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Elements 8 Vendôme rum

Elements 8 Vendôme

Saint Lucia | Aged

7.0/10(5 ratings)
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5 Elements 8 Vendôme ratings

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Posted 9 months ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 71 ratings

After liking the Chairman's Reserve and the Forgotten Casks I came across this rum. Blended by E8 but destilled by St. Lucia distillers also and very affordable here in the Netherlands (I paid €21); I could not resist!
Medium bodied rum with a destinctive aroma, it is not strong but full of pot still esters (no, not a Jamaican nuke) that will fill the room in 10 minutes time. On the nose a bit of smokey oak, orange, vanilla, fudge. On the palate there is again a firm pot still influence but the strange thing is that the blend is build around it; with a lot of others rums that pot still part comes rushing in, almost independant from the rest of the flavours but not here. Dry, yet with a natural sweetness, rather complex and with notes of dried fruits, chocolate, prune and orange. It is truly a mouthfull of flavours in maybe the best balanced rum I tasted thusfar.

This rum will do just as good in a smokey bar (if you can still find one anywhere..) as after a fancy diner aside an espresso. For me everything comes together in this Vendôme but the sad thing is, according to their website, it has become a limited edition so in other words, they stopped making this or will do so soon......

If I would take price into consideration I would have to give it an 11 but without that it is a solid 9 for me. My first 9....


Posted 1 day ago by Attila0811 from Hungary with 6 ratings

I like it very much. I couldn’t decide yet if it’s a sipper or a cocktail ingridient. Kinda dry but after the 3rd glass it has a rather natural sweet aftertaste. I like it!


Posted 3 months ago by Seko from Czech Republic with 118 ratings

This rums is totally different story than Chairman's Reserve and Forgotten Casks, which I like very much. The smell reminds me of young Panama tobacco heavy rums, with oak and leather, mixed with Jamaica-like ester banana funk, the start of the taste profile is again Panama with Abuelo-like sweetness, then rum body turns into a medium strength mix of pot and still - something like Hampden overripe bananas mixed with some more tamed rum components, and then comes a tobacco and oak aftertaste turning towards bitter. The rum is smooth enough to be sippable, but so so. It is an interesting rum, it mixes together different rums styles, but the Panama and Jamaica styles here unfortunately seem to be more competing with one another, rather than playing the same tune. The ratio between the styles actually varied over the course of a few weeks while I was emptying the bottle, at the end of the bottle the Panama features completely disappeared and I had to mix the rum with coke, as the last glasses were something like very stale Hampden Gold.


Posted 1 year ago by Paul from Australia with 123 ratings

this drink has quite a few flavours and kicks but together they dont do it 4 me sorry


Posted over 2 years ago by Tomy from Romania with 423 ratings

A very fruity, very honeyed gem from St Lucia. Elements 8 gold rum is a light-to-medium-bodied spirit which works well as both a mixer and a sipper with a few ice cubes and a splash of lime.
Nose: Oaky and sweet with notes of buttery vanilla and honey. A hint of spice.
Palate: Sweet and soft with notes of supple sultanas, dates, stewed fruits, manuka honey and apricot.
Finish: Good length with soft fruit skins, spices and pepper.