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Pyrat Cask 1623 rum

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61 Pyrat Cask 1623 ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Derek from United States with 13 ratings

Neat and on the rocks this is fantastic... only had it when I was out though, because of the cost my bottle sits there sealed still

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Posted over 5 years ago by Rummaster from Switzerland with 2 ratings

It's compared to the Pyrat XO the perfect balance of the orange flavour. It is very smooth and oily to sip and the age of up to 40 years makes this rum to a very long lasting joy.

It's quite an expensive price for a rum where you don't know exactly the percentage of rum that really has been aged for 40 years of this bottle. One would assume that with the growing demand of rum, the percentage of long aged rum will decrease and younger aged rums will take over.

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Posted over 5 years ago by Chris from Canada with 21 ratings

love it. A great treat. Love to sip and watch the sun go down.

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Posted over 5 years ago by Thomas Tom from Denmark with 13 ratings

This is (at the moment) the best rum I have tasted.
It has it all: rich flavors, long aftertaste and enough sugar to satisfy my sweet taste.
It is also the most expensive rum i have bought - and for the price I should not give it a 10 but an 8 maybe.
It has the same orange flavor as the Pyrat XO Rum. But is much richer, witch you should expect at 5 times the price.
overpriced? maby - excelent yes!

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Posted over 7 years ago by Nick from United States with 54 ratings

I received this as a gift from a vendor. I only will have a sip on occasion to make it last longer. (ok a few fingers) It's a tasty rum but wayyy over priced. I certainly would not buy this for myself.

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Posted about 2 months ago by evil-G-nius from United States with 6 ratings

I got this bottle for a gift and I was so happy. It is super sweet but very smooth compared to the regular Pyrat. This is an excellent sipper but for the price point, it is not an every day sipper as this is an expensive bottle. A little too expensive if you ask me which is why this is not a 10 for me

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Posted 3 months ago by Johnny from United States with 2 ratings

This rum is soooo smooth.....I thought the pyrat xo was good but this tops it..….….I had this with a cohiba cigar. With pyrat ..rum...make sure you drink it cold.....The pyrat rum tastes real good when they are cold and need for what I can say......Forget the price ….this rum is worth it......and make sure you give Buddha a shot too...… They have a small story in the give buddha a shot.....and he brings you good luck and happiness.....and smiles upon you....He is the travelling saint of Happiness..and good fortune. The bottle comes with a buddha medallion.


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Posted 4 months ago by Alaska Joe from United States with 34 ratings

Date night with the little lady and I find pyrat cask 1623 on the menu. Surprised I ordered a shot. Curious for sure, I was kind of excited. Upping arrival, the color and aroma were outstanding. Deep amber with an orange/ester overload. Interestingly, the taste didn’t match the smell, as it was a rich smooth sweet grand marnier flavor, with a Medium long chocolate Carmel finish. Super interesting but rather sweet. I’m glad I had a chance to try this rare and controversial elixir, sorry it’s basically extinct, I wonder what the price of a bottle will be 10 years from now. Tonight, 30 bucks for a shot, totally satisfied. FYI, those that say the Pyrat XO is basically the same thing are way off. This smooth and layered rum is in a taste profile all it’s own.... believe it or not.

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Posted 7 months ago by Albertabound from Canada with 4 ratings

Very smooth but also very expensive. Complex flavour great for a treat every once and awhile.

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Posted 10 months ago by M.R.J. from Finland with 203 ratings

I mean...This is not rum. It is a spiced rum. Sweet, orange liqueur.

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Posted at Madera about 1 year ago by Pinmann from United States with 14 ratings

Has a pleasant orange note to it. Good straight or on the rocks.