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Medium bacardi anjelo rum

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A rougher rum. Some sweetness leaving a bitter aftertaste. Workable for mixed drinks and colas. This just did not impress me and had rather lackluster flavor. 'Nuff said.

For the same price, you can buy authentic rums from Barbados that taste MUCH better than this mediocre offering. This is no better than the stuff they sell at Trader Joe's. The lack of genuine flavor and the powerful afterburn make this a rum to avoid.

There are better in the $15 price range, such as Ron Barcelo anejo, but this is not bad at all. I find most lower-end Bacardi products nearly undrinkable.

It's first impression it made me was that I was drinking toluene. It is more like a chemical solvent than rum. I do not recommend it at all. A very famous name which makes it equally disappointing.


I tried this first on the rocks and it went down pretty easily. After that I pretty much had it in a lot of mixed drinks. Overall, it went down smoothly and there wasn't any burn afterwards like some liquors have.

Sugar 0-5 GPL.
Well, it's better than the Bacardi white rums, but not for use other than in volume servings of rum with mix. You need to add a lot to a rum and coke as this has a thin taste that fades fast. Nothing special about this rum.

Nose plum, pruneaux. Smooth mouth. Flat finish. Good surprise. Conditions: partying


Same of Bacardi Reserva, nothing special. Maybe like a mixer can be good, but I'm not sure. Experience to forget!

Preferentemente para ingerir en mix, con cola y limón queda muy bien.

Best as a mixer but can be sipped in a pinch. More fire than flavor.

At first taste I was very disappointed. It is not expensive, but it tasted very cheap. Harsh fuel taste right off. The trick that worked for me is shaking the bottle and letting it breath a few times. Big improvement. Now I will say... Oak, honey, flowery, spicey. I made an old fashioned with it and it's pretty good. For the money, and after it breathes and the dragster fuel vapors mellow, it's ok stuff.

Very very bland. Rum in name only. Hard to discern any taste.

Received a bottle as a gift, normally I prefer my rum short poured over rocks with a splash of cola. Wouldn't dream of it with this rum, an ounce to a can keeps the wood finish flavours at bay. Very thin and flavourless with a solvent finish.

In the 80´s & 90´s was a rum that you could find it everywhere. Now, the people prefer other rums.
Its a good rum for the Cubas Libres.

A good rum for cocktails. Not suitable for sipping

Mix this with Coke and there is a glimmer of hope left, so better yet, go with the Bacardi Oakheart and you will be happier with that decision. Same price, but Oakheart mixes much better with Coke than the Anejo.

I always drink the this either straight or in mixed drinks when in Mexico. Not easy to find in the US. Very flavorful and not harsh .

I was a bit disappointed with the flavor. A good mixer but lacks in taste for a sipping rum. Overall ok for a mixed drink.

One of the better Bacardi's, but even still Bacardi...

It's a nice tasting rum that works well as a mixer

Not as awful as other bacardi's. This one is almost drinkable in a pinch. Use only for mixing.

Nothing special. You want to have a bit if extra i your mix and nothing else is available then this can be your choice

If I can't get a decent rum, then this is a good go to.

Ideal para tomarlo combinado con refresco de cola y bien frio


Rum molto commerciale. Discreto in un cocktail, con la cola o in un chupito.