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Medium atlantico reserva rum

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Somewhat delicate and smooth once you get around the heat. Dried fruit and vanilla to bring out the sweetness with warm spices to heat things up a tad. Nice Dominican rum just not there best example as far as complexity and flavor are concerned.
Their Private Cask is better!

Delicate flavour on the rocks quite smooth but slightly lacks depth in flavour

Nothing new, vanilla classic flavour, medium aftertaste, a little bit to sweet and a fine nuance of wood.


Not a bad rum with some nice aromas. Needs to breathe for a while or some rocks to be thrown in. I personally prefer letting it breathe. Nice in nose, good in mouth, not good in throat and aftertaste. I expected more!

This one takes It's time to breathe. Be too hasty and you'll get nothing but fumes and burn. Let it sit for 5 on a cube of ice and the sweet aroma of cotton candy and vanilla starts to come out. It smells sweet, and has a sweet taste, but does not leave a sweet taste behind. It finishes almost oaky as it started originally. It can be enjoyed sipped, but over ice. Just wish I could find it at a more competitive price.

Strong vanilla, probably additives, and quite a burn, another in the crowd of mediocre rums.

this is very drinkable neat, but would be well with a splash of tonic or in a mojito, or hemingway. i might keep this around.

White sugar or sugar cotton and a hint of cocos. Very sweet, taste good but not complex and not overwhelming.

Traveling outside of Cancun and thought I would pick up a couple bottles to take home and one to drink. This one was the drinker. Nice bottle, but somewhat lightish color, rather thin on the pour. I enjoy the vanilla dominated scent followed by a slight alcohol smell, probably from lack of aging. I enjoyed this rum mixed with coke, not quite smooth enough for me to want to drink neat. Surprisingly rum is limited in the playa del Carmen region, this close to the Caribbean. Sure they have a few riums, but not the selection I envisioned before my trip. Overall this is a pretty good choice but nothing really worth bringing home and showing off to friends or fellow Rum enthusiasts. I picked two others than I have higher hopes for.

Pas genial, belle bouteille mais decevant, sans plus

Sampled Atlantico Reserva rum but did not detect anything special about this rum.

Bon rhum, avec une belle rondeur, un bon taux sucre, se boit tres bien, bon rapport qualité-prix

Atlantico Reserva was such a big disappointment on the flavor, which is bland and the burn is so strong that a lot of cheaper rums are much smoother. The color is quite weak and the nose test reveals a bouquet of artificial flavors.

The cane is easily discernible. Hints and aroma of vanilla

Easy to drink light rum. Tastes like spiced but bit sweeter. Would be good mixer

The rum is from the Dominican Republic. Distilled from both molasses & sugar can juice. Rums are aged seperately then blended together to be aged again for a number of years using the Solera method. Notes of butterscotch a bit of oak but also some earthy/grassy elements.

Drinkable. Good in a pinch. Wouldn't order it if something else was available.

Schöne Bernstein Farben im Glas.
In der Nase etwas aufdringliche Karamellnoten, dann folgt dunkle Schokolade begleitet von Früchten.
Das ganze Zusammenspiel wirkt sehr leicht und überaus frisch !
Im Gaumen wieder (sehr) süsses Karamell mit Vanille auch Kräuter und Gewürze haben Ihre Rolle.
Der Abgang, lang, süss und fruchtig.
Ein nicht so anspruchsvoller, schöner Rum für Einsteiger, Gesellschaft oder einfach so.

Beautiful amber colors in the glass.
On the nose a little intrusive caramel notes, followed by dark chocolate accompanied by fruit.
The whole interaction is very light and very fresh!
In the palate again (very) sweet caramel with vanilla also herbs and spices have their role.
The finish, long, sweet and fruity.
A less sophisticated, beautiful Rum for beginners, company or just like that.

Det är ett tag sedan jag testade den och jag minns varken att den var något utöver det vanliga, eller att jag inte gillade den, så den bör ha varit helt OK!

Nose promises more but added sugar just spoils it.
Maybe 5 years ago but not anymore since there are so much better ones. With less suggar it could be nice

Quite strong alcohol burn, not very smooth. Overpriced.

But tastes good, 7/10, would give my friends during a rum tasting party!

6.5 on my scale, but bottles aren't half full or empty here. Oaky finish with beginnings of molasses.

Rhum étonnant, léger, mais c'est ici une qualité, ce est loin d'être toujours le cas. Très agréable. Vaut son prix.

Surprisingly light, but in this case it is a quality, which is far from always being the case. Very pleasant. Worth its price.