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Produced in the Dominican Republic, Atlantico Private Cask is a blend of small batched rums aged up to 25 years. It is a very unique dark rum that is bottled by hand and carefully inspected. It has won several awards and has the support of Enrique Iglesias, the multi-platinum recording artist.

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The aroma in the bottle definitely reveals this to be a sweet rum. Almost a dessert. Tasting it revealed a very strong sweetness with definite maple and toffee flavors. Even a little buttery? It has a slight oiliness which allows the flavor to stay on the tongue as the burn fade...a mild burn. The flavor lingers longer than expected but not unpleasantly. I have never had a hot buttered rum before but looking up the ingredients I think this would be an excellent rum for it. Also I think it would work well in hot mulled rum and hot coffee drinks as well. Perhaps a change from Irish Coffee to Pirate Rum Coffee? [I need to trademark/patent that.] When winter arrives (it's late this year) try this one in traditional hot mixed drinks. I have not tried it in Coke Zero yet but the sweetness may be too much for Coke Zero. A little too sweet for a sipping rum but makes for a fantastic mixer. Just not in fruit-based drinks 'cause it makes it TOO sweet IMHO.

Atlantico Private Cask er er let rom og nem at drikke, måske god til nye rom drikkere, men jeg køber den ikke igen.

Mycket lättdrucken kola och vanilj, på gränsen till söt men välbalanserad och trevlig

Sweet scent, a hint of sweet taste. A very light rum. Boring.

The prefferred rum of Enrique. I enjoy it one glass at a time. A Little tok sweet.

This is a sweet & smooth rhum, I prefer them to strong ones.
The vanilla taste is great. A recommandation from a Dominican Republic store was to drink it with some cacao beans.

It will not fit to people that search for strong and heavy rums.

If you like sweet rums you'll enjoy this one...

Nice colour and aroma.

Vanilla and other rich sweet notes.

Ok rum. Was expecting a bit more to be honest. Lacking a bit character

This was recommended to me but i was not caught. Its not bad but its nothing special or memorable.

Not a great sipping option. It just doesn't have enough character or complexity to sip. Reminds me of the FDC 12. Not bad with some cola though.

This is a smooth rum. Just add a tea spoon of water and it balances things out. It's not a complex rum but at this price you can't expect everything. If you like sweeter rums try this as it will show you what more complex layers other rums have in comparison.

Clean, good flavor so, not too hot, but hard to find.

J'aime beaucoup ce rhum. Il est parfumé caramel et j'aime sa relative douceur en bouche. Manque peut être un peu de personnalité, mais ce n'est pas un défaut dans la mesure ou ça lui confère un très bon équilibre. Ni trop parfumé, ni trop puissant.

Masser af sød duft så man sidder og venter sig en meget sød rom, men når den kommer i munden er den mere tør end sød. Rigtig dejlig og ligetil dog

It is no so sweet compare to zacapa.It is more light and smooth.

...and not completely fullfiled. Nice, smooth with untraditional flavour of "bitter wood", decent premium rum, but I expected a bit more after promotional.

Opravdu povedený solera rum, sladká chuť, dobrý říz a výborné aroma. Dobře se pije, ještě chci zkusit jeho ne tak sladkého mladšího bratříčka Atlantico Reserva.

I enjoyed it neat. Very smooth, lots of flavor, sweet but not to sweet. Great every day rum & price point.

Denne rom er indbegrebet af sukkersød. Der er absolut ingen kompleksitet, og dybde findes heller ikke. Egner sig nok bedre som likør.

Sugar: 26 gpl. This has a nice butterscotch taste and smell to it. It is extremely smooth but the taste fades quickly and gently. It is too sweet to be used as a mixer, and it's smooth taste would be overwhelmed in mixed drinks. This is the perfect rum to serve to those that are trying to drink rum neat. It is an amazing value for what it brings to your glass. I am tempted to rate this a 9 based on the value you get for $30, but it needs to have more complexity in flavour to be rated higher.

Not sure where the aging helps this rum, but is only slightly better than the Atlantico light. This does not live up to the strong Dominican rum legacy that has produced so many quality rums.

Langt bedre end lillebroen. Lækker rom i flot flaske.

Yes this is an easy sipper. Comes onto the palate sweet with a slight pinch at the back of the tongue, but doesn't deliver the richness or complexity the price would suggest it should have. This one will be used as a mixer until the bottle is gone.

Was really looking forward to taste this one, as it came highly recommended. Must say I was a bit dissapointed, it's a good rum, sweet and round, but nothing extra ordinary. Not a rebuy.