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Bacardi 151 rum is one of the most well known overproof rums on the market. 151 tends to be the most common overproof strength because in pot stills this is the natural dillilation proof, but overproof rums in generally can range from 100-170+.

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The taste is so smooth -I keep the mix simple - cocoa cola - the best ever. No negative results. I love 151!!!!! 🙌

Makes you question your very existence. Thought it would be a fantastic idea to finish an epic night of drinking with this reject from hell. 4 Shots down and I was explaining to the gaddamn security guards why it's such a good idea to start a brawl with my friends in public.

Satan's piss. There is no drinking responsibly with this molotov cocktail. Guarantees you an epic night though.


I bought a bottle of this stuff for a camping party and had the best time ever being drunk. Yeah it tastes like it should be an industrial solvent with a subtle spicy vanilla aftertaste; but it doesn't take much to feel damn good; didn't make me puke my ass off like when I similarly get blasted on other drinks; and no hang over at all. Kinda like tequila, this stuff makes you feel more high and not so much a chilled out buzz. Almost like a psychoactive mescal. It made us kinda manic. We set all sorts of things on fire. But all in all it was the best time drinking I have had. I still had about half of the bottle left and it lasted a week of daily cocktail experiments. I think it blends well with almost anything really, but it will knock your dick into the dirt if you are not careful. So for the super low price, great euphoria with no sickness, and how long it lasted, 151 gets a 10 for me. As long as you respect it, expect a sweet time :)

Pretty much everyone has consumed this rum.
I remember taking shots of this (then we chased it with tequila) when I was a kid. It has a very warm place in my heart. There was 151 , everclear , and of corse White Lightning. Love even the idea of this stuff!

Stack this one up next to real moonshine, it punches just as hard. enjoyable straight up and in any kind of mix you like. That is if you know how to handle it.

This has a real kick and after a couple of glasses you will sleep well.

You want to get drunk as fast and quick as possible? Look no further!

I bought this rum two times, one was a bad time in my life and two was to make a party drink. Approach it that way haha.

Also, very mixable in Diet Coke or Pepsi. Makes it a roughy, but do able ride.

It gets you even drunker after that! Fantastic value for money.

B151 should be a staple of every man's supply. Mixed drinks are always welcomed with this bottle.

It is not fair to match this up with your standard rums. This is a whole different level. This rum changed my life. It was instrumental in my losing my virginity, claiming the virginity of scores of dates, and a few paternity suits. Not once did I catch my face on fire. Some people just can't handle their liquor.

This is a good standard rum to use if you need something with more kick. Not something I would drink straight.

This is great imo, just a little bit in your coke and it tastes great! But keep it to that little bit! For taste and for mental sanity 😉I've got some blank spots in my mind from this rum 😂 drunk in a minute kinda stuff!

Si quieres una fiesta rápida de esas que están tan buenas que no te acuerdas de nada de lo que pasó

Bacardi151 a good overproof rum for cocktails and shooters. Not made for sipping. A great shot at the end of the night to turn your light out. You will feel the burn of the 75% alcohol going through your body. Not for the weak.

...after reading all of the reviews, but still not my favourite overproof.

An oldie but still (occasionally) a goodie. Memories of camping and downing -always as a mixer- a few glasses. Actually pretty harsh as overproofs go, but worthy of having.

Mi primera impresión un poco más y acaba con todos en la cata solo puede ser para efectos decorativos alcohol puro se enciende con mucha facilidad

Bit disapointed with low scores over here. 151 has 75% of alcohol and you have to approach it that way. Of course the taste is strongly alcoholic, but unlike his other competitor Stroh, 151 is very enjoyable to drink and despite high alcohol % it manages to keep rum flavour. Don't drink this unmixed, it was never meant to be.

No other rum adds kick to your mixed drink like 151. Not to be taken straight or on the rocks.

This is very potent stuff, good for mixing with. Can be over kill due to the alcohol level.

Ideaal voor als je eens een goeie long island ice tea wil maken

Ok its 151, its 75.5% the first shot you take and you know about it, but to be fair ive had worse... After your mouth settles down after the initial taste you can still pick up on various flavours that manage to work their way through heavy alcohol. Great for a punch but for me personally, not what i'm gonna sit n sip in the garden!

"The higher the proof - the better the flavor - the less you have to drink:" A rule of mine I spose, and proven with this old standby, the epitome of the rule, and for me what began the journey in understanding overproof. When I think of Bacardi, I think of 151. I use the silver and the gold from time to time. But it is the 151 that makes the brand, and a flavor that resounds the loudest of all Bacardi's offerings.

This is our go-to for punches and hurricanes. It will do happy damage.