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Transcontinental Rum Line 2014 Fiji 4-Year rum

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13 Transcontinental Rum Line 2014 Fiji 4-Year ratings

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Posted 2 months ago by chuck from United States with 15 ratings

Very tasty rum with a complex flavor and slow burn. We enjoy this rum neat and like to break it out on special occasions

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Posted 2 months ago by CSG from United States with 24 ratings

This is my first high ester rum and it’s not like anything I’ve tried before. The funk is very strong, and it also exhibits subtle characteristics of traditional molasses rum, some oak, and some dryer sugar cane style. It was like a party in my mouth with popping complexity, but it went down heavily. Definitely only a shipper, just difficult to have a lot in one sitting, and doesn’t pair well with anything besides itself.

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Posted 3 months ago by Smovens from United States with 87 ratings

It's hard to get good, ester filled rum from Fiji and this is an excellent example. Oak is present but not dominating, glue, esters, maple, chocolate. Its a great blend between the sweeter notes and the Ester funk

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Posted 4 months ago by laurent from France with 40 ratings

Nose : heavy, "dirty" (remember the glue for children ? with typical benzaldéhyde "almonds" flavour ahah), slighthy acid fruits and zesty. Somewhat reminiscent of big jamaican rums but not a copycat, these Fiji rums seems to have their own character. Behind these typical potstill features there is a more rounded part too which develops slowly. The first 5-10mn are a bit "too much", it deserves to breathe for some time to enjoy the deep aromas. Mouth : same league. Heavy rum, thick texture, slighty acid, more zests. Tons of aromas. Alcohol is well integrated and 48° seems a good choice.
Very good rum if you are into this style but you'll find it a bit harsh if you only know heavily sugared light rons from South America. For well informed audience, I may say.

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Posted 5 months ago by Alkin from Latvia with 28 ratings

Quite okay, but there is a better in same price range.

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Posted 5 months ago by Dan-Fix from Sweden with 113 ratings

Taste and smells like an good funky jamaican rum with a plum finish. Supprised is the word.

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Posted 5 months ago by Joola69 from United States with 2584 ratings

Rum tasting in New York City continued with Transcontinental Rum Line Fiji 2014. Unique bottle and label design. Light golden color. No added sugars at all. Typical Jamaican glue straight to your nose and palate when neat sipped. Might be rotten banana peels, or might be a weird copper still method, but trust me, the nose test is simply nasty. Dry burn and more glue at the end.

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Posted 5 months ago by theislander from United States with 1 rating

In college, I used to think rum was just for mixing. As time went on and while living in Colombia, I started sampling rum neat or with an ice cube or two and discovered a whole other world.

About nine months ago, I discovered the Transcontinental rum line. While I'm not a fan of some of their rums (the 2013 Jamaica WP is a bit brutal and the Panama is nothing to write home about), I've fallen in love with the Fiji 2014.

It has a bouquet of floral and caramel...maybe a little vanilla. To the taste, rather oaky and a little vanilla, though I'm not great at pinpointing what I taste, unfortunately. Despite being a slightly higher proof, it's as smooth going down as an 80-proofer would be, and, perhaps the best part, is the beautiful, long-lasting finish.

All in all, a great sipping rum (don't mix it!) and a very different rum experience despite there seemingly being no additives. :)

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Posted 6 months ago by Florianhagemann from Peru with 81 ratings

El color no es nada prometedor, mas bien muy opaco, probablemente por el corto tiempo de añejamiento.
En nariz el barniz predomina como también el ahumado e incluso fruta caramelizada. En boca, el barniz es aún mas acentuado, al igual que el ahumado y la fruta malograda.
Me recuerda mucho a los rones jamaicanos no manipulados. Mucho ésteres, además es un por still, sabroso, aunque a muchos probablemente no les guste. Extraordinario!

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Posted 6 months ago by Supalite from Poland with 8 ratings

I suggested opinions, unfortunately this rum is the world's worst wasted money