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Bacardi Reserva Ocho 8-Year rum

Bacardi Reserva Ocho 8-Year

Puerto Rico | Aged

6.2/10 (43 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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43 Bacardi Reserva Ocho 8-Year ratings

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Posted almost 2 years ago by RumTho from Netherlands with 6 ratings

Nose: a lot of alcohol is right up front but if you get deeper into the glass there is some sweetness and butterscotch. Smell dissipates quickly.
Taste: starts of with a small burn that keeps going. Lots of spices in this one and some molasses. Coats your mouth with a pleasant sweetness. Full-bodied.
Finish: sweetness keeps lingering for a while. Ends with a slight intensifying burn while the sweetness remains.
Final: this is my go-to rum when a recipe calls for a gold Puerto Rican rum since it has better mouthfeel and more complexity than other column still rums. It is full-bodied and has a pleasant sweetness which also qualifies it to be a sipper. This is a good example of a rum that can be used for both purposes and would recommend to people that like a clean, relatively cheap and smooth rum.
Notes: added 3 drops of water. Also, I'm an inexpercienced taster so the details might be inaccurate, but it's still really enjoyable for my still-developing palate.


Posted 2 years ago by Co Ka from Switzerland with 87 ratings

But not go dringing straight.
The smell is Bacardi like, mainstream.
Light burn and not many flavors.
And not a long lasting aftertaste.


Posted 4 days ago by Andrew Lantz from Canada with 11 ratings

This is a fairly middle of the ground rum. Nothing about it is overly offensive, but nothing stands out either.

As a mixer, it’s very good. I don’t find it overly sweet, and the hint of rum is a nice addition.


Posted 1 year ago by Dagot from Russian Federation with 12 ratings

I gave bacardi last chance to imprese me with the good rum. Disapointing again. Typicall for bacardi taste - caramel sweetness and alchohol aftertaste . Nose - "grassy"-like with the alchohol background. Nothing more. Where does it spent his 8 years?
I tasted all the main lineup of Bacardi rums, and i must say that Bacardi cannot make a taste, good rum, only cheap mass product for getting drunk. For me Bacardi dead as a rum producer.


Posted over 1 year ago by rumdumb from Canada with 8 ratings

I haven't had Bacardi in about 25 years...maybe this needs to age another 25 years. Thought I would try this one, but disappointed. Opened the bottle to the smell of alcohol and a similar after-taste. As a mixer it's passable after two drinks. I won't dump it out, but thought about it.


Posted over 1 year ago by roberto.azores from Portugal with 48 ratings

Light and easy to drink.
Not sweet.... good flavors, but, the distillate is not very refined.


Posted 3 days ago by lmaste from Panama with 8 ratings

Tu ron añejo que siempre te saca de apuros, y se defiende frente a tus amigos - a buen precio


Posted 19 days ago by Swisslet from United Kingdom with 21 ratings

I tend to think of Bacardi as being both overly distinctive and overly average. It’s fine, but overpowers any cocktail. Anyway. Reservations put to one side, this does taste a lot more complex than that - as you’d hope from 8 years in the barrel... but it’s still pretty average. It’s fine to sip neat (which is what I generally do), but it’s no more than that. It’s a touch unrefined and a little paint-stripper-y. Not so much as to be unpleasant, but not in the top tier for sure.


Posted 29 days ago by eadrn from United States with 49 ratings

I feel like this one is overhyped. Nothing special, definitely better options out there.

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Posted 1 month ago by Kabi4 from Czech Republic with 21 ratings

I get this one as a gift 👍 and we had nice couple eveings together... not the best one but in that $ range stil ok.


Posted 2 months ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 358 ratings

When I first started reviewing for this site, I tried their Gran Reserva 8 Year from the Bahamas. I rated that one as a 3, probably due to it's plastic cork. That one has been long gone and I thought that I maybe had not given their 8 Year rum a fair shake. So I bought this one yesterday at $6 US less than what I paid for their Bahamian version almost three years ago. This rum is from Puerto Rico and has a real cork. This one is also bone dry. I had the Bahamian version classified as sweet with 20 gpl of added sugar. Where on earth I had gotten that from is beyond me. Bacardi likes to keep us all confused.

At any rate, I am glad that I gave this one a try. Having liked their Gran Reserva Diez 10 Year also inspired me to try this one. Well, this one is almost as good as their 10 Year and being at about half the price. I am not good at all with tasting notes, but it is slightly smoky and definitely has no added sugar. The oak taste is almost absent. This is another good dry rum worth buying again and with a bargain price to boot. It appears that Bacardi is trying to overcome their very bad image through this rum and I would say that they are getting their way with it. It is not up to the quality of their Facundo Eximo and Exquisita, but this one is certainly a turn around.