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Centenario 7-Year rum

Centenario 7-Year

Costa Rica | Aged

6.4/10 (55 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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55 Centenario 7-Year ratings

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Posted almost 5 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

Frankly this is basically the same as the 9-year rum but with a little more of an edge. Just as with the 9-year it has a nice aroma Some little woodiness to it along with a nice vanilla flavor. A little more of an edge to it than the 9-year. I give both a 7 but it's more like a 7.75 for the 9-year and a 7.25 for the 7-year. Not much difference between the two. Whereas the 9-year makes for an acceptable sipping rum as well as a mixer, I feel the 7-year is best suited as a mixer and not as a sipper. Other than that they are pretty much twins. Works GREAT in Coke Zero.


Posted 5 months ago by from Germany with 1 rating

My parents brought me this from their Costa Rica holidays and for the price it's decent. Enjoied it with just a little bit of ice.


Posted almost 6 years ago by Sakulnikov from Czech Republic with 17 ratings

Bottle: Nice bottle 1/1
Colour: Very light amber
Aroma: Not so rich but pleasant 0,5/2
Taste: Midly sweet but I do not taste anything specific. 2,5/5
Aftertaste: Smooth 2/2
Generally I like this rum when I go on a trip. As a first aid kid. It is not fancy drink for the evening. Never tried it as a mixer but I'd guees that would be great.


Posted 1 day ago by Hefron from Czech Republic with 73 ratings

Sušší rum s ostřejším závěrem. Docela dost mi připomínal rumy República od Božkova. Něco mezi República Exclusiv a Reserva. Ve vůni příměsi vanilky a dubového dřeva, v chuti dubové dřevo.


Posted 2 months ago by dejvix from Slovakia with 30 ratings

Fľaša a etiketa je na pohľad menej vydarená a so štrubovacím uzáverom pôsobí lacno.
Farba svetlá-karamelová. Vôňa výrazná, ale neurčitá (skôr citrusová, zemitá)
Chuť je drevitá po sude, veľmi jemne nasladlá, pri lepšej fantázii vanilková. Záver je dlhý, ale alkolový, s tónmi mandle.
Plusom je, že ide o suchší rum, po ktorom by nemusela bolieť hlava, ani po celovečernom pití. Fľašu som kúpil za 17€. Celkovo je hladký, ale za mňa málo zaujímavý.


Posted 2 months ago by Djeap from France with 2 ratings

Assez gras en bouche mais saveur assez discrète. Se bois facilement


Posted 3 months ago by JohnyBazooka from Czech Republic with 58 ratings

Vůně: příjemná, nevýrazná
Chuť: jemná
Opětovná koupě: ano
Cena: okolo 500,- Kč


Posted 3 months ago by Seko from Czech Republic with 113 ratings

The nose is the most pleasant part of the rum, citrus fruits, with weak vanilla and oak, the taste is mild, sweet, some toffee, strange prickly feeling on the palate, mild bite of alcohol in the end. For me, this is not a sipper, in coke it seems to be lost. Not my cup of coffee.

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Posted 6 months ago by Michal Ernest from Czech Republic with 48 ratings

Můj asi nejoblíbenější rum na běžné večerní popíjení na dobrou noc. Po práci si nalít jednu skleničku a pomalu usrkávat a přitom vychutnávat jeho zajímavě jemnou drsnost na jazyku. Malinko nasládlý, ale spíše jen stopově, kdy ostrost sladkost přehluší a nakonec na jazyku zůstane opravdová chuť rumu.


Posted 6 months ago by Codogg81 from United States with 14 ratings

For the price you cant really get much better. $19. Solid mixer. Decent on ice. 7 year for $19 bucks.


Posted 7 months ago by Alexvid from United States with 4 ratings

For the price (comparable to Bacardi) nice flavor. Enjoyed on the rocks. Pretty bottle.