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Old Hopking Dark rum

Old Hopking Dark

United Kingdom | Dark

4.7/10 (3 ratings)
Flawed with a glimmer of hope


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3 Old Hopking Dark ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by ben_fairweather from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

I've given this five stars, compared to four stars for the Captain Morgan's and Lamb's equivalents, due to the lower price. In terms of quality and flavour, it is on a par with them, so at only £9.99 per bottle it's a good budget option for mixing.

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Posted 10 months ago by kevie from United Kingdom with 11 ratings

I picked up a bottle of this, figuring that I'd try it out at just under £14 (it's more expensive north of the border due to minimum pricing laws in Scotland).

Its a dark mahogany colour with some faint notes of sweetness and caramel on the scent. These continues through to the taste as when sipped there are tastes of these, but again they are faint. It is surprisingly mellow when sipped neat: no burn at all. However when it is mixed the rum taste is wiped out completely.

Overall its drinkable, but it certainly isn't memorable and is sadly simply too bland for me. Ideal for introducing somebody to dark rum, or if your not a fan of the taste of rum and just want a drink to have with a mixer. Comparable to the likes of Captain Morgan, Skipper, OVD etc, but for good mixing rums I'd look to Trawler, Watsons Demerara, Gosling or Woods (if you like your rum a bit stronger).

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Posted about 1 year ago by Jcrumblish from Australia with 1 rating

Bought on a budget camping trip around Scotland, easily downed by the tent.