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102 Centenario 30-Year ratings

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Posted about 4 years ago by Oli973 from Switzerland with 24 ratings

I bought today a Diplomatico Ambassador and a Centenario 30. After being heavily disappointed with the first one, I have hope in expensive stuff again. Very good bargain at 130 .- (swiss francs).
After trying the diplomatico, the absence of alcohol in nose and taste is almost chocking. Perfectly balanced and as sweet as it gets whitout being "kitchy". Nice development, decently long aftertaste. The only problem I can think of is that the bottle won't last long in my cabinet :/

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Posted over 5 years ago by Surfyguitar from United States with 56 ratings

Oaky and woody and less sweet than 20 or 25 year. I prefer the sweeter ones which also cost less. I would go with the 25.

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Posted over 5 years ago by Perro from Germany with 16 ratings

I had the chance comparing the 3 centenarios (20,25 and 30) and there is for sure a difference, but it is not so big as I expected, I think the price is just too high comparing it with the 20 years one. But please dont get me wrong it is a great rum.

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Posted almost 6 years ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 231 ratings

One of the very sweet rums. Incrediblely smooth with an almost dramatic sweetnees. When your in the mood for a sugarcane trip. Full molasse body with cocoa notes, and a slightly spicy lingering finish. As mentioned by others, its just a bit to close to it's sibling, considering the price.

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Posted 21 days ago by carl from United States with 27 ratings

We had a blind taste test with a group of six people and six different bottles of rum. This one came out on top. Granted, it was the most expensive in the group at $130, but still excellent. If you let it air out a bit, it is really smooth with some sweetness even without ice.

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Posted 8 months ago by Mike (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 121 ratings

I get this beauty from colleagues to my mariage. It is super smooth and complex. On the nose you can smell oak, butter, nuts, caramel and the same comes with taste. It is not that sweet like his younger brothers but more oaky with long ending. Simply magnificent.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Martin Roman from Slovakia with 27 ratings

Firstly sweet and little bit spicy and after there is taste of rum. You will feel it in mouth next 10 minutes.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Mihai from Romania with 209 ratings

Deosebit, poate un pic prea dulce dar cu niste arome superbe si un aftertaste lung si foarte fin.

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Posted over 2 years ago by M. Geisser from Switzerland with 28 ratings

Maybe because everyone told me that was a really great rum I decided to buy a bottle. I had much better rums at this price range. But it's not bad.

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Posted about 3 years ago by Marc Cardinal from Belgium with 401 ratings

I had the opportunity to taste the 20 years and the 25 years and I waited to taste this version 30 years at a rum fest or private tasting because as some of you the price was a brake and the comments were not necessarily positive. The day arrived when I finally tasted this rum. The conditions were not optimal but to seeing the heads of my colleagues during this tasting, our opinions all went in the same direction. This rum is in line with the two younger ones with the same aromas. Caramel, molasses, pastry notes. In the mouth, the sweetness is immediately present with vanilla all in finesse. And this may be the problem, it is too sweet even though this is usually the case with very old rum. You get the impression that he has not much to say, that he expressed all the complexity and then nothing ... We were disappointed and seen the price a lot of people prefer the 25th on the 20th Now this is always a matter of taste and nothing should be taken away from the work behind this quality rum. But for the same price jump on the Malteco 1987.

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Posted over 3 years ago by Peter from Estonia with 92 ratings

My first Centenario. At the Tallinn airport in Estonia there is a relatively new and fantastic wine bar. They have a huge selection of some nice vintages as well as Rums, Gins and Whiskeys to taste.
I almost liked this Centenario but looks like that someone has been adding way too much sweetness into it for my taste. Sometimes this seems to be a issue with these aged Rums. I can't deny it, I do like more the sweet and oaky ones than totally dry ones, but this was even too much for me.