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Abuelo Reserva Superior 7-Year rum

Ron Abuelo 7 Anos Reserva Superior is produced in Panama and is one of three rums produced in the Ron Abuelo line. As the name suggests, it has been aged for 7 years in oak bourbon barrels and is blended before being bottled.

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165 Abuelo Reserva Superior 7-Year ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by HunterRomario from Czech Republic with 285 ratings

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Panama
Aroma: Cedr, lesní med, vanilka, kůže a máta. Bohužel je aroma uzavřenější, musím ve sklence víc hledat. (84 b)
Chuť: Medově nasládlá chuť, pikantní exotická dřevitost, lehce koření. Chuť je uhlazená, ale výraznější než aroma a poměrně bohatá. (86 b)
Body: 85
Shrnutí: Tohle je příjemný rum, za cenu okolo pětistovky je to určitě dobrý nákup. Levnější Abuelo Añejo je o dost horší, dražší Abuelo 12y zase o hodně lepší. Myslím, že odstupňované jak cenově, tak i kvalitou to v Abuelu mají velmi dobře a cenový nárůst dobře kopíruje nárůst kvality.

Posted over 2 years ago by Javier FK from Peru with 30 ratings

Precio calidad excelente. Es dulce de abuelos. Agradable, sencillo, siempre con Coca Cola.

Posted over 2 years ago by nichaos from Greece with 77 ratings

Ένα καθαρό 7ρακι για ένα ρούμι που σέβεται τον εαυτό του και την τιμή του χωρίς να ενθουσιάζει όμως. Δεν σου αφήνει αυτό το κάτι, στον λάρυγγα , όπως είπε κι ένας φίλος. Ένα ρούμι που αν το βρείτε σε μπαρ , πιείτε το άφοβα .... καλή επιλογή .... και λίγο ψαγμένη θα έλεγα !!!!!!

Posted over 2 years ago by Rodrigo from Mexico with 115 ratings

Buen ron para tomarlo combinado o en mix.Ideal para cocteles. El ponerle 6 no significa que sea malo, es bueno pero para mezclar.

Posted over 2 years ago by Nielf from Denmark with 119 ratings

En rigtig god rom til en yderst god pris. Dejlig fyldig duft og smag.

Hvis muligt havde jeg nok givet den 7,5.

Posted over 2 years ago by Phil from French Guiana with 146 ratings

Rhum de mélasse du Panama, vieilli 7 ans suivant la méthode solera. Titre 40°
Design : bel écrin, bouteille basique mais bouchon en liège, le rhum a une belle couleur dorée.
Nez : subtil, fruité, caramel.
En bouche, l'attaque est douce, dominante de toffee, poivre puis alcool et boisé assez léger.
Finale : légère, caramel.
Agréable et facile à boire, moins sucré mais plus terne qu'un eldorado.

Posted over 2 years ago by TomasM from Czech Republic with 63 ratings

Easy to drink, easy to taste, easy to mix... perfect for introduction to big world of rum. A lot of fun for a little price

Posted over 2 years ago by Pitr P from Slovakia with 21 ratings

Testoval som zaroven Abuelo 12 a 7Y.

Tento 7y je dobry, stredne sladky ale citit tam nevyzretost, hlavne ton alkoholu v pozadi pri piti. Podoba sa mi to na ron de jeremy reservu. Taky piratsky zazitok ;)

Vona je jemna, oproti Abuelo 12 az nesmela...

Ak mam dat odporucanie tak doplatit par € a ist do 12y. Ale zas ak osoba neuprednostnuje velmi sladky rum tak toto je lepsia volba ako 12y lebo ten je sladkyyyy...

Celkovo mi chyba komplexnost u tohto rumu a jeho chut v ustach rychlo odide prec :/ Ale za danu cenu dobre pitie 7 bodov z 10.

Posted over 2 years ago by henrik pedersen from Denmark with 75 ratings

En god hverdags rom. er lidt til den tørrer side :)

Posted over 2 years ago by Michael Evans from United Kingdom with 81 ratings

Very drinkable straight with a slightly raisin-like sweetness. Not many rums would beat the 7 on value.

Posted over 2 years ago by Václav from Czech Republic with 74 ratings

This is really good rum. Rather on the sweet side, molasses, bit of nuts, vanilla, nothing surprising in classic flavours pallets. Very good sipper. I'm looking forward to test 12 years old one.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Michael Loggies from Netherlands with 50 ratings

Nice, sweet rum. Good value for money. Definitely a keeper.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2555 ratings

Ron Abuelo 7 year is a bit too unmatured rum to be a good neat sipper, but it will be a very good base for a quality rum-and-coke drink.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Mat from Czech Republic with 23 ratings

in this prize and age level is this a better choice. for me its kinda similar to diplomatico mantuano. of course not as smooth and woody as the older brother (abuelo 12)

Posted almost 3 years ago by dany from France with 30 ratings

trop boiser à la premier dégustation , a la 2 eme dégusta avec glace ,un peu plus complexe et doux

Posted almost 3 years ago by Carlos from Mexico with 50 ratings


Posted almost 3 years ago by Tom from United States with 231 ratings

Decent price for a fine representation of Panamanian rum. In between it's older sibling the 12 year and younger version, anejo rests another example of how good Panamanian rum can be. Oaky with hints of Caribbean fruit and baking spices, this rum is a little on the sweeter side of the spectrum.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Canadian Captain from Canada with 55 ratings

Beautiful golden, almost coppery color. Nose and taste, very classic "rum". Very smooth, and at the risk of sounding pretentious, a soft nose with a taste of light complexity. I wouldn't call this an introductory rum, but if you have a taste for rum, this is quite nice. I wish I could say it improves as you let the glass breathe, but it never lasts that long.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Whysoserious from Switzerland with 16 ratings

Good rum - a good start for a beginner. Good price-effort relation. Dont drink it immediatlely after you got in in your glas - let it breath for a minute or two.

Posted about 3 years ago by Sebastian Tachau from Denmark with 14 ratings

Rating kommer i morgen nå jeg er blevet ædru eller lige efter

Posted about 3 years ago by Golfm from Denmark with 153 ratings

Til 200 kr. er det noget af det bedste jeg pt. har smagt

Posted about 3 years ago by Pavel Cech from Czech Republic with 48 ratings

Good rum in the 7Y category with an adequate price.

Posted about 3 years ago by Tomas from Czech Republic with 135 ratings

This one is the classic between my friends. We always return to it. Pleasant rum for a great price.

Posted about 3 years ago by Scua from United States with 1 rating

This is one of my go to rums. Can use it for a mixer or alone in a glass. I would suggest this to people looking for a good all purpose rum.

Posted about 3 years ago by Julien from Netherlands with 19 ratings

This used to be my favourite daily sipper, pure, no water nor ice, untill the appleton 12 came along. This is still a magnificent rum especially at the price it' s for sale (25 EUROS). Very middle of the road in every regard, not too stingy, not too woody or bitter or sweet. But this does not mean it is bland! Not by far. Decent three stage taste development. Just a very good spanish style rum