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Abuelo Centuria rum

Ron Abuelo Centuria is a limited edition rum derived from a blend of fine rums aged in oak barrels for up to 30 years. The name recognises the 100th anniversary of the family estate in Panama.

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131 Abuelo Centuria ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Keane1 from United States with 10 ratings

So, so good! No burn, just wonderful tastes of maple, vanilla and oak. A little expensive, but worth every penny!

Posted over 3 years ago by Dennis from United States with 7 ratings

This is heaven. So smooth and full of sweet oakiness. A bit oakier than others but that's what I love. Has great sweetness and orange flavor at end. Must try!!!

Posted over 2 years ago by Craig from United States with 5 ratings

Picked this up for upcoming trip to Charleston with the wife. Hey, it will be October, on the coast, why not rum? have some ghost tours scheduled and the presently unopened bottle of Abuelo Centuria. Rating to come!
p.s. I'm hoping for a 10!

Posted about 3 years ago by Waly Vega from United States with 15 ratings

Love to celebrate all life achievements by sipping this amazing, smooth, and breathtaking rum.

Posted over 3 years ago by Tim Acel from United States with 9 ratings

So far probably my favorite. Just starting my collection of age rums and this one was quite enjoyable, got better with sipping, I think taking some coolness from the 50 degree night. Very smooth, good burn initially but this turn all into silky smoothness by the end. Paired extremely nicely with my RYJ churchill, bringing out the woodiness in both. This will be a mainstay in my collection.

Posted over 3 years ago by Javier Roquebert from United States with 10 ratings

Incredibly smooth. Strong plum taste, with hints of vanilla, toffee, caramel and banana. Goes down without bite with or without ice. A masterpiece of rum making.

Posted over 2 years ago by Michal from Slovakia with 19 ratings

Abuelo Centuria (30yrs) is rum, that is fine for special occasions. Not cheap, but for sure more accessible than "specialities" priced over 1000 dollars. With this price it is TOP rum aside with my other favourite rum, Non Plus Ultra.

Posted about 6 years ago by Thomas Jesen from Denmark with 41 ratings

Simpelthen top rommen, sikke en duft, man kan virkelig sidde i lang tid og bare dufte den meget fyldig aroma der er i glasset. Smagen er superb, meget voluminøs og en helt fantastisk afslutning med en lækker sødme.
Helt klaret et genkøb.

Posted over 2 years ago by Giancarlo from Peru with 60 ratings

I'm lucky to have 3 bottles of this excellent rum, which is very balanced with woody notes (oak), vanilla, caramel (slightly) and spices. And an attractive mahogany color.
Of my favorites without a doubt.

Tengo la suerte de tener 3 botellas de este excelente Ron, el cual es muy equilibrado con notas amaderadas (roble), vainilla, caramelo (ligeramente) y especias. Y un atrayente color caoba.
De mis favoritos sin duda.

Posted over 1 year ago by jrodrig451 from United States with 2 ratings

I was a little put off by the price but it is completely worth it. The after taste of vanilla in your mouth is incredible

Posted over 3 years ago by Tony Lindo from Panama with 133 ratings

En nariz te das cuenta que es el mejor de la zafra con más de 80 años de añejamiento en sus bodegas en pese provincia de herrera con una aplicación de calor seco por su posición geografía en el arco seco de mesoamericana podemos disfrutar y distinguir este rum tan peculiar su costo es nada si lo comparas a rones de la misma edad de maduración en barrica de roble americano

Posted about 2 years ago by Oxv1327 from United States with 6 ratings

I don’t like to give out 10’s, but untill I find something better. This is my perfect ten!

Posted over 4 years ago by Jrtorres from Puerto Rico with 33 ratings

En nariz sencillamente espectacular dátiles ciruela ,pasas ,vainilla ,madera aún ahumado sutil. Aún siendo un prom suave tiene un carácter impresionante el deseo de seguir tomando,en palabra fina néctar de los dioses

Posted 9 months ago by Mark from Australia with 6 ratings

I managed to track down a bottle for a home tasting session - this one to bring home my collection at the time - the consensus amongst the group was “outstanding” although as we were all a bit tipsy by the end it was agreed this one should lead off next time....

Posted 5 months ago by Eanousa from United States with 54 ratings

The taste of this one was totally reflective of the price. I love the 12, a regular in my line up. This has those Abuelo characteristics, perfectly smokey and sweet, but takes them to a deeper level. The aftertaste evolves for a few minutes, just a different level of flavors from anything I've had before. I will get another bottle one day, but only for those special occasions.

Posted 5 months ago by One808 (PREMIUM) from Canada with 11 ratings

This is fantastic rum. It is definitely not a beginner rum, and not something I would give someone who is just getting started. However, if you're looking for something to learn from and constantly discover new aspects, give it a try.

Posted about 5 years ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 190 ratings

Sugar: 26-30 gpl. Smooth, rich with all kinds of flavour and an overall feeling of luxury. Oak, caramel, vanilla, smoke, spices, a hint of sherry. Really well balanced rum. It's expensive but go ahead treat yourself to some luxurious rum. As one rum aficionado so aptly said, "when you drink this rum, you know your ship has come in".

Posted about 4 years ago by Michael Shumaker from United States with 23 ratings

Very smooth. Would highly recommend. Nice molassas you just wanna dive into. The finish is sublime. I only had a small sampleso didn't get to fully explore it but it was nice

Posted about 2 years ago by Robert eisen from United States with 9 ratings

A 71 year old novice when it comes to sipping rums, but I prefer the sweetness with a good habana cigar. So, while I,m not an expert I enjoy this rum a lot. It is softer than my other tasting samples (Ron zacaya xo and Facundo exquisito) but I enjoy them as well. Perhaps not surprisingly, while I like them all, I would rank them by price and the abuelo is the most expensive. I drink all with just a few drops of room temperature water. Makes a big difference!

Posted over 1 year ago by Michal Micko (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 256 ratings

This is heawen in your glass ! Absolutely in same league with TOP choices from other producers. Nice aroma, smooth taste with many layers and complex body, following with long aftertaste. Was my pleasure to meet you Ron Abuelo Centuria 😍

Posted 7 months ago by Arik from United States with 23 ratings

I have yet to have a rum better than this. It is amazing. It can be had neat, one rock, or a a few drops of water. You really cant screw this up. And for about 120.00 USD, it is not out of range. Give it a shot.

Posted over 1 year ago by Giovanni Bomoll from Italy with 37 ratings

A rare rum blend made in Panama, Ron Abuelo Centuria is aged in Jack Daniel's whiskey barrels in the solera method. Some of the rums are as old as 30 years.
Taste of:
Vanille, caramel, honey, chocolate, bourbon cask...
The flavour is astonishingly rich and punchy.
One of the Best !

Posted over 3 years ago by Morannis from Norway with 5 ratings

This is a great Rum. A bit expensive but we'll worth it!

Posted over 3 years ago by Teis Madsen from Denmark with 114 ratings

Smagte den i en butik og fik ikke den der fornemmelse af at det bare er et "must buy": Vil nu nok købe den en dag den ender på tilbud, for vil faktisk gerne lige sidde hjemme i stuen og prøve den igen.
Det har jeg så gjort et par gange og har i den grad ændret mening. Det er en klar 10er