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Rhum JM VSOP 4-Year rum

Rhum JM VSOP 4-Year

Martinique | Aged | 43.0% ABV

70 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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70 Rhum JM VSOP 4-Year ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by 69nl43 from France with 14 ratings

Ya quelque chose de particulier dans ce vsop aoc.
Une patte de la maison JM. On y revient avec plaisir malgré le goût surprenant. Bonne cam pour moins de 40.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Michael from United States with 12 ratings

Rhum JM VSOP Agricole
Quick review:

For those who don't know.. R'h'um as opposed to 'R'um, is made using raw sugar cain juice squeezed directly from the freshly cropped plant. Rum on the other hand is made using the molasses extracted from the sugar cain. This makes for a much dryer, Earthier taste.
On the nose- a little funky with grass and dried fruit.

First sip- sooo different than other agricoles I've tried. Spicier than others. Sweet but dry with citrus and pepper. Earthy tones but not overwhelming. Very, very well balanced and nice smooth tingle on the finish. I've read other reviews saying this was harsh and tasted like pure alcohol but I think they're crazy. This is so delicious that im mad at myself for not having this in my bar all along. If you see it. Get it. Thank me later.
Na Zdrowie! 🥃🤙😁


Posted 9 months ago by emidio74 from Italy with 5 ratings

Confermo che il J.M. è un rum agricolo bello tosto . Ottimo migliore mai assaggiato. Nulla a che vedere con lo J. Bally.


Posted over 1 year ago by jfmurcia from Colombia with 60 ratings

This is my first agricole and I found it really interesting. Very different flavors than other rums, I liked that earthy and grassy tastes that are unique from these type of rums. Also liked the smoked and pepper flavors. Definitely worth trying.

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Posted 4 months ago by Montana from Germany with 68 ratings

A very fruity smell, some glue, sweet, straw. The first taste reminds of a Whisky, not really sweet, slightly sharp and fruity during the finish. A nice one...


Posted over 1 year ago by LegallySmelf from United States with 31 ratings

This has really rounded out my collection of rums. Without being overpowering, it has a distinctive flavor that shines through a drink. I've got to spend more time sipping it because it's subtle smokiness is different than any other rum I've got on my shelf. It's my top-shelf Mai Tai rum and goddamn a drink made with this is unforgettable.

edit: I find upon completing the bottle that it was agreeable performing centerstage in Ti Punch as well and I am likely to buy another bottle, albeit, may try a few rival brands of aged agricole before returning to this.


Posted 1 year ago by Davetitus from United States with 8 ratings

Received this as a gift. Very smooth very nice would be happy to have it again


Posted 11 months ago by Mark Ogilvie from United States with 20 ratings

What an interesting drink.

The nose of this rum just has a lot going on, and I feel like I get a different collection of smells every time I go for a sniff here. Butterscotch, solvent, vanilla, maybe a bit of cherry, some smoke, maybe cooked apricot or plum, touches of baking spice, it's complicated here. Maybe a bit too much alcohol on the nose, even after letting it breathe a bit.

Immediately on the palate I get toasty warmth, a bit of burn, but not an unpleasant amount, and a really mild, almost imperceptible toffee sweetness that runs right into, like, a banana ester flavor, which itself melts gradually into savory roasting herbs and spices. Toasted clove or allspice, maybe some cinnamon. Imagine a holiday roast. Really quite savory, almost becoming meaty, cut by that alcohol, all with a constant undercurrent of toasty, buttery, peppery, slightly grassy woody-ness. The finish is kind of short and subtle, but, surprisingly, quite fruity! I get almost a nectarine finish. Some kind of stone fruit, for sure.

It's quite dry, overall, and most of the little sweetness there is in the drink runs out pretty early on as its flavors develop.

There's a lot going on, throughout the whole thing. Ultimately, I don't know if its one of my favorite rums, but exploring it has been a really satisfying, and occupying, experience. I really want to rate this a '9,' but there's just something strange about that turn into those roasting spice flavors that doesn't feel as coherent as I'd like.


Posted over 3 years ago by piratejabez from United States with 324 ratings

This 43% dram is very gentle on the nose. Maple, candy, cherry, hint of solvent. Mouth - I like it! Rather woody, smooth, and complex. I could just sip this one all night.

This is among my very favorite aged agricoles.

8-, 8


Posted 4 years ago by YMHC from Netherlands with 160 ratings

Een lekker pittige rhum agricole van Martinique's mooiste distilleerderij Rhum J.M. gelegen aan de voet van de vulkaan Pelée en vlak bij de Atlantische​ oceaan.

Het gekapte suikerriet wordt binnen een uur geperst en het sap in de fermentatie tank gepompt. Na een korte vergistingaperiode wordt er gedistilleerd in dubbele column stills. Een drietal jaar op ex-bourbon vaten later levert een rhum op met die typische 'grassige' agricole smaak maar ook rokerig eikenhout en specerijen als peper, kaneel, noten en fruitige tonen als banaan en grapefruit.

Een lichte en droge rum gebotteld op 43% abv (die merk je op) waar niet mee 'geknoeid' is want dat is tegen de wet op Martinique.