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Pusser's British Navy rum

Pusser's British Navy

Virgin Islands, British | Aged

The Great British Admiralty first served rum daily to its Royal Navy sailors over 300 years ago until the ration was abolished in 1970. In 1979 Charles Tobias bought the recipe rights, formed Pusser’s Ltd. in the British Virgin Islands, and for the first time made the rum it available for public consumption.

Pusser’s British Navy rum today is the same blend of five West Indian rums as the British Admiralty issued to sailors.

Known as the “single malt of rum” Pusser’s British Navy rum is pot stilled using a similar method as that for single malt scotches, and with no artificial flavors is 100% natural.

6.9/10 (318 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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318 Pusser's British Navy ratings

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Posted almost 8 years ago by Da'rum from Germany with 22 ratings

A piece of history that will always be in my collection.
Ester rich, pungent pot stilled perfection. Stewed fruits, brine and spice.
The bench mark for Navy rum.

I only left a star off because the overproof is really the authentic deal but it's the same rum just with less water added.


Posted about 4 years ago by Tom from Canada with 7 ratings

When the Navy went out shopping for rum for the sailors they found the cheapest rot gut they could buy and this follows in that tradition.


Posted over 4 years ago by Chet from United States with 182 ratings

This is a strange bird that has some weird feathers. Very unique, I can't say i would drink rum if it all tasted like this stuff. Its very unique to say the least, complex is an understatement, i can't even compare it to any other rums. Update: The more I drink Pusser's the more I like it. Drink it neat after letting it mellow for a few. The Gun Powder Proof is great and Nelson's Blood is outta this world. Great RUMs..


Posted over 4 years ago by Adam from Canada with 22 ratings

After getting this bottle as a gift I was glad that I didn't spend the $80 on it. We Canadians get hosed with taxes)-; Thats not to put it down because I really like it, but only save it for the odd occasion when I can tell my favorite person how much I love her. The woody flavours soaked into this one well. Sweet with a short warm finish...Definitely a sipper for me


Posted over 4 years ago by nomad from United States with 126 ratings

I like some things about Pussers- very fruity, raisins, nicely dry, quality feel.

sugar 6g


Posted about 5 years ago by Tommy from Australia with 15 ratings

the heat warms your very soul, the dry sharpness bites the back of your throat as a tear comes to your eye. God save the Queen!


Posted over 5 years ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 194 ratings

Sugar: 6 gpl. This is a great rum for mixed drinks. It has lots of flavor and zest without overpowering the drink. A better use for this is in food as I put this in my deserts. I put it on Bread Pudding, Chocolate cake, plain cheesecake, mix it with berries and maple syrup and with plain yogurt. My wine drinking sisters loved this in deserts. And if you run out of sipping rum this steps up to the plate. I add one cube of ice. This will be a staple in my collection. The bottle is in the kitchen and not the bar.


Posted over 5 years ago by A from United States with 7 ratings

This is the type of rum Id take camping, something to sip out of the bottle or mix into drinks or even slip into coffee. I think this is the rum songs were composed of, mainly cause of the nice kick. And the fact that drinking leads to bad drinking songs. Though honestly smooth taste and nice finish.


Posted over 5 years ago by Orion from United States with 20 ratings

Nice aver color. Nose with hints of dried fruit candy and dates. Medium legs on glass. Mild sweet fruity flavor with minimal afterburn. The finish is somewhat short. I was not expecting greatness but it turns out this is a very pleasant good sipping rum.


Posted over 5 years ago by Dan Ozga from United States with 4 ratings

Pussers is an original rum. I like to mix with coke a cola our make the famous pain killer with it.


Posted over 5 years ago by HunterRomario from Czech Republic with 298 ratings

Alkohol: 47,75 %
Původ: Britské Panenské ostrovy
Aroma: Klasická rumová vůně, kůže, náplň rumových pralinek ale v hutnější a silnější formě, sladce kořeněná. Kandované ovoce, datle a fíky. (85 b)
Chuť: Dost silný, tipoval bych určitě víc procent alkoholu. Sladce štiplavý, se silnou kořenitostí, která je hodně pikantní a dlouho přetrvává v dochuti. S vodou je tento rum sametovější, krémový. (85 b)
Body: 85
Shrnutí: Měl jsem miniaturu koupenou z Diosu. Přímo jsem srovnával s verzí 75%, a byl to ve výsledku vyrovnaný souboj. Kupodivu štiplavějším a ostřejším dojmem působila tato slabší verze.