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Ragged Mountain Gold rum

Ragged Mountain Gold

United States | Gold

Ragged Mountain Gold rum, a pot-distilled, molasses-based rum that’s aged in used Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels for four years. After aging, it’s diluted to 80 proof with local spring water before bottling.

via American Rum Report

8 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind


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8 Ragged Mountain Gold ratings

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Posted 5 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

This is a small-batch hand-crafted rum from Sheffield, Massachusetts from Berkshire Mountain Distillers. Although it has been aged for an indeterminate amount of time the color is rather a light amber and the flavor rather favorable. The aroma is not all that great but fortunately not of an objectionable nature. Definitely has an oakiness about it in regards to flavor. According to their website they age their overproof rum in oak barrels before blending it with water thereby diluting it and eventually reducing the ABV to the typical 40% (80 proof). It does have a little sweetness to it but I wonder how it would be if they left it as an overproof or perhaps taken it to 90 or 100 proof. It just seems the flavors would pop more at a higher proof. Don't misunderstand, this is a rather good rum. Just that in my humble opinion this could be so much better.


Posted 7 months ago by chuck from United States with 25 ratings

Picked up this bottle while in Mass. on a camping trip. Mixed it together with some juices and it did the job. On its own it's just ok.


Posted 8 months ago by mc from United States with 51 ratings

Small batch. Whisky like. Simple bottle. Unique. Expected better.


Posted 1 year ago by Joola69 from United States with 2727 ratings

Rum tasting in New York City continued with Ragged Mountain Rum. Unique bottle design with a bright red label. Super light golden color. Plenty of oak mixed with butterscotch and toffee to your nose and palate when neat sipped. Strong and sweet burn at the end. Whisky fan boys can add 2 points to my score.


Posted over 3 years ago by Tom from United States with 230 ratings

Molasses based rum from Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Hand crafted in small batches using the pot still and aged in ex bourbon casks, this rum is a nice rum for the money.
Fruity, spicy with butterscotch, toffee, dried fruit, nuts and hint of vanilla. Makes wonderful cocktails but can be sipped neat as well with some burn.


Posted almost 4 years ago by piratejabez from United States with 325 ratings

Pot-still fermented, but no trace of funk. The nose is a blend of typical rum aromas, as well as tequila. The tequila notes fade after a while, and is replaced with oak and sugar.

The flavor reminds me of Irish whiskey, which I believe is also mostly pot-distilled. The sweetness and smoothness are reminiscent of cognac.

The entire package, however, is rather weak. At 40% ABV, it's highly drinkable, but seems over-diluted; lackluster. I would encourage Ragged Mountain to take it up a few notches, even up to 50%. I think that would do wonders in bringing out the interesting flavors somewhat hidden in this bottle.


Posted almost 8 years ago by muppet from United States with 49 ratings

It has some heat to it has a bourbon finish. Ya


Posted 8 years ago by Remy Chevalier from United States with 34 ratings

This bottle sits on the shelf of this bar I know, nagging at me, three quarters empty... it smells OK but I'm not about to spend 7 bucks to try a sip, sorry. It seems a little too bland to lure me to attention.