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Cartavio XO rum

Cartavio XO

Peru | Aged

8.4/10 (197 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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197 Cartavio XO ratings

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Posted about 6 years ago by Martin Grönvall from Denmark with 115 ratings

Dejlig anderledes flaske.
God, kompleks Rom, skal smags igen.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Bryan Gehrett from United States with 28 ratings

An incredible rum with a fantastic aroma. I left the cork off for a few minutes and the nose actually started to fill the room. It has quickly become one of my favorites. Very smooth and delicious!


Posted almost 2 years ago by John Marius from Norway with 17 ratings

One of the best rums I have ever tastes, and at a fair price.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Rich from Canada with 25 ratings

This was a very pleasant sipping experience, nice flavour and warmth. I will be picking up some of this for special events.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Roland Hein from Germany with 7 ratings

This one surprised me two years ago.
Great Rum with perfect smoothness and a touch of Chocolate


Posted almost 2 years ago by Snookerman from United Kingdom with 121 ratings

I like this and would describe it as a really good rum without quite being a classic. On the nose there is not that much - maybe brown sugar and caramel, a little bit of oak but it hasn't got a strong nose. There is certainly brown sugar, vanilla, soft fruit, sugar (some is added) on the tongue. A small kick too - nothing too much but a nice one. It has a smooth, rounded fell to it in the mouth. Definitely on the sweet side - that would be mainly the sugar - but not means too sweet. Thaftertaste is plesant and has a sweet tingle of a burn - no more. I'd certainly drink this in a bar, but it's expensive, so a bottle...I don't know.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Florianhagemann from Peru with 83 ratings

De los cañaverales peruanos proviene este espectacular ron. Suave en el paladar y delicioso sabor a toffee. Dulce aroma a vainilla. Un hermoso color caramelo. Una preciosa botella. Cartavio X0 es un ron simplemente espectacular!


Posted about 2 years ago by Ian Storey from Canada with 18 ratings

An extremely smooth rum with a rich aftertaste. A distinctive taste of aged rum this is a must have for any rum enthusiast


Posted about 2 years ago by Johan from Sweden with 3 ratings

Found the cartavio rum in Peru, enjoyed the 8 year when I was there but picked up the XO to being home and was not dissapointed.

A nice and sweet rum with almost no alcoholic taste. Not too different from the Zacapa 23.


Posted about 2 years ago by Tom from United States with 231 ratings

Decadent, complex, exquisite and delightful...These words all best describe Cartavio XO. Wonderful glass presentation housing a beautiful nectar inside that illustrates just how good rum from Peru can be. Not necessarily a place that you would associate rum with, Cartavio has definitely placed its stamp on the rum world, in my opinion.
Smooth with subtle hints of toffee, brown sugar, some vanilla and baking spice. Oak and some dark fruit and nut components come through as well. If you let it sit or add a drop of water to your glass, you will be able to bring out other flavors and aromas that would otherwise remain hidden in this bounty.
Enjoy neat or with a splash of water or ice cube...don’t mix this! That is why they make $7.00 bottles of rum! Cheers


Posted about 2 years ago by Robert Ferron from United Kingdom with 166 ratings

Sampled this rum at Cardiff Rum Festival.

It's m matured in American, French Limousin and Slovenian casks in a Solera system.

With a fruity, chocolatey and slightly nutty nose. It's rich with hints of fruit and chocolate in the mouth. A superb sipper!