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Medium santiago de cuba 20 year rum

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22 Santiago de Cuba 20-Year ratings

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It's a classic cuban style, not so sweet and great taste. A interesting aftertaste, perfect with an cigar.


Wow, I like this one a lot. Awesome nose and taste, a long lingering finish. Not just sweet, I also sense a bit of soy, which gives a lovely contrast. A keeper!


A hint of licorice on the nose, nut and wood flavor, finish is sweet wood. It is all very subtle, as is the case with the high-end Santiago de Cuba series. There is a chance you won't instantly like it unlike the sweet Solera rums, but it is worth it.

better than all other rums in this Price class... Cuba style... fruty, smooth and just amazing!

I found the nose of brown sugar and light vanilla. Light on the tongue.After taste is vanilla with a feel of velvet. Smooth through out. Very light tabaco notes. Something worth a try. Lots of brown sugar after notes with a light burn.

Bought it on my last trip to Cuba. What a rum! The only problem is that it goes really fast!!

Dejlig sød på trods af at den er cubansk og uden tilsat sukker. eftersmagen kommer desværre ikke i nærheden af 25eren.

Tolles sattes Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase sehr elegant und weich, ein bunter Früchte Mix auf einer Schiffsplanke mit delikaten Karamellnuancen.
Im Gaumen zuerst ganz angenehm, kandierte Früchte, gebranntes Karamell, zarte Holztöne. Aber dann werden die Aromen mit einer scharfen Alkohol-Lanze aufgespiesst. Eine durchaus interessante fahrt in der Achterbahn.
Im Abgang lang und nett, süss mit viel Karamell.

Great rich amber in the glass.
The nose is very pleasantly soft, a colorful fruit mix on a shipspace with delicate caramel nuances.
On the palate, quite pleasant, candied fruits, burnt caramel, delicate oak. But then the flavors are sprinkled with a sharp alcohol lance. A quite interesting ride in the roller coaster.
In the finish long and nice, sweet with lots of caramel

Tried the Santiago de Cuba 20 year old rum during my last trip to Havana and the most surprising fact with the smell and taste is that it's very close to the 11 and 12 year olds, but there is a massive price difference. Traditional Cuban flavors and a bit of a burn at the end, so not that bad at all, pity that it is way over priced for its quality.

Skutečně dobrý rum. Nezklamal mě. Kubánské rumy mám rád a tento není výjimkou.

But not great. Goes down very smoothly. Overpriced slightly, but nice to have on the shelf. Makes me want to try the 25yr old

Con notas a manzana caramelizada y cuerpo sutil y en boca suave con el paladar este es uno de esos rones que debes tener en tu cava personal costo cálidad bueno

Absolut en oplevelse og en Ron i den dyre ende men alle pengene værd.

Rhum pauvre dans la dégustation et aucun final (trop court)

This is slightly better than the 12 year old but definitely not worth the price. Quite easy to drink. More wood than the 12.

Finalement dégusté au célèbre pub Sloppy Joe à LaHavane, l'attente en valait vraiment le coup!

Belle robe sombre, hyper gras,
Cerise mûre, miel et vanille, léger goût boisé et anissé... J'ai presque regretté avoir tout mis mon budget Rhum du voyage sur une bouteille d'Havana Club Union ... Presque.

Un de mes top 5 à vie.

Partie remise, je te ramène au Québec à mon prochain passage sur l'Île !



This is a very good alternative to the 25 year old Santiago de Cuba rum. it is a lot cheaper but the taste is very comparable to the older rum.

Lækker rom, som har en rund smag med et hint af karamel, stødt peber og en lang fyldig eftersmage

I tried this one out in the summer of 2014 in paladar in Havana, Cuba. I was happily surprised by the great taste of this rum.

This one got me surpriced.. I didn´t think to much of it when i saw the bottle.. But allready when i got the full body of the sniff i was tempted to taste.. And the taste. Full and rich. Free from etanol. Long lasting and dark. This one will enter my permanent collection.

My GF picked this up in Cuba a little while ago.

Nose: Aniseed, sherry.
Feel: Warms up nicely.
Taste: Caramel, honey.
Presentation: Toss up between this and the Kirk and Sweeney as to the best looking bottle on the shelf.
Price: I think I was told it was about 80 CAD in Cuba itself.

Absolutely delicious. Saved for special occasions.