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Medium bacardi 8 year rum

Bacardi 8-Year is a blended rum, filtered using the Bacardi-pioneered charcoal filtering system and aged for eight years.

This rum was not released to the public until 1995, when the first limited edition Bacardi 8 was sold with a sherry oak finish in a Baccarat crystal decanter. Despite a price tag of $400 per bottle, the rum was hugely popular and led to the larger release of the blend without the collectors' features and price.

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I have to admit I did not have very high aspirations with this rum. After all, Bacardi tends to be lumped in with the cheaper rums just about every package store carries (along with Capt. Morgan and Malibu). However this rum is not all that bad. Not great, mind you, but when you are stuck in Podunk, U.S.A. in the backwoods of some rural part of the country and they only carry three brands of rum (I base this on personal experience), there may be a chance this rum will be sold. If so, then it's gotta be your choice since the other two brands suck in my humble opinion.

Granted, this isn't going to be a top-of-the-line rum by any stretch of the imagination. Take it for what it is...a mass produced aged rum lacking a lot of bells and whistles but containing a fairly high standard of quality. The aroma in the bottle has a bit of astringency about it but the flavor does not really represent that. Instead there is a noticeable oak flavor to it as well as some caramel and vanilla. Then there is a bit of spiciness to it. The burn isn't harsh so I consider it a fairly smooth rum. Overall it's a usable rum when nothing else better is available.

Very smooth with a smokey, almost Scotch-like finish. An excellent sipping rum with good (if not very strong) flavor, and lacking the heavy kick of many aged rums. I'd recommend this as a first step for anyone looking to explore sipping rums. It's an excellent value for the price (I paid $19.99 for 750 mL), one that doesn't make me hate myself if I decide to use it as a mixer.

Really nice tasting rum. Smooth, with a little bit of smoke and a lot of dark berry fruits. Definitely a sipper. If you like Appleton, this is a rum for you. Also one of the cheapest out there, no matter where you are. Sorry Bacardi haters, but sometimes you gotta give the devils their due.

Smooth, smooth, smooth! Very drinkable. Subtle Smoky, woody, spice notes. Not overly sweet with great character and depth. Very enjoyable!

Yeah, not bad at all, but not really a sipper for me. Makes for a great grog or cocktail, though!

One of my favourite rums, Bacardi 8 tastes great straight, with coke and makes banging Old Fashioneds.
Great entry level rum to convince newbies.

Great flavour for such little money. Would have scored higher if it had a better nose.


This have its advantages. Suitable in mixed drinks any day of the week!

It tastes exactly what people think rum tastes like.nothing is too special about it.

And I see why. Quite enjoyable.

Nose: Quite enjoyable light floral.
Feel: A little light and watery but warms up increasing the flavours along the way. Not overly harsh but a little warm at the end.
Taste: Light caramel, not much wood or other complexity.
Colour: You can see in the picture as the bottle is not tinted.
Presentation: Nice bottle.

While not quite as good as the limited reserve, at a mere fraction of the cost, I would pick this one every day.

I like my rum to have some sweet to it. If i wanted scotch i would drink scotch. Rum, to me, should be sweet, but not overly sweet. 8 Anos has no sweetness. It may be good mixed with a Mexican coke but that's not my MO. I like to sip rum - maybe I'll buy some coke and try it.

I tried, I really tried, but this is just awful.. The superior in a bit aged, just not good.

Sorry, but not even close to Appleton's 8 and Bercelo's Imperial. There's no body at all, the smell is faint, and the finish is rough.

Its not that good witout anything. But with a pice of dark choclate its realy good.

Trevlig i Cola drink. Men ej ren.......

I would still advice to go for similar aged Havana, but still not a bad buy if you are considering this, has also a classy look that i like!

There are so many excellent rums out there to drink straight up, and this isn't one of them. It's a middle-shelf spirit, fine for flavored drinks, but too hot and one-dimensional to be enjoyed on its own. A great mixer, however.

I tried it on a whim one day and was pleasantly surprised. It's a good dark mixing rum. I can't stand the regular Bacardi but this was pretty smooth.

For the price, it's delicious. Great way to open your eyes and see what sipping rums can be and test them out. Strong molasses flavor, has a auburn color, and a bit sharper than some others that are pricier. But, clearly, that's what you're paying for.

I've been drinking and enjoying Bacardi 8 for the past 10 years, but the new bottle I bought recently had a new label and I see that it is now made in Puerto Rico. In the past I understood that it was the last rum that Bacardi produced in the Bahamas. Anyway, this recent bottle is very bad and nothing like what Bacardi 8 has been for years. What's up??

This is exactly the taste that 99% people imagine when you say rum. Then i discavered that rum can taste better than your imagination, but it takes time to enjoy this rum. Not for beginers.

This rum does not taste aged to me, need a lot of adjuncts to make it drinkable would pick Havana 7 over this all day long

First smell is a bit strong on the alcohol, but it goes away pretty quickly. Lots of flavor and super balanced - no one note stands out. It's definitely not plain, there's a lot going on. Very delicious and blends perfectly with Coke Zero.

Klasika drinkov alebo s kolou..nic proti tomu, presne na to je urceny.

Widely available around the world, this is a good rum to bank on if uncertain of what else is out there. Initially I drank this straight as my regular rum while keeping the rest of the cabinet untouched but I was probably not given this rum the credit it deserves.