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Pusser's British Navy 15-Year rum

Pusser's British Navy 15-Year

Virgin Islands, British | Aged

Pusser’s British Navy Rum 15-Year is a blend of five rums from Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Barbados which are produced in mainly wooden pot stills. The blend is aged for 15 years.

The company derives its name from the British Navy 'Purser' who distributed a daily 'tot' of rum ration to each sailor - a tradition which lasted from 1655 until 1970. In 1979 Charles Tobias obtained the rights to blend the original recipe of the British Navy Rum.

Pusser's British Navy Rum is casually known as “Nelson’s Blood” as a nod to the famous death of Admiral Nelson. After being mortally wounded in a naval battle in 1805, Nelson’s body was preserved in a barrel of rum.

7.9/10 (150 ratings)
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150 Pusser's British Navy 15-Year ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by Nicholas Miller from United States with 75 ratings

Popping the cork you get a very wooded oak smell from it and only the tiniest trace of alcohol in there which a tinge of possibly fruit. In the glass it is much the same and looks much the same. Drinking it straight and neat is like drinking candy sweet on entry, a little bit of heat kicks it, the oak from the barrel trims it out and with some spice in the back and a vanilla finish. Much like the original pussers but more smooth however I Iiked the heat of the regular pussers. In diet coke it's smoothness and balance is its downfall, not many flavours (mostly oak cask) come out so this is much better neat. However it makes a very unusual tasting diet coke that some may love (bitter sweet). Honestly though I prefer the original Pussers blue label for its boldness and it's amazing Rum and coke taste. I say drink the blue plus it's cheaper!


Posted 11 months ago by Rumdog from New Zealand with 10 ratings

Delicious, wonderful noise and deeply rich flavours.


Posted 12 months ago by Robin Wouters from Belgium with 15 ratings

As an unexpirienced rum drinke, the first sips of this rum where a little bit simmilar as a soft whiskey for me. After a couple of sips, it tasted more Like a rum with little hints of sweetness, and Lots of different flavours. I did expected more after all the good comments. But it was still Fine.


Posted 1 year ago by Chris from Germany with 11 ratings

A great rum, if you see it somewhere, buy this bootle.
Like somebody wrote below, taste like a 100€ one

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Posted 1 year ago by Mark Halse from Australia with 22 ratings

Tried this while in Bangkok at an upscale Rum bar, lovely sipping rum which seemed to have more flavour once ice was added. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this bottle on my travels.


Posted 1 year ago by Jason from United States with 71 ratings

This is different that what I expected. The nose gives you a sense that it is going to be overpoweringly sweet. Fruits and molasses are evident. The initial taste is quite the contrary. There is a sweetness, light fruitiness, and the ending has a sweetness that creeps up. Very little burn to finish. I believe it would pair well with a cigar.


Posted 1 year ago by M.R.J. from Finland with 203 ratings

This is a tasty one, but...the sugar. Phew. It covers many aspects. Recommended - with some doubts.


Posted over 1 year ago by DoctorFong from United States with 11 ratings

Love Pussers original and the gunpowder proof is delicious but stronger. This is smoother and less sweet. Not as enjoyable


Posted at Hale Pele over 1 year ago by Engwild from United States with 153 ratings

This had so much range, and layers, and depth. Like cherries tickling my taint, I need more.
Take the money.


Posted over 1 year ago by Jaybird from United States with 48 ratings

I get aromas of oak, varnish, hints of caramel sweetness and alcohol. Balanced a bit towards dry. Warming but not hot. Long astringent finish. Charcoal? Great body and long legs. What you would expect of a Navy rum and more. Not at all bad. Just a bit course. I'll sip it neat or over a cube or two. Purists may chastise me but a twist of lime would be a great addition. Perhaps a little over budget at $70 but I'd recommend!


Posted over 1 year ago by Mark from United Kingdom with 8 ratings

A rum you can't help but love
Although there is a lot of added sugar
This rum tastes like it should cost a lot more
Super smooth, a real favorate