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I’m picking up a bit of oak and caramel on the nose, dont really get the fruitynees others mention, but could be due to the fact that I had a few other rums prior to trying this one, wich tend to dull the senses. The taste is slightly spicy with tingles reminding me of chili oil sublemented by light notes of cane sugar. It’s not very tanninc and a bit short on the finish, but finely balanced none the less. Nothing really sticks out or really peaks my interest, but it’s not a bad rum.

Rum má svetlo zlatú farbu, s veľmi jemnou ovocnou vôňou. U mňa dominujú banány a sladká vanilka. Chuť rumu je relatívne suchá, vraj nie je dosladzovaný cukrom, čo sa zdá byť pravdivé. Tiež je poznať, že rum zrel v dubových sudoch po burbone, chuť tomu nasvedčuje. Nie som moc zástanca dozrievania rumov v sudoch po borbone alebo whisky, ale na to, že je to zmes len 2 ročných rumov, celkovo by som ohodnotil tento run skôr pozitívne ako negatívne. Dal by som 65 bodov zo 100.


Classic rum, dry, with nice fruity citrus aromas, which are less strong on palate.

J ai goûté ce rhum dans un calendrier de Noël, je débute dans la dégustation de rhum.

Frugt i duften. Måske et strejf af ananas og vanilje. Hvis man er hurtig kan man måske fornemme lidt frugt i smagen, men den bliver hurtigt overtaget af smagen af fad, som er den man sidder tilbage med muligvis med lidt pebet. Ikke udrikkelig, men heller ikke værd at drikke (2. December 2018)

Rum with fruity aroma. Light body, mild and bit bitter on palate with hints of oak. Unsweetened

Very light and drinkable gold rum. If you are ok with the price, this might be good start for rum first-timers. I would recommend it for summer months on the rocks or in mixed drinks.

Not so smooth going down, but tasty. Works best with ice just melted.

One of the great things about rum is the wide selection that have become available around the world in recent times. This is one of the newer brands, that I tasted without any prior knowledge. That turned out to be a good decision.

Nose: Sugar cane, mango and a hint of vanilla
Taste: A mild taste of dried fruits and syrup with a pepper-like aftertaste that lingers for a while
Overall: I have never tried a rum from Antigua before and it will be a while until the next one since they are not that widely available where I live, but if this one is anything to go by, then it is definitely an area, that is worth exploring.

Légèrement teinté, fort à mon goût, léger fumé, se rapproche même d'un petit whisky à mon goût.

Gul färgton. Arom av aningen arrak. Smakar kryddigt som snaps men mycket mildare. Rätt meningslös.

Mild och lättdrucken avslutas med lite kryddighet. Lite tunn. Men god.

Vune je v celku prijemna - orechy v medu. Chut je bohuzel malinko slabsi ale s prijemnym dokoncenim. Prvninaznak ovoce rychle prechazi do suche chuti. Je znat, ze rum je dvoulety. Zajimalo by me, jak by chutnala malinko odlezelejsi varianta. Za ochutnavku tohoto rumu jsem rad, ale celou lahev si asi nekoupim.


Reminds me of lightness of Barbados rums, with a hint of coconut, a bit of sharpness there as well but pleasant drink overall.

Zwei Jahre im Ex-Bourbon Fass gelagert.
Honiggelb im Glas.
In der Nase leichte Töne von Karamell und weissen Früchten.
Im Gaumen tropische Früchte mit Karamell in Schokolade getunkt. Sehr mild und gut strukturiert.
Im Abgang bleiben die Früchte, die Schokolade lange.
Ein sicherlich guter Mix-Rum den man auch pur trinken kann. Keine besondere Tiefe, die nach zwei Jahren auch nicht zu erwarten ist aber auch kein alkoholisches Beissen mehr.

Two years in the ex-Bourbon barrel stored.
Honey yellow in the glass.
Light notes of caramel and white fruits in the nose.
On the palate tropical fruits with caramel dipped in chocolate. Very mild and well structured.
In the finish the fruits, the chocolate stay long.
A certainly good mix rum that you can drink pure. No special depth, which is not to be expected after two years but also no more alcoholic biting.