland with 14 ratings

Found this is the local Coop, which was a bit of a surprise, and I think a new line for that store. The packaging reminded me of cheap Sangria, but inside was a rather nice rum which is just about not too sweet (could be too much some days !) and has a slightly spicy slightly toffee almost christmassy taste to it with a nice aftertaste. Will need a second bottle for the definitive statements but it's an easy-drinking firm 7, borderline 8/10.