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Produced in the Dominican Republic, Atlantico Private Cask is a blend of small batched rums aged up to 25 years. It is a very unique dark rum that is bottled by hand and carefully inspected. It has won several awards and has the support of Enrique Iglesias, the multi-platinum recording artist.

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Aroma placuta, gust lung de vanilie si cafea. Dupa parerea mea nu ar trebui utilizat la cocktail pentru ca ii scad calitatile.

En rom som man bör ha i sin samling, men inte mer än det, smakar givetvis inte dåligt men ger inte den smakupplevelse som jag önskar mig då jag köper en rom.

Jag hade klart högre förhoppningar på Atlantico private cask. Den är tunn och smakar inte så mycket. Kräver att man luftar den rejält innan man dricker för att ens få lite aromer och smaker.

I have never heard of this brand, but after the first bottle I was hooked! Super smooth and the price is right

Atlantico Private Cask claims to be 25 year Solera aged rum, but what a disappointment on the flavor, which is bland and the burn is so strong that a lot of 8 year old aged rums are smoother.

Had a sample tasting of this. It's unoffensive but seriously lacking complexity for a 15-25 aged Solera. At the price point being sold here in the UK there are better alternatives.

Tried it in a sample tasting at tw&s. It didn't shock me or discourage me.. that was 7+ months ago. I have yet to buy a bottle. I have others I needed to buy in it's place and not enough room to store something not going to be used everyday or on special occasions. Save your money folks.

Fantastisk smak och doft. Fin färg, fin flaska som var numrerad!

A fine rum that is smooth but not very sweet. Has a moderate complexity for it being younger that it's older sibling. Sip neat, add n ice cube to bring out more or different notes. The whole Ron Atlantic line is ideal and should be a staple in your liquor cabinet.

There are many rums claiming how long they have been in the cask... this one goes high for 25 years (combining solera + agricole approaches). Its arome close to a spiced rum, full of many flavors (I suppose artificial). It is a bit harsh in the throat.

Nothing special.

Rum peprný, není moc sladký. Je vyráběn ze šťávy z cukrové třtiny.

Rating kommer i morgen nå jeg er blevet ædru eller lige efter, ikke genkøb

Rating kommer i morgen nå jeg er blevet ædru eller lige efter

Clean and crisp tasting rum, it has enough on the nose and looks the busines. It doesn't have real depth in flavours but has enough to appreciate the taste. For £27 its a great price. Decent bottle that looks nice next to others on the shelf.

Vůně OK , ale chuť a barva nic moc . Dokonce se mi zdálo , že je rum trochu zakalený. Láhev jsem dopil , kupovat už jí nebudu .

This rum is easy to drink, but a bit bland. It is mellow, notes of vanilla, nice woody palate. The nicest part seems to be the aftertaste which is a bit like silky cognac.

Eye catching vibrant color, vanilla fruity nose, mild sweet taste, smooth and rounded. Definitely not on the exceptional side of Rums, yet the discrete crispness and overall freshness that characterize this rum, will always allow it to be considered an excellent choice.
Last time I couldn't help thinking that if you remove all the intenseness of Ron Millonario 15 you'll probably end up with a glass of Atlantico in hand!

Einer meiner ersten Rums, den ich auf einer Karibikkreuzfahrt entdeckt habe. Ein leichter Rum bei dem die Vanille dominiert. Ein Rum für jedermann...

First time after opening it was nice. Second time after some time, there is some bad taste... So drink it quickly.

A little too bland for my taste. Nevertheless still pleasant.

Lidt sprittet, men ellers en fornuftig Rom til prisen.

Its a rum for all the sugary rum lovers, or shall one say liqueur lovers. Really, one should try some authentic rum.

Buen ron para mezclar, tiene sabor a vainilla y muy dulce


Très bon nez
En bouche fumé on retrouve l'ambiance des îles. Doux et puissant après. Sucré mais sans plus. Le goût de la canne arrive petit à petit en bouche.