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Bacardi 151 rum is one of the most well known overproof rums on the market. 151 tends to be the most common overproof strength because in pot stills this is the natural dillilation proof, but overproof rums in generally can range from 100-170+.

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The saying 'white girl wasted' is the first thing I think of when 151 is mentioned. Potent, ethanol, burn.
Might be ok in a cocktail if you're brave.
I've only ever drank this by force. Probably the only way I'd drink it again.

If you want something to mess you up and fast this is for you. Tastes surprisingly decent for 75% apv but I’d stay away, this stuff is the devil.

That's all I can say for it. No other reason to buy it.

This isn’t a rum. It’s gasoline. That being said, there are drink recipes which call for flammable booze, and this is the most drinkable of that lot. Only to be used in specific blends.

This is only good for lighting on top of shots for effect. No taste and all burn.

Stack this one up next to real moonshine, it punches just as hard. enjoyable straight up and in any kind of mix you like. That is if you know how to handle it.

Bad bad rum .....,,..............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx c

Potent indeed, and that's how it's designed to be. Definitely will shorten your night a bit.

I worked in a bar once where we threw this everywhere and lit the place up. It was fun. Another time we had a 151 drinking contest and I cheated by filling my shot glass with iced tea. So that I didn't die. That's all this is good for. It's awful and will mess you up.

This is great imo, just a little bit in your coke and it tastes great! But keep it to that little bit! For taste and for mental sanity 😉I've got some blank spots in my mind from this rum 😂 drunk in a minute kinda stuff!

When I go on cruise ships they throw this rum punch at you which is very sweet with the juices, but I have learned the hard way to stay away from. Sick is the word within an hour or if you want to act stupid. Not in my bar.

Solvent, hot, faint caramel

Not particularly offensive

some bitterness develops when diluted, even maybe oak?

Given to me as a gift from Puerto Ricans, this overproof is harsh but still somewhat maintains rum flavours. Great for pyrotechnics!

It's not that bad for a 70% alcohol rum. Really good drink to get drunk fast

Bacardi 151 can be transported inside a checked luggage only. If you take it inside the cabin of the airplane, it will most likely ignite and burn on its own. So as it comes to human consumption, not really.

Yeah, you've all been there. You know what I'm talking about. This one will remind you of the delicate scent of the bowl of a freshly-scrubbed toilet inside some no-name dive bar in your home town. I don't know how you take a liquor and make it taste even more alcoholic than it already is, so I guess mad props to Bacardi for figuring *that* one out.

In case you're one of the few, the proud, the sheltered who managed to avoid this in your salad days, please do yourself a favor and keep avoiding it. The only reason to get a good 151 rum is for tiki drinks, and this ain't a good 151 rum. These days you can order pretty much any alcohol you want online, so there's no reason to suffer through the pain of ruining your carefully concocted zombie with an amazingly bad overproof float. Do yourself a favor and order a $35-ish bottle of the amazing Hamilton 151 online. It'll get you just as messed up if that's what you're after, and you'll enjoy the process a lot more.

I think 151 was accidentally mistaken as proof, when it's actually an octane rating. Pure jet fuel.

This has its uses. Worth keeping around for when needed.

Nothing that i would drink for taste but if your looking to get drunk it will do the job

You want to get drunk as fast and quick as possible? Look no further!

I bought this rum two times, one was a bad time in my life and two was to make a party drink. Approach it that way haha.

Also, very mixable in Diet Coke or Pepsi. Makes it a roughy, but do able ride.

This is your drink, if you can stomach it. Taste is terrible, burns like hell and is something no one should ever be buying off store shelves.

Used for lighting drinks on fire, literally. Can't even mix it cuz it's so harsh. Gave me serious acid issues last time I had it uggghhh. Maybe I'm getting old but I cant handle this crap anymore .

Not the biggest fan of overproofs. For this reason, just a little hard to love when it hits like it does.

This rum is for being overproof. Use it for fire fuel or to strengthen unnecessary drinks.