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68 Rhum JM XO ratings

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Posted about 1 year ago by Rei from Germany with 99 ratings

Good rhum agricole which has matured for at least 6 years in oak barrels. Nosing reveals nice spicy, flowery and grassy notes. Palate adds notes of oak and this is continued into the finish, which is quite long, firstly fading away with sweet flowery notes which later turn into oak and smoke. Overall this rhum is relatively powerful and has a stronger burn, e.g. compared to the Montebello 10years.

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Posted about 1 year ago by Frederick Lussier from Canada with 121 ratings

Nez assez faible. Gout original qui sort des terrains battus. Un petit pineau Charente. Pas trop sur l’alcool

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Posted about 1 year ago by Reeb Barbill from Isle of Man with 34 ratings

Delicious aged Agricole. Loads of body so I’d guess it’s been aged a decent amount, caramel and grass and nuts. I really want to give it a 7.5 but I’m not allowed.

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Posted over 1 year ago by kasper Svendsen from Denmark with 17 ratings

Intense high alcohol nose, with banana, caramel, woood, nutmeg and vanilla. Powerful smooth pallet. Earthy, nutmeg, pepper, sweet citrus and toffee. A very nice and intense rum.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Case from United Kingdom with 14 ratings

Dry agricole with lots of wood. Good, but I fail to find anything memorable about it.

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Posted about 2 years ago by Robert Ferron from United Kingdom with 166 ratings

Rum festival cardiff! Smoky and firy decent aged agricole rhum from martinique

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Posted about 2 years ago by Cuisine from France with 20 ratings

Nous avons eu la chance de le déguster sur place.
Au nez il semble rond et laisse présager de la douceur. On sent la vanille et le caramel.
En bouche, c'est rond et cela tient ses promesses
Pas sucré mais juste ce qu'il faut de douceur.
On sent les fruits cuits
A déguster.

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Posted about 2 years ago by Jerem from France with 1 rating

I love it. This is kind of stuff. Go Go get it now.

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Posted about 2 years ago by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) from Sweden with 152 ratings

Rhum J.M. XO tastes like many other Agricole but less aggressive, so that’s why I think it’s a good agricole to start with. The flavour are very elegant and you can for example smell citrus, salvia and exotic fruits. In your mouth you will recognise pepper, musqot, cinnamon and a lot of oak.
If you want to test Agricole, try this one!
Picture: My Rhum J.M shelf.

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Posted at The Rum Bar KL about 2 years ago by Terence from Malaysia with 56 ratings

Toasted coconut husk with leathery and ashy notes. Nutty warm butter follow by zesty orange peel.

Flavour of caramel with pleasent vegetal ashy which you won't miss on aged agricole. Fruity (dried apricots), dry and woody with touch of spiciness.

Peppery citrus and really enjoy the dry oak/ cedar wood on the finishing. Ginseng bitter sweet towards the very end.