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Neptunes Gold rum

Neptunes Gold

Germany | Agricole

5.3/10 (15 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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15 Neptunes Gold ratings

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 359 ratings

Strohgelb im Glas.
In der Nase frisch und sehr fruchtig, weisse Trauben, Birne, Äpfel, Kiwi. Die Rhum Agricole typischen grünen, herben, grasigen Noten sind deutlich zu erkennen. Getoastetes, karamellisiertes Holz ist dezent im Hintergrund wahrzunehmen.
Im Gaumen, wow, so sanft für seine 1.5 Jahre. Ein ganzer Topf voller Früchte spült es einem in den Mund. Das getoastete Holz trommelt mit seinen Karamell-Sticks auf den Geschmacksknospen herum. Fein gemahlene Gewürze entfalten ihre Aromen.
Im Abgang bleiben die Früchte lange und die werden Gewürze stärker, Anis, Fenchel, Lakritze..
Klasse ! Für "nur" 1.5 Jahre ein geiles Teil ! Für Agricole Geniesser zu empfehlen.

Straw yellow in the glass.
In the nose fresh and very fruity, white grapes, pear, apples, kiwi. The typical Rhum Agricole green, bitter, grassy notes are clearly recognizable. Toasted, caramelized wood is discreetly visible in the background.
On the palate, wow, so gentle for its 1.5 years. A whole pot full of fruits washes it into your mouth. The toasted wood drums around the taste buds with its caramel sticks. Finely ground spices unfold their aromas.
In the finish, the fruits remain long and the spices become stronger, anise, fennel, liquorice...
Great ! For "only" 1.5 years a hot part ! For Agricole connoisseurs to recommend.


Posted almost 2 years ago by 5xo from Slovakia with 256 ratings

Nice aftertaste, that is the only positive I can say about this. It burns, and has weird flavor and nose to it, like some house paint.


Posted 9 months ago by Zane from Norway with 49 ratings

It tastes more grain based then a rum. I would not finish the drink.


Posted about 1 year ago by Joola69 from United States with 2649 ratings

Rum tasting in Hamburg with my friend included Neptuns Rhum. Handwritten label is a very nice touch. Light golden color. Soapy citrus over powers all the fragile Rhum Agricole grassy notes. Extremely strong and dry burn at the end.


Posted over 1 year ago by Theodora from Slovenia with 77 ratings

Dry rum with citrous aroma, but too harsh alcohol and too short finish, not my type


Posted almost 2 years ago by Rasmus from Denmark with 137 ratings

Flensburg, Germany have a rich tradition when it comes to rum, but still the act of making the rum itself is a newer concept in the city. There is hope, but improvement is needed after tasting this one.

Nose: Citrus, banana and some salted oats
Taste: Citrus, apricot and vanilla. Quite sweet aftertaste where the citrus takes complete control
Overall: I really hoped that this would have been a good one, but there is simply to much citrus in this young rum for it to be enjoyable for me. I look forward to tasting more from this producer, but this one is not for me.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Roberto from Luxembourg with 38 ratings

Sorry but is Not for me. Smells like citron and Not smooth enough for me.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Steven Richardson from United Kingdom with 124 ratings

Very fruity, can taste pear. Wow but it’s harsh and quite a burn as it goes down


Posted almost 2 years ago by Thomas Breuning from Denmark with 188 ratings

Duft af pære og banan, måske en anelse æble med en strejf af peber. En lille snert af frugt i smagen i starten, inden hele munden bliver overtaget af peber med et lille touch af vanilje til sidst? Er ikke den store tilhænger af rom, der ikke har lagret særlig længe. Denne har kun1,5 år i fad. Det er efter min mening ikke nok til at lagre færdig. Tilbage på fadet igen. (17. December 2018)


Posted almost 2 years ago by Loxias from Czech Republic with 162 ratings

In the nose i can sense pears and honey.
Taste is creamy again with hints of pears.
After taste is mildy sweet with hints of rasins.
Overally it is very close to pear brandy but rum character is missing imo.