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Privateer Queen's Share rum

Privateer Queen's Share

United States | Aged

Privateer Queen’s Share rum, a rum which is redistilled from the tails of previous distillations and aged for a minimum of two years in a barrel that “compliments the distillation’s unique character” (either new American oak, used rum, used whiskey, used brandy, or used cognac). Bottled at cask strength with no added sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

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13 Privateer Queen's Share ratings

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Posted 3 months ago by Mujuru from United States with 86 ratings

I ordered this bottle of Privateer Queens share from the Florida rum society. I have been a bit disappointed in many of the American produced rums I have had. That said this rum has garnered a decent amount of attention and I have been meaning to try this for a while now after reading numerous positive reviews on it. This is a New England (Massachusetts) rum produced by Maggie at Privateer. My bottle comes from Barrel P415 and clocks in at a hearty 57.5% ABV - what some refer to as Navy Strength. It contains no additives and supposedly each barrel is different from the next. Here is what I got in my glass.

The nose is a bit disappointing in that it is very simple. In a word it smells like… rum. Hahaha, no, but seriously, it’s a little blander than I anticipated for a rum of this much hype. On the nose I get caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, a touch of leather, just a little bit of homemade apple juice, and oddly just the slightest hint of a scent akin Palmolive dish soap (and no it isn’t because of the glass I am wafting it out of; I tried it other ways also). Mainly the heaviest notes on the nose are vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar.

The palate is where this rum seriously shows up and brings some surprises. Instantly upon the rum entering my mouth I get a flash bang of pure unadulterated Welches purple grape juice - oodles of it. That note is almost overwhelming. Behind that I get some more homemade apple juice and then a hearty dose of sweet strawberry limeade. This rum is very, very sweet despite containing no additives. Mostly this shows up in the form of sweet fruit juice or fruit juice limeade type notes. Behind that and upon entering the back of the throat I get a return to Vanilla-town and Caramel-ville along with a bit of spicy peppery heat.

The finish is very short and simple: vanilla and caramel. Though a long time after putting the glass down I do get some tapioca pudding notes.

This rum is both slightly disappointing and simultaneously unexpectedly pleasant. It is better than the other pure American made rums I have had to date in that it is not try to masquerade as bourbon. It seems this distillery has some potential, but I would love to see them shoot for a little more of the fruit notes and a little less vanilla. The sweet berry limeade notes were a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. This one compares favorably to my tastes to the mid range Bajans, though the nose and finish is a bit bland. It is pleasant and has some unexpectedly nice fruit notes but also relies a bit heavily of overworn tropes of what “rum should taste like”….rather than what it really can be. That said, this is a newer American distillery and doesn’t have hundreds of years of experience so maybe I should not be holding it up against the likes of the great master distillers and blenders of Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, Haiti, and Cuba.

All in all it’s pretty good. It’s not “definite repeat purchase” at the price I got it for for my cabinet and is a bit too expensive to be a mixer, but I will enjoy this bottle.

Short Description: Arrives like dressed as “rum”, sucker punches you with grape juice and strawberry limeade, and then leaves as “rum”

Nose: Caramel, Vanilla, faint apple juice, brown sugar, leather, faint Palmolive dish soap

Palate: very strong Welches grape juice, apple juice, strawberry lemonade, caramel, vanilla, very sweet, touch of spiciness

Finish: short, caramel, vanilla, later tapioca pudding

Country of Origin: United States of America

Distillery: Privateer

ABV: 57.5%


Final thoughts: This distillery may have potential if it can focus more on drawing out the notes I got on the palate and worrying less about whether people will recognize it as “rum”. It’s a pretty nice sip but it doesn’t blow you away. It doesn’t have many outright faults either though. This is square in the middle of “pretty good”.


Posted 1 year ago by JGiralt from United States with 83 ratings

I thought I enjoyed the Navy Yard most, but this one beats it as far as a sipper goes. Real smooth cinnamon, caramel, and date on the pallet.

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Posted 2 months ago by rennerg from United States with 36 ratings

Top shelf rum if you can find it. According to Wayne Curtis (author of And A Bottle Of Rum) it is the best rum he’s had.


Posted 3 months ago by Gburger from United States with 2 ratings

After the pour and first sip, I didn’t love it. It came together after sitting out for a bit. Good but not a top fav.


Posted 5 months ago by Captain Lee (PREMIUM) from United States with 13 ratings

Barrel number P601, USA, 54.9% ABV, single cask
Distilled from "evaporated cane juice crystals, real boiled brown sugar, and Grade A molasses" (from the Privateer website).
"The rum is double distilled, first in a thousand-gallon Vendome pot, then in a copper eau-de-vie still, a hybrid pot/column still with an adjustable plate configuration. The Queen's Share is a revival of an historic style of rum, produced by introducing an additional cut between the heart and the tails, containing some of the richest spirits but also many heavy spirits from the tails. After collecting several such cuts from numerous batches of each of its spirit runs, which then includes a variety of sugarcane strains, the liquid is re-distilled to remove the overly heavy tails spirits from the heart." - from a Rum Auctioneer posting for this barrel.
My understanding is that Privateer varies the casks and aging lengths for different bottlings of Queen's Share, so this review may not be applicable to other iterations.
The nose for me is not very complex - some menthol and spice. Very pleasantly surprised by the volume of flavor on the palate - cinnamon, orange rind, and mint. Very pleasing and gratifying for a short maturation. I would buy this again, and will seek out other Privateer releases.
That said, I would love to know EXACTLY what is in it and how was made. Privateer, you're making great rum. Feed the geeks and tell us what this particular bottling entailed!


Posted 9 months ago by Alan from United States with 89 ratings

Cask strength gives this rum a chance to really shine with notes of citrus, baking spices, and a hint of leather. This is seriously good rum.

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Posted 10 months ago by John frederick from United States with 62 ratings

Those that have called this a sipper, my hat is off to you. Tried sipping but too strong, call me a baby. Great flavor though with club soda and a little lemon. Not sweet at all, vanilla, maybe clove or allspice hints. One of the good ones


Posted 12 months ago by sebastospud from United States with 16 ratings

Toffee, biscuit, oak, vanilla, and pineapple on the nose. Cask strength really comes through. Clove, pencil shavings and cedar, brown sugar and leather on the palette. Allspice and tobacco on a long finish.


Posted 1 year ago by Halsey from United States with 27 ratings

Big, rich overproofed and beautifully balanced. A sipper


Posted over 1 year ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 202 ratings

This is good! I came back to increase my rating score after a second tasting.
Great nose. Taste of pepper, vanilla, nutmeg. Delicious. Thick, coats the pallet. Cinnamon notes. Not sweet. No additives! Smooth with a really great warm finish. Not overly complex. Just damn good. I prefer this one neat to on the rocks. This is a formidable, delicious sipping rum. I give it a 9.1 and will conclude this review so I can pour another.