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Cartavio XO rum

Cartavio XO

Peru | Aged

8.3/10 (202 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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202 Cartavio XO ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

I found this rum on a recent trip to Jacksonville and decided to mark one off my wish list.

Now I wish I hadn't bothered.

Apparently my opinion will be going against the grain here but this rum would be great if they hadn't sugared it so much.

Am I drinking rum or molasses with alcohol added?

This could almost be pancake syrup.

The syrupy sweetness is so overwhelming that it hides some elements and flavor profiles that would have made for a great rum.

But someone decided to ruin what could've been a great rum.


Paid way too much for this. Sad. My fault.

I forced myself to try to take extra sips and finally found some vanilla and toffee undertones to it along with some oak tannin. Even a hint of banana.

Beyond that, there's not much.

I read so many praises for this rum. Makes me wonder if I got a counterfeit because what I got sure ain't what others describe. Don't get me wrong...there are some sugared rums that I actually like but this one goes overboard. I cannot recommend it as a sipping rum unless you're into drinking syrup. I could see this being effectively used in drinks with an antithesis of sweetness such as coffee drinks or drinks using more bitters than the average. Any other suggestions? I cannot see this used in fruit-based drinks. The sugariness would be completely off the charts. And not in a good way.

My recommendation? Not worth the $65-70 price. Many better rums for half that.


Posted 10 months ago by BaCoNCaKeS from Denmark with 4 ratings

So, i went to a rumshop out of town. We talk rum for a bit and chattet. At Some point She points to this beutifull bottle claiming its the Best rom in the World. Looking at the bottle i wasn't impressed. I 40% abv solera rum from? Not that special Looking at the bottle.
Wow was i gladly surprised. A Smooth and full bodied rum with great aroma and a Nice long finish.i must admit its a Really good rum. But to say its the Best rom in the World? I wouldn't quite say. I Think its a little sweet and i would have prefered a little more abv.


Posted 11 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 246 ratings

This is a nice rum for those who love Zacapa rum.
It is not balanced like Zacapa XO, but rounder than Zacapa 23.
Smell is a little bit like Zacapa 23 (some herbs, vegetal notes).
It's not very cheap, if you can get a sample of this go for it. I have a whole bottle and was not disappointed .

Smell: dried fruits (raisins), cookies, burnt sugar, caramel, oak, herbs/plants, some barrel/gum
Taste: nice sweetness (caramel), fruit (peach), cookies, burnt sugar, wood, some spice
Finish: short to medium long, sweetness and then cherries in the aftertaste

City: Cartavio Peru
Material: Molasses
Age: 10-30 (in average 18)
Barrels: Oak barrels from France, USA and Slovakia (sherry and bourbon)
Master blender: Frederico Schulz

Sweetness: 3.5 / 5
Spice: 1.5 / 5
Fruit: 2.5 / 5
Mildness: 4 / 5
Value (63€): 3/5


Posted 11 months ago by Luca from Switzerland with 2 ratings

Very smooth and sweet rum in a stylish bottle and a perfect color.


Posted 12 months ago by MarioRonson from Peru with 38 ratings

Ron Peruano de la empresa Cartavio, primera empresa ronera en Peru. Ron de alta gama XO, presentacion en botella de coleccion con corcho de madera, caja desmontable. Precio muy accesible para la calidad del ron, aproximadamente 40 dolares (Duty Free Aeropuerto Jorge Chavez). Ron de gran calidad, de los mejores que he probado, y es peruano!


Posted 12 months ago by Ric Stryde from Canada with 7 ratings

I was introduced to this rum by a friend and wow, what a drink! A hint of alcohol out of the bottle, it quickly evaporates and is replaced by caramel, spice and a little brown sugar. Almost no burn. I use this rum to show skeptics that rum can be drank neat and enjoyed like a fine Scotch or Cognac.


Posted 1 year ago by Bill from United Kingdom with 81 ratings

...But just not quite complex and layered enough for a 9/10. Very enjoyable, nothing about it offends. I just want the tiniest extra punch to my rum. Definitely worth purchasing if you're willing to part with £60. If it was a touch cheaper I'd say to a 9/10


Posted 1 year ago by jbuk101 from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

I first received this as a sample from my parents after they'd been to Spain. The sample was truly delicious, like a treacle toffee with a kick but the rum I felt was a little too expensive for me to purchase a bottle. I later received this as a gift, the full bottle wasn't quite as tasty but still a nice smooth rum - maybe I need another bottle to double check. If you can get this on a good offer then give it a try, here in the UK I feel it doesn't quite live up to the high price (for example in some places its a whole Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva more expensive than a Zacapa 23 Solera - might as well get both of 'em instead)


Posted 1 year ago by Paul Gardner from United States with 5 ratings

I love this rum. I have to order it from out of state because WA doesn't carry it. It's worth the shipping charge. It's smooth, has nice caramel over tones, molasses back and just the right amount of sweetness.


Posted 1 year ago by Vicke from Sweden with 70 ratings

If you like QRM 30 and Esclavo XO you will also love this.


Posted 1 year ago by Adam from Poland with 91 ratings

Bardzo delikatny, przyjemny do picia. Piękny kolor oraz ekskluzywna butelka. Może brakuje mu czegoś co wyróżniało by go z tłumu, czegoś urzekającego. Natomiast kompozycja, smak, posmak to wzór tego jak powinien smakować dobry rum.