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Medium red leg spiced rum

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Sehr helles Bernstein im Glas.
Sofort spring einem die Vanille in die Nase, gefolgt von Karamell und leichten Holznoten. Auch Aromen von frischen Früchten, Bananen, Gewürzen und Ingwer sind mit dabei.
Im Gaumen zwickt einem der Ingwer und die Alkohol Schärfe gehörig in die Zunge, dabei wurde sie doch von der Vanille gestreichelt.
Im Abgang recht kurz und unwirklich.
Sicherlich ein netter Rum für Liebhaber dieser Art. Mit natürlichen Aromen und nicht so süss.

Very light amber in the glass.
Immediately, the vanilla will pop into your nose, followed by caramel and light wood notes. Also aromas of fresh fruits, bananas, spices and ginger are included.
On the palate, one of the ginger and the alcohol sharpness pinches in the tongue, while they was stroked by the vanilla.
In the finish quite short and unreal.
Certainly a nice rum for lovers of this kind. With natural flavors and not so sweet.

Unbelievably smooth. Normally I drink spiced rum with coke but the taste is too nice to mix - tad overdone with the vanilla though.

I bought a bottle of RedLeg Spiced Rum during my last trip to London. It was my first taste of the drink. My first impression was of the fantastic packaging - an appealing logo and hand-drawn design, and a nicely shaped bottle. On opening the bottle I was struck by the wealth of aromas - strong but not overwhelming. The ginger really comes through, which is great because I love ginger. I enjoyed RedLeg both straight and with mixers. No doubt it is my favourite rum now.


Red Leg Spiced rum is five star delicious rum. No cocktail cabinet should be without a bottle of Red Leg Spiced Rum.


My absolute favourite! Excellent to mix or enjoy straight!

Found this for about $13, and have to say I was amazed. It's a good spiced rum! Good enough to enjoy straight, perhaps easier to drink with a splash of some mixer. Will buy again!

It's ok, if you're happy to experiment and try different rums then this one is worth a go. After a bottle I see no need to revisit as there are so many more to try.

Nice in cocktails or with ginger and lime, but has a dry, cheap flavour that isn't really that impressive. Sweet, heavy on ginger and a whiff of vanilla essence. It is understandable how the mainstream market could like it as overall it isn't that 'bad', it just isn't that impressive when compared to existing spiced rums.

Was given a bottle recently as a gift, its enjoyable, but nothing special still.
Confused by the people that say it's strong on vanilla, and I'm a 'super taster'.

Smooth, sweet and somehow rich. I could drink this every day.

It pours deep gold, almost light brown in colour. Aroma is of vanilla, but there's definitely a lot of alcohol on the nose too. Flavour is sweet with vanilla, with hints of caramel and ginger. Just about smooth enough to drink neat, with the alcohol presence. A nice tasting spiced rum though.

This rum was new to me but I found it to have a wonderful taste, especially with Cola

Red Leg Spiced is a nice alternative to the other 'house rums' that you can generally buy everywhere. Not an amazing rum, but far superior to the likes of Captain Morgan's and most other rums around this price range. Lots of vanilla and ginger, though it tastes like real vanilla as opposed to synthetic. Almost liqueur like when drunk straight but mixes very nice with coke.

At first was unsure if this what I really really wanted, but then found myself sipping away happily. Good bit of warmth from the ginger but stays smooth with vanilla bursts. Good rum.

I've bought this rum for about 350 CZK (which is really cheap) when I wanted to "tread on uncharted territory" and try something new. For that price I didn't expect much but was I surprised. Indeed I've stumbled upon a gem among the rums (of this price range at least).
This rum is really tasty and smooth like a rum twice or more like trice its price. Great sipper, don't waste mixing it. Definitely a steady addition to my cabinet.

Other reviewers find this has too much vanilla, didn't find that myself. Good flavour but not quite the depth I would like but at the price it's very good. It gave me a bit of a bad headache the following day.

Love the ginger and vanilla infused into this rum.

Really noce solid drink, plenty of flavour. Enjoy on its own or with coke.

Great stuff!

Ochutnáno při degustaci, Lehká ovocná vůně. Silná vanilková vůně i chuť. Zazvor je slabší. Ale toto jsou dve dominantní chutě.
Jemný, slabší alkoholová chuť - nepálí vůbec. Poměr cena výkon skvělý.

Similar aroma to lambs spiced, which is not to may taste, but a lot better to taste with a mixer than Lambs

Ok on it's own, but once you mix it the flavours are lost.I had high hopes for this spiced rum,it's a bit sweet and syrupy too.

For me this is very smooth however found the Vanilla overpowering. Tasted like an alcoholic cream soda. Possibly great for parties.

Mix with coke don't drink this stuff straight !

Cinnamon and vanilla and sweetness with a 37.5% kick. It's ok with coke if little else

This was a Xmas present. It's a nice present and enjoyable but glad I didn't pay for it

Strong warm ginger spice flavour, really enjoyed it!

Neat: strange, unusual, not sure if the purists would agree.
Mixed: very tasty drink. Nice touch with the added ginger. Good value.

Back in the day I was not a fan of Ginger Spice and her group but now wonder would they have improved with Vanilla Ice in the mix? Essentially that is what Red Leg has done, added Ginger & Vanilla in harmony to a rum base resulting in a tasteful end product. Both spices are prevalent (a previous reviewer claimed not to have picked up the vanilla notes) and together combine to make Red Leg superior to most of its competitors in the Spiced sector.