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A. H. Riise Platinum Reserve rum

A. H. Riise Platinum Reserve

Denmark | Aged

8.1/10(17 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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17 A. H. Riise Platinum Reserve ratings

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Posted 28 days ago by Róbert Bezák from Slovakia with 28 ratings

When I was drinking it, I felt I am drinking something quite old, something a little bite extraordinary, but on the other hand it is average, regarding A.H. RIISE. And when it comes to price, it´s not worth of it. Price about 250 EUR/bottle is simply too much for this. For example - A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Very rare costs about 70 EUR, and he tasted to me far far more.


Posted 2 months ago by Limike from Czech Republic with 21 ratings

Vůně karamel,banány,máta.Chuť sladká,lehce větrová - připomíná my silně pendrekové bonbóny z dětství a ty jsem zrovna moc nemusel.


Posted 2 months ago by Airhammer26 from Austria with 22 ratings

Doesn‘t get much better... only enjoy the sweetness of the ultra rare black edition more...

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Posted 2 months ago by Jirka23689 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 121 ratings

Ve vůni jsou cítit banány, bombony a trochu mata. V chuťi lze rozeznat citrusy, karamel, ovoce. Docela dost sladký a závěr lehce štiplavý.

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Posted 2 months ago by Staal from Denmark with 31 ratings

This is a fantastic rum. Great color. Dark and nice. The aroma is an absolute winner. Caramel, Vanilla and a nice hint of orange. The taste is a unconditional pleasure. This is a sweet nice balanced rum. A hint of burn in the aftermath but in a great balance. You can taste the sweetness and the orange for a very long time. This is an eminent great rum.

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Posted 2 months ago by Safronus from Czech Republic with 49 ratings

They had true inn description -> it is something different, totally. The rate could be 9.5. In comparison to NPU Black Edition and 175th Anniversary it is little worse, but as I sad, kinda special. The speciality is inn the freshness and mentol tones. Also you can feel bananas and tropical fruit. But on the other hand it is not sweet as black edition and it is stronger. I am really glad I had opportunity to taste it :)) For my girlfriend it the second after 175th Anniversary :)

Sweetness -> 7/10
Strength -> 6/10


Posted 3 months ago by Dennis93 from Denmark with 15 ratings

Lækker duftende og smagfuld Rom. Syntes her var forskellige udtalelser om alderen osv så tænkte jeg lige vil smide ah riise egen beskrivelse op:"A.H. Riise Platinum Reserve Premium Small Batch No 1 er enestående rom. Den har et helt klassisk præg af A.H. Riise, men har et hjerte af guld. Denne rom er særligt unik, fordi den kun findes i et batch på 6000 styk. Når de er væk, kan den aldrig genskabes.
A.H. Riise Platinum Reserve Premium Small Batch No 1, er en Solera-lagret rom, hvis hjerte består af to gyldne fade. Det ene er 40 år gammelt, det andet er 21 år. Begge fade har ligget og modnet i Europa i tempereret klima. Netop det tempererede klima sikrer en nænsom, langsom modning, som betyder, at fadet aldrig bliver presset, men kan modne i sit eget tempo – til gavn for smagens udvikling."


Posted 4 months ago by Michal Micko from Czech Republic with 408 ratings

Maybe I expected too much based on price, but this rum is one big disappointing for me.
Taste is typical sweet, but in aroma and taste is strong hint of mint - if you like mint, you can add 1point. Aftertaste is shorter and dull. I'm happy that I got only sample and not full bottle.
For the price (250Eur in Czech Republic) it's overpriced.


Posted 6 months ago by pocasi from Czech Republic with 18 ratings

Nadherna lahev. Cena neodpovida obsahu. Od lekarnika jsou lepsi rumy. 6,5/10


Posted 1 year ago by tondak80 from Czech Republic with 37 ratings

krásně voní, komplexní, typický Riise, ale čekal jsem víc