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Red Leg Spiced rum

Red Leg Spiced

Caribbean | Spiced

129 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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129 Red Leg Spiced ratings

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Posted almost 5 years ago by Phil Northcott from United Kingdom with 16 ratings

This little gem is far too easy to sip away at....yes its high in the vanilla and ginger flavours and yes it is only 37% but this stuff tastes great and I personally did not find it too sweet. if you must mix it try cherry cola over ice and a sprig of mint for a refreshing summer mix.


Posted 2 years ago by Matthew Burford. from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

This is by far the best spiced rum in it's price range (under £20) I drink this straight and can't get enough. Try it, you won't be disappointed.


Posted 4 years ago by Tigran Kalaydjian from Cyprus with 1 rating

I bought a bottle of RedLeg Spiced Rum during my last trip to London. It was my first taste of the drink. My first impression was of the fantastic packaging - an appealing logo and hand-drawn design, and a nicely shaped bottle. On opening the bottle I was struck by the wealth of aromas - strong but not overwhelming. The ginger really comes through, which is great because I love ginger. I enjoyed RedLeg both straight and with mixers. No doubt it is my favourite rum now.


Posted over 4 years ago by Nathan from United Kingdom with 35 ratings

It's ok, if you're happy to experiment and try different rums then this one is worth a go. After a bottle I see no need to revisit as there are so many more to try.

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Posted 5 years ago by I3R0K3N7FEET from United Kingdom with 70 ratings

Nice in cocktails or with ginger and lime, but has a dry, cheap flavour that isn't really that impressive. Sweet, heavy on ginger and a whiff of vanilla essence. It is understandable how the mainstream market could like it as overall it isn't that 'bad', it just isn't that impressive when compared to existing spiced rums.

Was given a bottle recently as a gift, its enjoyable, but nothing special still.
Confused by the people that say it's strong on vanilla, and I'm a 'super taster'.


Posted 15 days ago by TommyTea from Germany with 17 ratings

Not much taste, weak for so an 30€ rum..... What i do find strange is all the 10 ratings for this rum that are the only rum they have ever commented on.... i will report to site.

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Posted 1 month ago by Barry2021 from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

This is a really tasty rum, from the aroma to the first sip and after. Delicious and flows so easily.


Posted 1 month ago by NerdyandWordy97 from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Sweet, Caramel flavour, very smooth. Can't live without


Posted 2 months ago by Pelle Nelson from Sweden with 8 ratings

Wow when open it smells Sweet with vanilla as top note. Tried first to drinking it neat and it worked great, sweet with lots of spices. With Coke and lime its fantastic. I really love this rum.


Posted 2 months ago by Uhyrto from Czech Republic with 67 ratings

Dost uměle a povrchně působící aroma, celkem plochý rum. Samotné nic moc, do coly výrazně lepší. Za mě 5.5.


Posted 3 months ago by J1gg1ns from United Kingdom with 59 ratings

I'm not really a fan of spiced rum but this one isn't terrible and better than most of the spiced rums about. Obviously it is very sweet and more suited to mixing rather than drinking neat.