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Centenario 20-Year rum

Ron Centenario 20-Year rum is produced from Costa Rican sugar cane which is turned into molasses before aging in American white oak barrels up to 20 years using the solera aging system.

The company producing Ron Centenario 20-Year rum used to be named Seagram de Costa Rica, but in 2002 changed its name to Centenario Internacional. The rum wasn't sold outside of Costa Rica until 2007.

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277 Centenario 20-Year ratings

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Posted 5 days ago by tommyttn (PREMIUM) from Sweden with 3 ratings

Quite disappointed! It taste quite splashy, no special character.....quite expensive but the quality is not there.

Posted 8 days ago by shammerle from United States with 7 ratings

This rum is definitely smooth enough to sip and enjoy. I tried it both neat and with ice. It’s much more interesting neat to me. It is as sweet and sticky as Diplomatico Reserva, but I do enjoy a sweet rum. I don’t find it as interesting as DR from a flavor profile. It is much simpler, one or two note flavor.

There is very little burn here even early and late. If I am going to burn the calories to sip a candy rum, I would rather the more complex DR. And now with two sweet bottles in the house, I have fatness and cardio misery in my near future. 😕

Posted 9 days ago by Yana from Czech Republic with 17 ratings

Výborný jemný, sladší rum, oproti 25y to dle mého názoru není už takový rozdíl, naproti tomu 12y a mladší mi tolik nechutnaly.

Posted 21 days ago by Dimitris from Greece with 68 ratings

Taste 8,2/10. A touch less good than 25 which is shlitly more aged, balance & less sweet. The price is right. Flavour: Fruity, enought sweet, mild oak-soft aftertaste, creamy-buttery-lovely. Great for daily drinking awesome flavour profile!

Posted about 1 month ago by VikingXO from Denmark with 9 ratings

A great offering from Centenario. Really nice and sweet

Posted about 1 month ago by shaacul from Czech Republic with 78 ratings

Rum dobrý, ale evidentně je to cílené na hromadného zákazníka, něco ala Diplomatico, nebo Zacapa. Pro nezkušené mana, pro toho co už ochutnal víc rumů trochu slazená nuda.

Posted about 1 month ago by LILTHOR from France with 3 ratings

If you enjoy sweet rums that are velvety smooth with a complicated, warm and sophisticated finish then this is probably for you. Lashings of banana, caramel and spice On the nose make this an after dinner drop to savor. You could do much worse at this price point

Posted about 2 months ago by Pepperman from Germany with 18 ratings

This rum is very sweet, but comes with nice bouquet of aromes.
Nose: Vanilla, sweet fruits like red berries, peach, raisins.
Palate: mild red berries, baked plums and super sweetness.
Finish: plums, buttery sweetness. Later some oak.
Good for a tasting, wouldn't use it for mixing.

Posted about 2 months ago by Pollux from Canada with 121 ratings

Que c'est bon! Quel beau rhum à boire en bonne compagnie qui aime le rhum de dégustation.

Posted 2 months ago by Belec from Belgium with 23 ratings

La robe de ce rhum hors d'âge présente une belle couleur acajou.

Le nez primaire de ce rhum fait preuve de suavité et de complexité. Les notes de fruits à maturation (pomme, cerise, ananas) évoluent sur des notes épicées de cannelle, de boisé contenu dans les notes de réglisse et des notes pâtissières (café et mélasse).

La bouche de ce rhum Centenario 20 ans se dévoile comme une caresse sur le palais, révélant une infinie douceur. Une bouche d'abord dominée par la vanille et les fruits confits (orange) puis parsemée de notes de chocolat noir, de tabac, de noisettes grillées, de cuir et de caramel...

Posted 2 months ago by Pavel from Czech Republic with 133 ratings

it would be perfect, just a pity that the aftertaste vanishes pretty quickly.

Posted 2 months ago by Don from Canada with 131 ratings

A nice mahogany colour with a great nose. It is smooth and sweet with a nice balance. Every one at work enjoyed it after work on Friday. It will be a go to when I want a smooth sipper.$80 at LCBO

Posted 2 months ago by collinmaillard007 from Belgium with 31 ratings

The best value you can get : smooth. Incredibly balanced Spanish styled rum.
For an everyday pleasure that warms you up. Very classical : smooth, honey, brown sugar but balanced.

Posted 3 months ago by Sylvain Lussier from Canada with 44 ratings

Excellent rhum, bien équilibré. Se déguste lentement pour bien apprécier toutes les saveurs. Légèrement épicé qui, pour moi, est un avantage.
Je l'ai comparé avec un 12 et un 25 ans et je dois avouer que le 25 est un peu plus doux mais ressemble beaucoup au 20 ans. Pour ce qui est du 12 ans très bon aussi

Posted 3 months ago by emilijanus from United States with 1 rating

Solid body, definelty oak! On the sweet side with just a tad of "good" burn. Love it!

Posted 3 months ago by Juraj Brindza from Slovakia with 5 ratings

Vlami chutny jemny prijemny rum. Hodi sa na vecerne popijanie.

Posted 3 months ago by Adrian Adame (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 224 ratings

vůně sladká, karamel, banány, koření, chuť sladká, jemná, skořice, sakra dobrý 👍

Posted 3 months ago by Rinushorn (PREMIUM) from France with 60 ratings

Tout d'un vrai solera. En plus fait à partir de mélasse et de miel de canne.
Très enrobé avec cette pointe de sherry.
Hmmmmm !

Posted 4 months ago by Bob from United States with 72 ratings

Nice flavor of vanilla with a hint of brandy/cognac that reminds me of the less sweet Santa Teresa 1796 (better IMO). This is a real sugar bomb, syrupy, and I personally don't want to have more than 1 drink of it at a time.

Posted 4 months ago by Isegal from Germany with 81 ratings

The 20 year old is a very good rum, and just made me to try the other centenarios.

Posted 5 months ago by danilohh91 from Costa Rica with 4 ratings

First off, I'm into sweet rums. And damn this hit a spot. As soon as I tasted it, unexpected surge of sweetness all over my mouth. Flavor: caramel predominantly, toffee, vanilla. Smell: mostly caramel. Absolutely no alcohol sting, throats down like water

Posted 5 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 152 ratings

Not a bad rum, but I haven't found anything special in it yet.

Smell: vanilla, caramel, some yeast, fruit (orange), sweet. The vanilla scent is more intense at 25th, overlapping other aromas. It also smells more sweet than the 25th.

Taste: sweetness, caramel, paper, burned sugar, orange peel (slightly bitter),
some spice, somewhat burning finish. Sweet aftertaste

Sweetness: 4/5
Seasoning: 2/5
Fruit: 2.5 / 5
Mildness: 3.5 / 5

Posted 5 months ago by Neman3 from Canada with 53 ratings

Very smooth, delicius, perfect for the sweet rum. Infinite fruit aftertaste.

Posted 5 months ago by Mrum from United States with 11 ratings

Great Rum. Just stocked up with a couple bottles for my stash.