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Habitation Velier 2007 Worthy Park 10-Year rum

Habitation Velier 2007 Worthy Park 10-Year

Italy | Overproof

9.3/10 (10 ratings)
Truly a fantastic choice


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10 Habitation Velier 2007 Worthy Park 10-Year ratings

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Posted 3 months ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 239 ratings

This is hands down a fantastic rum. The nose is potent and complex but more well behaved then fx. overproof hampden. Notes of black tea, mashed banana and pineapple, toffee and bergamot fill’s the nostrils. Sipping it is in no way a dull affair, but it’s still very drinkable for an overproof Jamaican. Notes of spicy barrel, mashed banana and black tea comes on strongly. The finish is very rich and long fading from oak to some lingering dark chocolate and pineapple sweetness. Completely satisfying and very well balanced.


Posted 5 months ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 357 ratings

Schönes sattes Bernstein mit Mahagoni Reflektionen im Glas.
In der Nase, wie ein Spaziergang auf frisch verregnetem Moos mit einem Schokolade Brötchen in der Hand. Frisch geschlagenes Holz liegt am Wegesrand, das Harz tropft aus den feuchten Wunden.
Am Gaumen passiert es dann, die Aromaexplosion von fast schon unheimlicher Länge. Die Zeit brauchst Du auch um alle diese Aromen zu sortieren. Tropische Früchte, Banane, Litschi, Mango und ein wenig Passionsfrucht. Kakao, Leder, Holz, Nüsse und schwere Gewürze prägen sich in die Zunge.
Im Abgang spielt der Kakao mit den Holzaromen noch ein wenig Mikado.
Ein absolut genialer Rum der Zeit und Musse braucht, echt, hart und pur. Für Geniesser und Liebhaber. 9+

Nice rich amber with mahogany reflections in the glass.
In the nose, like a walk on freshly rained moss with a chocolate roll in your hand. Freshly cut wood lies by the wayside, the resin dripping from the wet wounds.
On the palate it happens, the aroma explosion of almost uncanny length. You also need the time to sort out all these aromas. Tropical fruits, banana, lychee, mango and a little passion fruit. Cocoa, leather, wood, nuts and heavy spices are imprinted on the tongue.
In the finish, the cocoa plays a little Mikado with the wood aromas.
An absolutely ingenious rum that needs time and leisure, real, hard and pure.For connoisseurs and Lovers. 9+


Posted 9 months ago by Mintman from Sweden with 1 rating

Powerful with amazing smell and flavours. The best Jamaica rum I've tried :) but Forythes 2006 WPM is almost as good and also Veliers Hampden rums are close. The Monymusk 2010 EMB is the one I like the least. This rum is for small sips, I usually let it be in the mouth for a while mixing it with some saliva. Soooo fruity and 59% is just perfect! Maybe not for a beginner in rum but for someone who wants to drink the real deal. A masterpiece!


Posted 11 months ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 440 ratings

Here's another Habitation rum I had to try due to its very high score (9.7 before this review). I just don't get why people like this rum so much. It's way too dry a rum for my liking.

I do, however, like it more than the Habiation Velier 2005 10 year.

Smells and tastes of bourbon, spice, oak, smoke, nuts, and tea. It's just not sweet enough for me to rate higher (sorry if you don't share my rum sweet tooth :-) ).


Posted about 1 year ago by daveyjones from Australia with 21 ratings

If you have tried this then we can assume that you are spending way too much time drinking rum, right?
Not that I would ever suggest that drinking a butt-load of rum is a bad idea and, if you are lucky enough to be drinking THIS rum then stop reading my shit review, close your eyes, lie back and think of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴‍☠️


Posted about 1 year ago by Smovens from United States with 93 ratings

This rum is intense and flavorful in every Way. Deep bourbon and oak flavors layer with a strongly intense Jamaican funk. Layered flavor in every way. Exceptional


Posted about 1 year ago by Martin Kennedy from Australia with 201 ratings

This is sooo fruity , pineapple and over ripe bananas. Very easy sipping at 59% .Lots of funk thats quite mellow , really enjoyable. With an aftertaste of honey.. I slightly prefer this to their Hampton 2011 , another brilliant Velier offering.


Posted over 1 year ago by Alaska Joe from United States with 34 ratings

This is very good rum. Much more balanced and somewhat mellowed compared to the Hampden 2010 . ( Which I like..) Long finish and slightly sweet in the mouth. Smaller sips showcase the flavors. I would totally recommend adding this bottle to the cabinet, while it’s still readily available.


Posted over 1 year ago by piratejabez from United States with 314 ratings

Distilled from estate molasses. Marque: WPL. Aged 10 years in Jamaica. Angel's share >64%. Bottled at 59% ABV (barrel proof). (Of course, all that info, and more, is right there on the bottle!)

I've sampled this a few times now, but still don't have tasting notes. I'll update this after I finally crack open my bottle. Suffice it to say this is a lot like its younger sibling (the 2005), but just a touch richer. There's a good amount of funk, that signature worthy park banana, lots of wood, and a delicious brown sugar/chocolate chip cookie note. Extremely moreish, and probably my favorite rum of 2018 :)



Posted over 1 year ago by Jan Mynar from Czech Republic with 53 ratings

It is simply amazing, balanced, no soooo estered, but complex and tasty ... with very long finish.