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A. H. Riise Platinum Reserve rum

A. H. Riise Platinum Reserve

Denmark | Aged

21 ratings
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21 A. H. Riise Platinum Reserve ratings

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Posted 6 months ago by Róbert Bezák from Slovakia with 30 ratings

When I was drinking it, I felt I am drinking something quite old, something a little bite extraordinary, but on the other hand it is average, regarding A.H. RIISE. And when it comes to price, it´s not worth of it. Price about 250 EUR/bottle is simply too much for this. For example - A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Very rare costs about 70 EUR, and he tasted to me far far more.

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Posted 7 months ago by Jirka23689 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 170 ratings

Ve vůni jsou cítit banány, bombony a trochu mata. V chuťi lze rozeznat citrusy, karamel, ovoce. Docela dost sladký a závěr lehce štiplavý.


Posted 9 months ago by Michal Micko from Czech Republic with 447 ratings

Maybe I expected too much based on price, but this rum is one big disappointing for me.
Taste is typical sweet, but in aroma and taste is strong hint of mint - if you like mint, you can add 1point. Aftertaste is shorter and dull. I'm happy that I got only sample and not full bottle.
For the price (250Eur in Czech Republic) it's overpriced.


Posted 6 days ago by Hefron from Czech Republic with 80 ratings

Rum, co vás posadí na prdel. Výrazná vůně vanilky, mátových čokoládek a mandlového marcipánu se špetkou lékořice.
Chuť výrazně po vanilce, marcipánu a máťě. Sladký a medovitý, zprvu jemný a po polknutí příjemně zahřeje v hrdle. Neřekl bych že má 42 % alkoholu, řekl bych, že je to spíše rumový elixír.
Je to něco zajímavého, něco co už nikdy podruhé neochutnáte. Jsem rád, že jsem tuhle limitku mohl ochutnat. 10/10


Posted 4 months ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 422 ratings

Schönes helles Bernstein mit Kupferreflektionen im Glas.
In der Nase sehr erfrischend und wohltuend. Wie eine Medizin zum inhalieren oder einreiben, ein After Eight das auf einem Stein an der Sonne schmilzt, Tip Top Ice Cream "Mint with Chocolate chips" am Seeufer, Nimm2 Orangen Bonbons und Carambar Karamellstangen gleichzeitig ausgewickelt.
Am Gaumen frisch, warm und mundfüllend. Weich und elegant wird die Zunge umschmeichelt, nicht so opulent süss und orangendominant wie andere Riise. Karamell im Schokomantel schicken dich auf eine Zeitreise, die Essenz eines Mojitos balanciert über die Zunge, Früchte leicht angebraten und mit Minze garniert, in Zuckerrohr Sirup eingelegte Medizinkräuter lullen die Geschmacksknospen ein.
Im Abgang süss und lang. Die im heissen Karamell eingelegten Früchte mit Schokoladenstreusel obendrauf verweilen noch ein wenig länger.
Ein durchaus toller Riise, bietet aber in diesem Preissegment eine etwas schlappe Show. Braucht eine sehr, sehr, sehr lange offene Zeit. Für Jeden der sich so etwas leisten will. - 9
-2cl Muster-

Beautiful light amber with copper reflections in the glass.
Very refreshing and soothing on the nose. Like a medicine to inhale or rub in, an After Eight melting on a rock in the sun, Tip Top Ice Cream "Mint with Chocolate chips" on the lakeshore, Nimm2 orange candies and Carambar caramel sticks unwound at the same time.
Fresh, warm and mouth-filling on the palate. Soft and elegant caresses the tongue, not as opulently sweet and orange-dominant as other Riise. Chocolate coated caramel send you on a journey through time, the essence of a mojito balances across the tongue, fruits lightly sautéed and garnished with mint, medicinal herbs steeped in sugar cane syrup lull the taste buds.
The finish is sweet and long. The fruits soaked in hot caramel with chocolate sprinkles on top linger a bit longer.
Quite a great riise, but puts on a bit of a slack show at this price point. Needs a very, very, very long open time. For anyone who wants to afford something like this. - 9
-2cl sample-

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Posted 4 months ago by Steffmaus (TASTING CLUB) from Denmark with 32 ratings

My personal favorite of A.H. Riise rum, overall great taste with notes of winegum and the familiar sweet taste


Posted 4 months ago by Joola69 from United States with 2808 ratings

Big thanks goes to Rhum Attitude for providing a proper rum tasting experience during the global lockdown. Our tasting continues onwards with A.H. Riise Platinum Reserve. Beautiful bottle and label design. Syrupy golden color. Who knows what added garbage has been added to this White Rum base but you will get plenty of vanilla extract. Quite awful to be frank and at €250 per bottle it's pure highway robbery.


Posted 6 months ago by Limike from Czech Republic with 26 ratings

Vůně karamel,banány,máta.Chuť sladká,lehce větrová - připomíná my silně pendrekové bonbóny z dětství a ty jsem zrovna moc nemusel.


Posted 7 months ago by Airhammer26 from Austria with 23 ratings

Doesn‘t get much better... only enjoy the sweetness of the ultra rare black edition more...

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Posted 7 months ago by Staal from Denmark with 33 ratings

This is a fantastic rum. Great color. Dark and nice. The aroma is an absolute winner. Caramel, Vanilla and a nice hint of orange. The taste is a unconditional pleasure. This is a sweet nice balanced rum. A hint of burn in the aftermath but in a great balance. You can taste the sweetness and the orange for a very long time. This is an eminent great rum.