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Bacardi Oakheart rum

Launched in 2011, Bacardi Oakheart is the newest addition to the extensive Bacardi collection.

This spiced rum is aged for 1 to 2 years, filtered using a proprietary process, and then flavored with various spices including maple, nutmeg, cinnamon and honey.

Bacardi Oakheart took over two years to name and more than 2700 names were considered. The winner, Oakheart, is a reference to the charred American white oak barrels that house the rum while it ages.

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510 Bacardi Oakheart ratings

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Posted 1 day ago by cantongamer from United States with 11 ratings

To me, Bacardi has a very nasty after taste. All their rums that I have tried seem to have it. Sorry I just can't drink Bacardi rums.

Posted 9 days ago by Morgan from Russian Federation with 11 ratings

Quality to price balance makes this rum one of the best candidates for parties.

Posted 17 days ago by Cjbspender from Germany with 32 ratings

Yes, I dislike spiced rums as they usually overdo it. But this one is not too bad, easy to drink.

Posted 21 days ago by Su from Netherlands with 10 ratings

This one is o.k to drink pure. But better for mixing

Posted 24 days ago by jrobj from United States with 4 ratings

very cheap for how good it tastes. perfect with coke

Posted 26 days ago by Kevin from United States with 27 ratings

Quite flavorful for a Bacardi product. I was pleasantly surprised. Still only a mixer though.

Posted 27 days ago by Indian1 from Czech Republic with 10 ratings

The taste is light, balanced rum, without taste. Great rum for evening summer drinks or celebrations.

Posted 30 days ago by JohnyBazooka from Czech Republic with 46 ratings

Sladký, jemný, dá se popíjet, ale spíše vhodný do míchaných nápojů.

Posted about 1 month ago by Jiri from Czech Republic with 29 ratings

Fairly drinkable rum for spiced one, modest flavor, maybe too sweet. It is good for drinks, acceptable price for overall quality.

Posted about 1 month ago by gigi_marca from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

It's far too sweet, almost sickly and I can't really identify any spices in it. If you mix it with coke, make sure you add a lots of lime.

Posted about 1 month ago by klaasfrans from Netherlands with 11 ratings

I bought it because somebody I know said it was his favorite. The only time I drink it is if there is nothing else available at home. Not my type. Don’t like the spiced flavor.

Posted about 1 month ago by Lucas1997 from Netherlands with 7 ratings

Drinkable, but way to sweet. Overpowering vanilla taste. I drink this one to keep me from finishing my quality bottles.

Posted about 1 month ago by charlierumber from Australia with 5 ratings

Not a bad rum if you are in a bind. It is relatively smooth, but the taste is lacking

Posted about 1 month ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 27 ratings

This is a very easy drinking rum. It is the aging in charred barrels that does it. Nice vanilla and smoke flavor. Not too sweet. Balanced. Not complex just plain good. Islay Scotch drinkers will appreciate this rum. Very inexpensive. I can think of 20 rums that cost more than twice as much and are less than half as good. Well done Bacardi. This is not to be underestimated or overlooked.

Posted about 2 months ago by Hilmar from Norway with 9 ratings

Mild smell, good in cocktail. Can be used clean with loads of ice. Something in taste what i do not like very well.

Posted about 2 months ago by Kasper Meijer from Panama with 29 ratings

This is for me purely a mixing rum. Nothing special and not very oaky...

Posted about 2 months ago by Pandur from Austria with 73 ratings

Titel sagt schon alles. Ein angenehmer Spiced Rum, viel Vanille und Honig im Geschmack mit leichten Holznoten. Zum pur trinken gibt es viele viel bessere, zum Mixen mag ichs gern.

Posted about 2 months ago by Dedspurs from United Kingdom with 19 ratings

Now rebranded as Bacardi Spiced, but for the price a nice smooth rum which goes well with coke and slice of lime

Posted 2 months ago by Jaydee01 from Germany with 25 ratings

Neben Havanna der eher milde Dauerbrenner mit Cola auf jeder Party.

Posted 2 months ago by Steve from Netherlands with 8 ratings

Lacks a real depth in flavour. I only get caramel and spices. Adding ginger beer and lime for a dark n stormy on a hot afternoon- but there are better spiced rums for this purpose also.

Posted 2 months ago by Admiral Tyler from Canada with 5 ratings

This rum has for years been my go to sipping rum for just everyday. It is the best bang for your buck to just sip after a day at work or a game night with friends. It is the cheapest to buy and drink straight and still have an flavorful rum that doesn't burn. The spice flavors are very nice and subtle. Smooth drinking.

Posted 3 months ago by WW from Netherlands with 31 ratings

I was suprised by this one, very nice with coke and a lime. Even when were out of coke, het was still quite good drinkable.

Posted 3 months ago by Frank van Rossum from Netherlands with 18 ratings

Its oke for a spiced rum, smooth and not to sweet, good for mixing with cola

Posted 3 months ago by Bondye from Netherlands with 9 ratings

Neat: 10
Cola: 10

This one is very pleasant for a little price! One of my favourite!