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Pyrat XO Rum is produced from nine different Caribbean rums that are blended and then aged up to 15 years in used American sweet oak barrels.

The squat Pyrat XO rum bottle shape is inspired by the typical design of rum bottles kept by pirates and ship captains in the 19th century.

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A nice smooth slightly vanilla-flavoured rum. I enjoyed it

Smooth, with just the right amount of fire at the end. Will be drinking again.

Most of the reviews I've read on here explain this rum as overly strong on the alcohol taste. However, that was not my experience at all.

The nose on this rum is quite nice; a subtle hint of vanilla and sugar with an overwhelming scent of orange. As per the reviews, I was going to let it sit in the glass for a little while before sipping, but the smell was too good to wait.

Upon my first sip I was hit immediately with a pungent orange flavor, but to be honest it tasted quite artificial, almost like orange flavored cough syrup. That was really what stuck with me after a few sips, which made it hard to pick out other flavors. After about half my glass, the rum was too sweet for me to continue drinking straight. So, I splashed a bit of Coke in my glass and it was immediately much better on the pallet. Obviously, mixing any spirit with any other substance reduces its original flavor, but due to the pungent orange flavor of this rum, it balanced out perfectly.

This is a very good mixing rum, just don't mix in too much coke, it should be a "Rum with coke" not the other way around.

I was thoroughly disappointed in this blend. Since I tried this, I’ve tried other blends with similar discord.

Veľmi pekná fľaša je silnou motiváciou na ochutnanie. Samotný rum však nie je veľmi výnimočný. Plusom je, že sa dobre pije (nemá silný alkoholový štart a ani dojazd). Tým, že nie je príliš sladký, verím, že by z neho nebolela hlava, ani po celovečernom pití.

Smell: Intense aroma of orange and grapefruit, brown sugar and fruity notes.
Taste: sweet, marmelade ,orange and honey.
Finish: Long, spicy, citric.

Nice sipping rum good on ice. Good fruity tones. No strong after taste.

While the color is good, the aroma and taste is quite weak. I first sampled a shot and was most disappointed. The rum tasted watered-down, and not in a "smooth" way. I then attempted to taste it on the rocks. While cold, the taste remained the same. I tried it with a mixer, but it tasted like a watered-down soda. As an avid rum drinker, Pyrat XO Reserve was a complete let down and, most likely, the worst rum that has ever passed through my teeth and gums, on a course headed down my throat to my stomach. I fail to comprehend any use for it other than to drown a few ants. It was a real waste of money.

Prijemne piticko. Nádherná pomarančová vôňa a taktiež aj chuť.

Pro mě to je mimozemšťan mezi rumy, citrusy na mě z lahve křičí jak prase, je to snad cejtit na metry. Tento rum si dokážu představit jak popíjím někde u moře i s ledem a je mi horko a chci něco osvěžujícího s alkoholem....pak asi jo, jinak moc ne. Tento rum pít pouze samostatně, tedy neochutnávat jiné rumy během jednoho večera, pak jakože ok....ale tento rum si už pořizovat nebudu.
Nutno dodat že je to určitě originální a zajímavej rum, své fans jistě bude mít.

I started my rum adventure here. It was great for a $25 bottle, however, I've since experienced much better rums. I got hints of citrus in this one and not a lot else. Very good for this price, but don't have too high of expectations. Probably wouldn't purchase again.


This rum is sold at almost a top shelf price. You are clearly paying for the fancy bottle because the rum inside is not great. In my opinion it had a rubbing alcohol smell and taste.

Fruity with nice notes of apricot and a little vanilla. Great in Mai Tai’s.

...label is not the only thing beeing orange on this rum. When I had the pyrat XO for the first time it felt like having an orange in my mouth. Actually not what I do expect of a non spiced or flavored rum😉

Very nice rum, well priced and kept in freezer for sipping.

Too sweet, too much citrus, a weird synthetic chemical taste.
I read the review from Chris who said that it needs time, but if I pour a glass, I want to drink it. I don't want to leave it sitting for 2 hours whilst it settles down. Maybe when I go on holiday, I'll get a shot of it and let it sit for a bit, but I can't imagine I would ever go out and buy a bottle.

In summary, if you want a nice sweet rum with more than a little character, don't get this, get a Diplomatice Reserva Exclusiva.

I waited a long time to try this. But. This didn't really taste like rum, to me. An artificial orangey flavor lay beneath an astringent-style alcohol-taste that lacked any real character that appealed to my palate, but to each his/her own. Drink what you like, of course, but I'm passing on this, if I ever see it again. Sorry.

Tohle mi doporucili v obchode, kdyz dosel Don Papa. Prodavajici byl asi novacek a nebo jeden (ci oba) z techto rumu neochutnal! Ostrejsi rum, koreni - skorice, kardamon, vanilka.

Po napiti se rozvine ovocna, hlavne pomeranxova chut v prvni chvili ostřejší a korenena. Ale potom se zjemni a zesladne.

Not bad, not good. Tried this one and it is not my favourite.

This is an ok sipping rum, but a great rum and coke rum.

You know, what you are paying for. A lil' bit sweet, not too much. Great value for money spent! You won't offend anyone by this bottle.

The marketing is cool with the bottle shape and buddha ingot, but that's about it. It was too orangey and had that alcohol burn.

Very disappointed after reading reviews and considering who bottled this rum. Very alcoholic smell with limited body and the taste carries through with a one dimensional taste. Recommended as a sipping rum but scorched the palate. Would not recommend this but as a strong blending rum...