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Bumbu XO rum

Bumbu XO

Barbados | Aged

Bumbu Rum XO rum is distilled in Panama before spending 18 years in American white oak bourbon barrels, with a further short finish in Andalusian white oak sherry barrels.

7.2/10 (98 ratings)
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98 Bumbu XO ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Birkved from Denmark with 6 ratings

Nice color, a little brighter than the original barbados rum, but the XO is from Panama. Easy to serve for guests, no strong taste of liqour, notes of vanilla, caramel and maybe tobacco.


Posted 4 months ago by Guy from Canada with 9 ratings

When I first tried bumbu xo I was a bit disappointed, as I did not find it tasting all that sweet, but as time goes on I find myself warming up to its unique taste...


Posted 4 months ago by Paniolopete from United States with 6 ratings

Definitely not a flavored rum like the original Bumbu, but more of a real, refined, aged rum meant for sipping or use in your special mixed drinks. Quite a bargain, I feel, for such a barrel-aged sipping rum. plenty of fruitiness, though much more subtle and related to the molasses from which it is fermented, than added flavors or spices like the original. Very nicely done! Bottle says a product of Panama, but other sites list this as of Barbadian molasses origin. Distillation was done in Panama.


Posted 11 months ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 198 ratings

Sugar: Estimated at 24 GPL. This is a better rum than the original. The original is more like a liqueur than a rum. This one still has the banana taste and aroma in it but it's in the background. Overall it's a sweet fairly well balanced rum with Banana, oak, a bit of smoke, some caramel and vanilla with a bit of spice. Fairly smooth at first with a bit of a bite on the follow through.


Posted over 1 year ago by Adrian Adame (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 299 ratings

Jeho sladší bratříček mne zaujal mnohém víc... Tak to bylo kdysi, chutě se změnily a musím uznat, že je lepší než sladký bratříček


Posted over 1 year ago by Roger Averill from United States with 31 ratings

Not near as sweet as the orginal Bumbu. More tradtional XO. Little alcohol heavy start but fairly smooth finish. Worth a try


Posted 14 days ago by JosephCharles from Canada with 21 ratings

Nez boisé et vanillé
En bouche, épices et zeste d'orange
Manque un peu de finesse
Mieux fait que la version originale


Posted 22 days ago by Simson from Czech Republic with 41 ratings

It is a blend of rums up to 18 years old originating in Panama. Ageing took place first in bourbon barrels and then after sherry.

Bottle: Black opaque with a large cork. The shape and size is the same as his little brother Bumbu Original.

Color: Dark amber

Aroma: The aroma is vanilla, sherry, ripe to overripe fruit (especially orange) and a lot of ripe grapes. At the end, there are tones of burnt or stale wood. There is no banana or pear smell at all like the Original version. The smell is very similar to Emperor Sherry Finish rum.

Taste: Slightly sweet at first, but then turns bitter. Even though he has "only" 40% ABV, it is quite burning on the tongue. The taste is vanilla, caramel, coffee and the peel of overripe to slightly rotting orange. At the end, you can smell either stale or burnt wood again. The aftertaste is medium to long.

The taste of this rum is quite interesting. It is not a sweet rum and it has nothing in common with Bumbu Original. Overall, I was surprised that rum of this age is so little fine.

Overall rating: 7.5 out of 10


Posted 1 month ago by Alphamale76 from United States with 13 ratings

Much better than other offerings from Bumbu. Good sipper.


Posted 2 months ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 204 ratings

Update this is a different Bumbo and is actually really good enjoying it neat and it’s real added rum. Dark brown with depth mild sweetness. Way better than the original Bumbu desert beverage.


Posted 2 months ago by Caverns from United Kingdom with 15 ratings

I preferred the cheaper, artificial banana laced predecessor. I think there are rums in this price range that are far superior. I wouldn't buy it again.