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Pyrat XO Reserve rum

Pyrat XO Reserve

Anguilla | Gold

Pyrat XO Rum is produced from nine different Caribbean rums that are blended and then aged up to 15 years in used American sweet oak barrels.

The squat Pyrat XO rum bottle shape is inspired by the typical design of rum bottles kept by pirates and ship captains in the 19th century.

6.2/10 (952 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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952 Pyrat XO Reserve ratings

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840b5757aaeb05d667412d9399e544d2.png?s=40& avatar

Posted almost 2 years ago by Anthony Soleau from United States with 24 ratings

Not a bad rum to mix a more complex cocktail with.

65223fbc8009570d2f2e15c554ac973c.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Jo from Greece with 2 ratings

Very smooth and tasty, high quality rum as far as I can tell.

51d064bc0a8f56dbe637471fdc432bb0.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Tim Griffin from United States with 9 ratings

At first look at the bottle you can already tell that they take the rum seriously. Fantastic presentation in color and bottle. The flavor is sweet and delightful. A good dessert rum. There is a undertone of apricot and vanilla combined. Can be served as a shot or on the rocks

Da833becdeea5fc260aa009ab22913b9.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Matthew Gifford from United States with 14 ratings

Keep seeing 1-5 cup ratings. People have no clue. You don’t just pop open a bottle and chug it down. Open it and let it breathe people.

92b6cd0d9a6848f27814658a06db5832.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by András Péter Balogh from Hungary with 41 ratings

...This is a bit over my expectation. The merchendise what comes with it are cool and I use it as a key-chain but unfortunately this is the best part of Pyrat XO. I met this rum when a lady came in and recognised the bottle as her favorite sipping rum with her friends, and I took this as a recomendation so I tried it. But I was wrong. Off balance, flavors are less outstanding than wanted...
Trully a vanilla bomb!

A11e8a7c7282c4fb946329678c8a9b71.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Jamie from Canada with 1 rating

Not bad but expensive for what it is. Not the best sipping rum.

7904ca6acd500712a1e00cd01ab5879c.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Tom from Czech Republic with 38 ratings

It is somethink different, but not bad, fresh no bad after taste. for the price...

59479862d6d212ee329ccdaac3615a3c.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Rebecca from United States with 3 ratings

It's nothing special. It works for most any rum cocktail but it's nothing to write home about. Nothing super unique. But it is good!

3a41af2566bf3822b0dd753579fee3b2.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Todd Stephens from United States with 1 rating

Not the best, but I enjoyed it. Strong orange character, almost like a triple sec without the sweetness. Some burn going down, but for 20-ish bucks, not unexpected.

9b379783cd9a4e6d9836b9f152a60df8.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Richard Holmquist from United States with 5 ratings

This is an acceptable drinking rum, but my favorites like El Dorado are more complex and buttery.

D42e03252a3698b12744fd9dc24ee29d.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by koon from Germany with 13 ratings

Viele meinen ja es sei zu herb und orange zuviel aber gerade das macht es spannend... Mit ner Orangen Scheibe und an heißen Tagen auf Eis. Klinkt verrückt. Kann aber ausprobiert werden. .