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Medium ron centenario 12 year rum

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I really love the Centenario 20, 25, and 30, but I didn't have high of hopes for this, due to the low price of only $28.99 (Beltramo's 2015). However, I was pleasantly surprised. While this isn't as good as the above, it's still my kind of rum.

Has a wonderful sweet caramel and brown sugar smell/taste, that is relatively simple, but extremely good to me! A tad harsh compared to the others I mentioned, but a great taste and a nice surprise for my 90th review!

I understand others don't rate it as highly. However, I fully disagree. I find it to be quite smooth as a sipping rum, with very complex and pleasing flavors that are so absent in lesser rums. In fact, I'd say this is my perfect sipping rum. It's not harsh, it remains smooth when held in the mouth and has a gentle afterburn. Perfect straight up in a small glass. I'd rate it in the low 90's.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Kostarika
Aroma: Vanilka, kůže, čokoláda, javorový sirup a máta, nebo něco podobně větrového. (83 b)
Chuť: Čokoláda s kůží, med, k tomu opět peprmintová příchuť, snad až do anýzu a lékořice. (83 b)
Shrnutí: Za cenu kolem 550 korun v akci to není nic převratného, ale ani nic, co by zklamalo či urazilo. Celkem pohodový rum, který je ozvláštněn větrově pikantní vůní a chutí.
Body: 83

Purchased a bottle for 35 from TWE chocolate and caramel slightly smooth but not amazing

Tasty, but not as smooth and refined as som other 12 year old rums. Fruity and sweet on the nose, a little vanilla note on initial taste, then there is a bit of a bite at the end.

Yes, let's start saying this : I feel that this is a really big improvement over the mediocre 5-years old & simple 7-years old Centenarios (unfortunately I haven't been able yet to taste the even older versions). Sooo here we are talking about a pleasant & smooth everyday rum, with a rich, oily texture & a complicated character (not overly, though) : the balance between the caramel/cinnamon/brown sugar/dried fruits & the oak hints works just fine! A recommended rum!

I finally came across a bottle of this Ron Centenario 12 Year Old in Texas this morning. When I got home, it was time to compare it to my Ron Centenario 7 Year Old that I rated as a 6 some time ago. This 12 Year Old is only marginally better than the 7 Year Old, but when cost is considered, is this 12 Year Old worth double the price? I think not. Don't get me wrong, it is a very good dry rum with enough complex flavors to warrant sipping. However, since it is so hard for me to find and there are better rums for less money, I will only buy it again if I happen to run across it at a good price. I almost put the 20 Year Old into my buggy for purchase, but am so glad that I put it back.

Update October 2, 2018: I found this one again at a local liquor store for only $34, which now makes it a good buy. After being burned by it's sugar bomb older brother RC 20 that has 40 gpl of added sugar, I had to give this one another try. Nowhere is this listed, but it definitely has 0 gpl of added sugar, making it a dry rum. If it is transparent with no viscosity or legs, then it has no added sugar. Plain and simple!!!!

A friend of mine brought this back from Costa Rica, and I've really enjoyed it. There is a bit of sweetness to it, and it's only 70 proof (35% ABV), but that might be part of its charm. If you like the Diplomatico, you'll probably like this, too.

I poured it neat, and you could smell the sweetness, with a little oak and a tinge of alcohol. It has a bit of an oily mouth feel, but gives you just a little burn from the alcohol and just a hint of the sweetness. You can taste the oak and spirit, with just a hint of apricot left behind.

It goes down easy. I think I'll have another.

I first got this rum a few years ago on vacation in Costa Rica. I immediately fell in love with it, rich taste and a smooth finish. It is great on the rocks or mixed with coke/ coconut milk. If possible pour some into a freshly opened coconut for an authentic Costa Rica taste.

El ron costarricense, es agradable, poco original, se deja tomar con un sabor dulzón. Lo tomo en Cuba Libre.

For me close to a perfect Rum. Similar to Flor de Cana 12, very smooth, caramel, marzipan, decent wood, maybe a little thin but still great work. Looking forward to the older ones.

This one is okay for an everyday sip, but unfortunately has nothing special. You certainly find better for this amount of money.

It was the end of the bottle when tasted and was only able to pour 2cl. The bottle was opened for quite some time so very difficult to assess the real potential.

Vanilla and powerful black pepper notes stood out though

This is a smooth rum great for sipping on the rocks

The taste is orange sweet, pleasant but very far from a complex rum.

Unlike Ron Centenario 7, this rum has a personality that approaches its costlier siblings, the 20 and 25 (which may be sugared up but is truly a pleasure to sip). The hook is a big sweet caramel flavor that the aroma doesn't portend. If only this opening taste would linger and change into a bouquet of flowers and spices. Unfortunately, it turns to an alcohol burn too quickly. I was fortunate to find a bottle on sale for under $20 which influences my positive evaluation, but if I had to pay $38, I'd rather buy Flor de Cana 12 which is not as sweet but has a more complex follow-through.

Rhum assez sec avec peu de complexité, très loin du 20 ans. Sur la cerise et les épice

I took this one when we had a "drinking party" and despite the fact not much people were into rums of this kind it was pretty well accepted by most of the guys. It is included in my "stock" list so whenever I finish one I tend to order another immediately :-)

Nicht so überragend wie der 20er aber nich echt gut. P/L stimmt

Mhh? It´s not a very good one, i taste some better rum´s :-)

Ron Centenario 12 year old is easily available in the US. The initial flavor is pretty decent, but the taste turns into whisky like very quickly. A bit dry and woody, with some afterburn at the end. Easily available in liquor stores if you are into whisky like rums, but this is not my kind of rum.

Smooth pleasant aroma, quite complex aroma. Taste without specific tail

Goût proche du 20 ans, le rapport qualité prix du 12 ans est formidable.
Par rapport au 20 ans, le 12 ans fait ressortir une plus grande agressivité de l'alcool (nez et bouche).
Au final, un rhum de qualité avec des notes finales longues et boisées.

I had a tasting of 7y, 9y, 12y and anejo special. The best was 12y and anejo special. 7y and 9y were behind. But these are not exceptional. 12y and anejo are average rums and the others are below average.