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Pusser's British Navy 15-Year rum

Pusser's British Navy 15-Year

Virgin Islands, British | Aged

Pusser’s British Navy Rum 15-Year is a blend of five rums from Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Barbados which are produced in mainly wooden pot stills. The blend is aged for 15 years.

The company derives its name from the British Navy 'Purser' who distributed a daily 'tot' of rum ration to each sailor - a tradition which lasted from 1655 until 1970. In 1979 Charles Tobias obtained the rights to blend the original recipe of the British Navy Rum.

Pusser's British Navy Rum is casually known as “Nelson’s Blood” as a nod to the famous death of Admiral Nelson. After being mortally wounded in a naval battle in 1805, Nelson’s body was preserved in a barrel of rum.

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150 Pusser's British Navy 15-Year ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by Nicholas Miller from United States with 75 ratings

Popping the cork you get a very wooded oak smell from it and only the tiniest trace of alcohol in there which a tinge of possibly fruit. In the glass it is much the same and looks much the same. Drinking it straight and neat is like drinking candy sweet on entry, a little bit of heat kicks it, the oak from the barrel trims it out and with some spice in the back and a vanilla finish. Much like the original pussers but more smooth however I Iiked the heat of the regular pussers. In diet coke it's smoothness and balance is its downfall, not many flavours (mostly oak cask) come out so this is much better neat. However it makes a very unusual tasting diet coke that some may love (bitter sweet). Honestly though I prefer the original Pussers blue label for its boldness and it's amazing Rum and coke taste. I say drink the blue plus it's cheaper!


Posted 2 months ago by VikingXO from Denmark with 107 ratings

Not as strong as I expected, but the taste is deep and powerfull. Great nose and interesting blend of Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados.


Posted 3 months ago by PineWood from Belgium with 14 ratings

I would like to love it more because this a complex and nicely done rum, unfortunately it's also very sweet.


Posted 3 months ago by Jan Baštinec from Czech Republic with 89 ratings

Aroma of raisines and caramel. In aroma and taste is similar like single-malt whisky, because you can find in both peat.

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Posted 6 months ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 206 ratings

First we have to recognize this bottle style and 15 year blend is no longer available. My rating is for the orange label older version. This rum was nearing perfection in my book. Unfortunately the new blend falls way short. I understand they lost the rights to the Trinidad rum that it was blended with and is now100% Guyana blended.

Back to the old 15 review dark brown full bodied, I believe it was over proof and delicious. If you are lucky enough to get old stock, buy it all.

Funny thing they did the same thing with regular Pusser’s over 25 years ago the original blue label was much better and I boycotted the new blend for 20 years, but find it very appealing again.


Posted 7 months ago by Duckstab from Czech Republic with 74 ratings

Tytéž zatuchlé hrozinky v lihu, jako u standardního British Navy, ale zjemnělé a vlastně méně zajímavé. Přes udávaných 40% překvapivě lihovitější než je (nebo bývalo - už jsem ho pár let nepil) 54,5% British Navy. Mělo to být na oslavu, ale bylo to velké zklamání. Hodnocení se vztahuje k nekřesťanské ceně (skoro 1500 Kč), jinak tak 7. Šlo o verzi v nové láhvi (plnění z roku 2018) původem z Guyany; je velmi pravděpodobné, že starší Nelsonkavér býval lepší...
Aby to ověřil, pořídil jsem nakonec aktuální British Navy distribuovanou nyní pod názvem Gunpowder Proof, která je nyní rovněž z Guayny, nikoli z Barbadosu jako dřív. A vskutku - je nesrovnatelně horší než bývala, takže mohu jen litovat, že jsem si Nelsonovu krev nekoupil už před lety...


Posted 9 months ago by Glen from United States with 53 ratings

Not a fantastic sipper but nice in a simple mixed drink. Had my bottle for years so has probably changed over time


Posted 10 months ago by benje from United Kingdom with 4 ratings

This is what you imagine Nelsons boys would drink. No wonder they were fearless. The real thing.


Posted 10 months ago by Sayede from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Essential sipping rum, heard the new blend and label is terrible . Sweet complex , honey , aroma - smooth burn


Posted 10 months ago by chriscathcart from Canada with 14 ratings

Or a good girls. Has lots of flavour without being sugary. One of my favorites


Posted 10 months ago by Per71 from Sweden with 44 ratings

Not my kind of rum.
Sharp alcohol taste with oak, and slightly bitter finish.