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Centenario 20-Year rum

Ron Centenario 20-Year rum is produced from Costa Rican sugar cane which is turned into molasses before aging in American white oak barrels up to 20 years using the solera aging system.

The company producing Ron Centenario 20-Year rum used to be named Seagram de Costa Rica, but in 2002 changed its name to Centenario Internacional. The rum wasn't sold outside of Costa Rica until 2007.

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277 Centenario 20-Year ratings

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Posted about 5 years ago by taz.c from France with 84 ratings

assez doux et vanillé, je l'ai très apprécié pour ma part

Posted about 5 years ago by hyenik from Czech Republic with 110 ratings

Aromatic, sweet, smooth....simply another from premium family.

Posted about 5 years ago by Henrik Krogh from Denmark with 26 ratings

Tæt på det bedste, fantastisk eftersmag, der bare varer ved.

Posted about 5 years ago by Cornelius from Germany with 5 ratings

A good, but too sweet rum.

Dont take the 20 as "real years" - it only says "20 years solera system" which means, that this is a "blend" of differently aged rums in which the "oldest" is 20 years, not the youngest.

Posted about 5 years ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 190 ratings

Sugar: 40 gpl. This is a sweet but very smooth rum. The port and sherry is quite evident in the color, smell, and taste. Very similar to the Papa's Pilar Dark and the Dos Maderas PX 5+5. Almost no after burn. Great rum to serve to Port or Sherry drinker. I would purchase this again.
Updated April 2018. After sampling the 30 year old version I decided to move this down to an 8. Still a very good rum, but the 25 year old is much better and is just a bit more per bottle.

Posted about 5 years ago by russ from United States with 6 ratings

Mature, oily, complex...just a bit too sweet but a lovely velvety truly special tipple

Posted over 5 years ago by Surfyguitar from United States with 56 ratings

Really good but 25 year is better. Go for the 25.

Posted over 5 years ago by Martin Wicke from Germany with 17 ratings

A bit too sweet for me to grant it with eight bottles but it is still undeniable a good rum.

Posted over 5 years ago by Don Ahle from Denmark with 22 ratings

This one I like a lot. Sweet and tasty with a lot of flavor. Doesn't burn in the mouth. The low cost is certainly also very appealing This is a re-buy even before its empty.

Posted over 5 years ago by Leon from Germany with 34 ratings

Yes, it's probably sweetened. No I don't care since its taste has blown me away.

Posted over 5 years ago by Kenneth from Puerto Rico with 17 ratings

Ron Centenario was the rum that got me hooked on Rated Sipping Rums.... Definitely a must have. In our blind tastings, this rum is usually a crowd favorite.
Sweet and easy on the palate, excellent after taste.

Posted over 5 years ago by Jannick from Denmark with 7 ratings

This rum is on the market to take the place after the zacapa 23 years and it's doing a fine job, good quality in the mouth.

Nose: vanilla, oak, orange, spices
Mouth: sweet vanilla, a bit of power, oak, oily
Aftertaste: long and sweet, oak

Posted over 5 years ago by HunterRomario from Czech Republic with 285 ratings

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Kostarika
Aroma: Hřejivá vůně, med a koření, kandované ovoce, jemně kůže. (86 b)
Chuť: Nádherná jemnost, vyzrálost a medová sladkost, učiněné pohlazení po jazyku. Delikátně jemná, ale v dochuti přidá na intenzitě, objeví se koření a příjemný vliv dřeva. Dozvuk je krásný, táhlý. Po odvětrání se ve sklence objeví vůně dřevěné dýhy, až do cedru. (93 b)
Body: 90
Shrnutí: Za luxusní chuť a výborný dozvuk zaokrouhluju hodnocení směrem nahoru. Dělají se dvě verze, jedna v kůži, kterou jsem sehnal, a druhá klasická s papírovou ozdobnou krabicí.

Posted over 5 years ago by Perro from Germany with 16 ratings

I really love this rum, the taste and balance, it is nicely sweet with a lot of jugo de cana flavor, I recommend this 100%

Posted over 5 years ago by Matthieu from France with 6 ratings

Gouté au Vino Strada près Millésime
Très bien
Ressemble au Zacapa

Posted over 5 years ago by Carl Saxmark from Sweden with 115 ratings

I had to revise this one..

The color is nice, The scent is good, the taste is pretty long and dark..

I learn to drink this one with time.. It need a lot of air before smelling and drinking..

Posted over 5 years ago by fifonlaideur from France with 25 ratings

Rhum vieux doux et bien équilibré avec belles notes de chocolat et fruits murs.

Posted over 5 years ago by Kenneth Olesen from Denmark with 77 ratings

Sødme 9/10
Behagelig næse.
Sød kortvarig smag som runder ud i en større sødme med noter af mandler
Købt 2014
Pris. 350 Rombo
klart genkøb

Posted over 5 years ago by Vesslan 5 from Sweden with 37 ratings

Det här är godis!

Posted over 5 years ago by Martin Grönvall from Denmark with 115 ratings

Overraskende god til prisen. Super smag, super duft, dejlig lang eftersmag.
Hel klart en til hylden.

Posted over 5 years ago by mamajuana from United States with 148 ratings

This is a bottle that grows on you. It is very smooth, nice hit of maple syrup on the finish.

Posted almost 6 years ago by JE Tressler from United States with 18 ratings

This 20 year old aged rum is delightful and very reasonably priced. It has a hint of vanilla finish. I recommend it!

Be cool,

“Mon amie laissez le bon temps rouler!”

Posted almost 6 years ago by Jens Thomsen from Denmark with 97 ratings

Ron Centenario 20-Year Rum er en rom, hvor man får noget for pengene, den er blevet genkøbt og konkurrere med Ron Zacapa 23, om normalt fortrækkende. Dog har den en sødme lidt i overkanten.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Mauve from France with 3 ratings

A nice and easy solera rum, with some melasse added before aging, sweet and lovely to sip.

Un très bon solera, sur la vanille, la mélasse, plus complexe que le diplomatico, très agréable.