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Bacardi 151 rum is one of the most well known overproof rums on the market. 151 tends to be the most common overproof strength because in pot stills this is the natural dillilation proof, but overproof rums in generally can range from 100-170+.

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This rum will get you drunk fast. Not enjoyable, too strong to taste. This is a good rum for a really strong mix drink. Drinking straight may cause health issues.

If you want to "end it all" this is the rum for you. Also good for fuel in emergency situations.

if you ever need some fire in your drink... literally, fire, then this is the go-to product.

easily catches on fire as it's overproof.

but don't think of the overproofing as less water dilution during bottling... it's still a rough liquid.

more money spent on packaging evolution than smoothing out the liquid's rough edges....

i guess even the producer cares not for liquid quality as it's usually served in cocktails and flamethrowers...

Echt waar deze is zo wie zo niet puur te drinken en gemixt is hij ook niet al te best het enige voordeel is de je met een fles twee keer zo snel dronken bent

commentaire a venir

If you like starting fires or making your throat feel that way then buy this rum, if not then please for the love of all things holy buy something else.... ANYTHING else.
This rum can literally be poured in your gas tank and get you home. Sooo, 4 for versatility. Plus, you know, fire.
In all honesty, the only reason to buy this rum is as a floater in a drink that you set aflame and let the alcohol burn off. Otherwise this should really be marketed as a paint thinner.

Difficult to be objective with this one ... Of course no one can enjoy its taste but pretty fun to watch in a fire up cocktail or whenever you plan to trick your friends ... Only drinkable with cocktails

So about the best thing I've found use of 151 for is flaming gorilla shots at our annual holiday party.

There are much better overproof rums out there (e.g. Hamilton, Lost Spirits, Plantation) which actually are interesting and really tasty. This stuff, by comparison, deserves its terrible reputation. It's just bad booze.

Okay I have 151 mostly for fire stuff and just to say I have 151 in my pirate chest. Opening 151 and smelling it isnt too bad from the bottle vanilla oak like smell and I'm being serious. In the glass it smells only of alcohol to the point it hurts to sniff. Drinking it straight and yes I drank it straight for you guys (screw you all) it hits your tongue with a burn and then explodes even into more burn for a good minute. Its sour burning too. In coke its honestly not that bad. It doesn't have much of a flavor so when you pour it in coke everything is lost except for a little burnt oak but even that is so so faint. Still terrible.

This is made to be strong... not really taste good. And if that is what you are looking for then this is the bottle for you. It mixes well with other things though.

Makes you question your very existence. Thought it would be a fantastic idea to finish an epic night of drinking with this reject from hell. 4 Shots down and I was explaining to the gaddamn security guards why it's such a good idea to start a brawl with my friends in public.

Satan's piss. There is no drinking responsibly with this molotov cocktail. Guarantees you an epic night though.


I was at a loud bar once where they hand-poured drinks, didn't have enough mixer on hand and had a new bartender on staff. I asked for a double rum and coke, got a lot more than I had bargained for.

Anyways, I rate this higher than the basic light gold or dark simply because you get more bang for your buck and there are no pretensions when going in. Also because the first time I got so drunk that I passed out in a puddle of my own vomit was on this stuff at the tender age of 14. Good memories.

It gets you even drunker after that! Fantastic value for money.

"The higher the proof - the better the flavor - the less you have to drink:" A rule of mine I spose, and proven with this old standby, the epitome of the rule, and for me what began the journey in understanding overproof. When I think of Bacardi, I think of 151. I use the silver and the gold from time to time. But it is the 151 that makes the brand, and a flavor that resounds the loudest of all Bacardi's offerings.

This is a shot only kind of rum in my opinion. Harsh

ofc its intended to be a mixer and there is its place.Not my thing tho

I use to drink this stuff all the time because it was the one thing that I didn't have to share at parties.

Not enjoyable at all.

something to kill people throat with really bad rum

I bought 3 bottles of this stuff. I opened one and it tasted like industrial solvent. If you put rum coke you can hardly tell the difference between any rums, but if you drink it straight you'll know right away what I am talking about with this one!
Fortunately Kroger took the other 2 unopened bottles back. But I was still stuck with one opened bottle, and it's a sin to waste rum, even low-end rum. So I cut the Bacardi 50-50 with Cruzan, and somehow strugged through it.
I couldn't do it again, except perhaps in a siege in wartime.

It's a high proof mixer that's all that really needs to be said

To all the people who want's to get drunk as fast as possible... this is the rum for you!
The taste is not great, but hey, you don't buy this to drink it straight up.

More bite than the Bacardi Silver and Gold, 151 is still lacking the flavor that you associate with Caribbean rums.

This is a straightforward ball busting overproof that I primarily use to float atop other rum cocktails.

Except for doing a single "silly shot" here and there, I never mix this rum except to top off (or to flame) cocktails containing more appropriate mixing rums.

It sure does serve its purpose!