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Bacardi 151 rum

Bacardi 151

Puerto Rico | Overproof

Bacardi 151 rum is one of the most well known overproof rums on the market. 151 tends to be the most common overproof strength because in pot stills this is the natural dillilation proof, but overproof rums in generally can range from 100-170+.

4.1/10 (138 ratings)
Flawed with a glimmer of hope


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138 Bacardi 151 ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by TheRumMixer from United States with 5 ratings

You want to get drunk as fast and quick as possible? Look no further!

I bought this rum two times, one was a bad time in my life and two was to make a party drink. Approach it that way haha.

Also, very mixable in Diet Coke or Pepsi. Makes it a roughy, but do able ride.


Posted about 1 month ago by Supreme from Canada with 33 ratings

This rum will take ya to a whole new world have a few drinks lol nothing great about it !


Posted about 2 months ago by jrtglobal from Spain with 9 ratings

Kerosene anyone? Not enjoyable. It is a disgrace to rums.


Posted 3 months ago by Jimmy Cliff from United States with 86 ratings

Nothing redeeming here just pure fire water and bar floaters to F people up.


Posted 5 months ago by gerben de lange from Aruba with 15 ratings

now as you know about me i'm a fervent rum coke mixer, i mix rums in my coke that give others heart issues when i tell them. i'm just not the sipper, and here's the irony because here's clearly a rum you should mix and let that be the one i only drank neat (you all know this stuff only gets ordered when everybody is already beyond repair). the only word that comes to mind after doing shots of this stuff is "why?". can't help you there.


Posted 5 months ago by Fozzie500 from United Kingdom with 15 ratings

Tried a couple of shots of this, was like drinking mouthwash, without the Minty Freshness


Posted 7 months ago by WW from Netherlands with 32 ratings

Expected this one to really overtake the taste in a mixer but you can put quite a lot in your mixer before it gets to harsh. A dangerous drink ;)


Posted 7 months ago by Ormondefg from Ireland with 7 ratings

It either improves my golf game, or makes me not care about my score. LOL

Not a rum to drink alone, not a sipping rum by any measure. But, if mixed with Coke, at least to me, it isn't too bad...and the level of drunkeness experienced is pretty inexpensive per ounce.

Plus, I like to taste the burn from the alcohol. Not for the faint of heart


Posted 9 months ago by poly.pop from United States with 29 ratings

I use this for lighting spent lime halves in tiki drinks. In my cabinet, it is primarily used for lighting fires and stripping paint. Good to keep on hand for showmanship and livening up a rum punch in a bind.


Posted 9 months ago by Mujuru from United States with 51 ratings

I was once at party where my options were Bud Light or Bacardi 151 straight. I opted for the Bacardi 151 mixed with small ice cubes. I expected to have my mouth set on fire. I was surprised to find that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated and proceeded to polish off 2 glasses of it. Yeah, it’s strong, but it’s overproof so you know that already. You can do way worse with other overproofs.

Nose: 4
Palate: 5
Aftertaste: 6
Smoothness: 5
Versatility: 7
Price: 7

Total: 5.6


Posted about 1 year ago by Jason from United States with 68 ratings

Only good in mixed shots. Really not worth it on any level and I don’t see what Bacardi still makes this.