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66 Botran Reserva ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 342 ratings

Dieser Ron bietet viel für sein Geld.
In der Nase und Gaumen eine schöne süsse, Vanille und Karamell.
Der Ausklang könnte länger sein (wie immer).
Bevorzuge Ihn dem Solera 1893.

This Ron offers plenty for his money.
In the nose and palate a nice sweet, vanilla and caramel.
The ending could be longer (as always).
Prefer him to Solera 1893.

Posted about 5 years ago by hyenik from Czech Republic with 110 ratings

nice, smooth, very similar taste like Malteco 10 (which is cheaper), 7,5 rounded down :)

Posted about 5 years ago by A. Quentin Perry from United States with 10 ratings

This is an excellent rum for the price, in my opinion it is too good to be mixed and should be drunk with a single ice cube which helps bring out notes of caramel, molasses and vanilla with an excellent finish. For the money you can't go wrong, a bit difficult to find but worth it.

Posted about 5 years ago by Jannik Schwarzbart from Denmark with 49 ratings

But it has a nice golden brown color, a nice smooth smell, a nice round taste & aftertaste. Not too bad all in all.

Posted over 5 years ago by YvesW from Belgium with 21 ratings

Sweet and tasty to the nose, sweet and tasty in the mouth... Not too sweet, though: a well-balanced combination for a very decent price. Maybe not the best, but one I'll share with my friends.

Posted over 5 years ago by cesar from Switzerland with 24 ratings

très léger en bouche pas du tous agressif, léger gout vanillé ressemble au diplomatico reserva mais le sucre en moins ce qui est très agréable pour éviter d'être écœuré trop rapidement, ideal pour une fin de repas, et surtout un rapport qualite prix tres interessant

Posted over 5 years ago by HunterRomario from Czech Republic with 285 ratings

Dnes si představíme poslední značku z významných producentů Guatemaly, a to, po Zacapě a Maltecu, rum od firmy Botran.
Botran Reserva je vyroben metodou solera z panenské šťávy cukrové třiny, jedná se o směs rumů starých 5-14 let zrajících v sudech po bourbonu, po portském a po sherry.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Guatemala
Aroma: Aroma je suché, kořenité (hlavně skořice), s tóny kůže a sušeného ovoce nebo lesních plodů. (84 b)
Chuť: Chuť nasládlá a kořenitá, se středně plným tělem. Kůže, dřevo, hromada koření. V dochuti je patrná nejdřív suchost sherry, poté následuje táhlá hřejivá kořenitost. Dozvuk je velmi podařený. (86 b)
Body: 85

Posted over 5 years ago by ManFly from Sweden with 19 ratings

Nice smooth rum, with a little bite at the end. Not to expensive and also go well as a mixer.

Posted over 5 years ago by bizno from France with 8 ratings

rhum très puissant & complexe,saveur riche, boisé, corsé, vieilli en fût de bourbon et de xérès, un must!

Posted over 5 years ago by guewen from France with 97 ratings

Tres parfumé, se boit sec ou en cocktail. Un delice en digestif !

Posted over 5 years ago by Martin Grönvall from Denmark with 115 ratings

Det er de samme folk bag som laver Zacapa "De har 60 %". Men den når slet ikke Zacapa til sokkeholderne!

Posted almost 6 years ago by KJ from United States with 24 ratings

The same folks that make the Ron Zacapa brand make the Botran brand. I was sitting at a Cuban restaurant in New York last week, just two days before National Rum Day when I had the pleasure of tasting Botran Reserva. That's right! I drank that straight up and it was smooth. Zacapa 23 is one of my favorite rums because of its complexity and smoothness, but some say it's a little on the sweet side. Botran makes up for where Zacapa 23 can be improved on. Equally complex, Botran is smoother and at 60-70% of the price of Zacapa 23, there are few other better deals in the $30-$35 range.

Overall, it is good on the rocks, but would be good in a mix drink too, just don't over mix it. Keep it simple, a daiquiri will do. Trust me. When you have a good piece of meat, you don't ever want to cook it too much.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Felipe P from United States with 70 ratings

If you were to give someone their first Reserva, this should be it. Doesn't make itself out to be the best, but does set a standard.

Posted about 6 years ago by John Papas from United States with 16 ratings

Very nice barrel aged flavor and smoothness for the money.

Posted over 6 years ago by Jasm1 from France with 31 ratings

J ai trempé mes lèvres dans 2cl de ce rum et j'ai été surpris par les notes de bois,très surprenant mais néanmoins agréable ... à revister à l'occasion !!!

Posted over 6 years ago by Raulgmt from United States with 7 ratings

Great flavor to mix with cola or drink it straight up.

Posted almost 7 years ago by Todd Dunn from United States with 45 ratings

I picked this up in duty free leaving Belize. Price was great and it is a tasty rum. I will have to keep an eye out for this one again.

Posted over 7 years ago by Remy Chevalier from United States with 34 ratings

The cork was rotted, had to scoop it out, strain the rum, and pour it back in. First shot went down like 90 proof with an aftertaste of upchuck. I put the bottle in its bag to return to the liquor store. Then when I realized I had nothing else to drink in the house, filled another glass, and weird, it tasted great, smooth all the way. Not quite sure what miracle took place here, but this is actually really good stuff, dark and heavy, at a really affordable price.

Posted over 7 years ago by Skulman from United States with 117 ratings

Very nice and smooth rum.