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Prichard's Crystal rum

Prichard’s Crystal rum, a Grade A molasses-based rum that’s pot-distilled five times and bottled unaged at 80 proof.

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13 Prichard's Crystal ratings

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Posted about 4 years ago by Russ from United States with 85 ratings

This is a unique white...its sweet! Its great in a rum and coke. The price is inflated. Yes, its one of the best whites out there but still almost $50 after tax is a bit much for a light rum of any caliber.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Viktor from United States with 16 ratings

This rum presents with Avery sweet aroma, almost like bubble gum, but it doesn't deliver that taste. It starts very sweet like pure cane sugar, and has no noticeable flavors after that. It is very smooth to drink but after a few sips the sweet taste weakens on the tongue and it just leaves a watery taste. It doesn't have enough flavor for a mixer and cannot stand on its own.

Posted over 4 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

Although not a bad rum, this is one that should be skipped if there is something clearly better on the shelf at the store. The first thing I noticed is the aroma after popping the synthetic cork. It has a very noticeable astringent odor. Made me think what I was about to sample would be way too harsh. However it was mellower then the aroma indicated. However it's not great. Sipping it exposes a rather noticeable sweetness with obvious vanilla and caramel flavors...even...butterscotch??? Actually the more I think about it, it does have some resemblance to butterscotch lifesafers candy. I wouldn't want this as a sipper but definitely would be interesting in mixed drinks. Any recipe calling for coconut rum could use this as a substitute for a variation on the recipe.

Posted 11 months ago by Tikiducks from United States with 54 ratings

For an American rum this is pretty tasty. I got caramel, vanilla, toffee and maybe a little bit of orange.

Posted about 1 year ago by Chet from United States with 182 ratings

I am not a real white rum fan unless i am mixing up a chicky drink. Tasted this stuff at a rum festival and we all rather enjoyed it. Thought the flavors were very welcoming and would be good in a mixed tropical drink. Will be picking up a bottle when i find it.

Posted about 1 year ago by Joola69 from United States with 2555 ratings

Enjoyed a bottle of Prichard's Crystal Rum while visiting Grand Canyon. Decent bottle and label design. Vanilla extract, butterscotch, pure alcohol, caramel and mild oak to the nose and palate when neat sipped. Surprisingly strong and dry burn at end. Makes expensive mixed drinks at $52 per bottle.

Posted about 2 years ago by piratejabez from United States with 314 ratings

40% ABV. Very unique nose. Extremely reminiscent of Red Vines. Artificial cherry flavor. Liquorice. Almost Hampden-like, but not in a good way. So far this is really not my profile. But at least there's no astringency, and the fruitiness could make for an interesting mixer. Perhaps the taste can rescue it? P: No, this is terrible. Tastes like artificial licorice candy. Very sweet and medicinal. Cherry finish.

My goodness. I do not recommend this rum. There are plenty of decent white rums out there. This one, frankly, gives American rum a bad name.


Posted about 5 years ago by Marty from United States with 103 ratings

I like this rum very much. It is very sweet, and may be too sweet for some. I would not drink this rum all the time, just like I wouldn’t drink my high-end/expensive rums all the time. Every time I come back to this rum I enjoy it a little bit more.

Posted over 5 years ago by mamajuana from United States with 148 ratings

Today we have Prichard's Crystal rum, enjoyed neat of course!

Another American made Grade A input rum.... (5x distilled per my bottle label) their website states 4X maybe I have either a newer or older bottling, or an error on website or label most likely website. Grade "A" Molasses used, the ministry website states black strap molasses but this is not correct. Black strap is the lowest quality of molasses and does not = Grade "A".

A few initial notes from the first few glasses (no ice):

The nosing : incredibly unique, I can't say I detect a nosing in a total class of its own too often but this one has that. The nosing on this is bubble yum orig bubblegum, Juicy fruit bubblegum underlying, very sweet, no alcohol.

The mouthing/taste: I will note this rum is very heavy not light at all like a vodka surprisingly, considering the 4x-5x distil. This rum is heavier and less viscous than the Prichard's fine rum and private stock their best aged offerings both of which I highly enjoyed. Easily the heaviest white rum I have ever had, maybe even the heaviest white spirit I have ever had to date.

The flavor is akin to the nosing very much so, a immediate hit of the sweet bubble gum flavor, fruit punch, a medium rum spice kick after the initial hit, then a finish of bubble gum sweetness.

Overall, not a bad white rum considering no aging, very smooth, has a nice hit of spice then smooths out to a long sweet finish.

If not so thick and easy 9.

Posted about 6 years ago by jmp3 from United States with 88 ratings

I was hoping for more but not bad for a mixer.

Posted almost 7 years ago by Distiller Evan from United States with 30 ratings

Drank this and for hours could not pick out the flavor. Finally days later i ate a worther's original and bam there it was. very smooth and clean.

Posted over 7 years ago by Rick The Rum Runner from United States with 34 ratings

Very Sweet smelling upon opening.
Let's smell – Immediately I get sweetness. I want to say butterscotch but more of a caramel smell, it's not as sweet but my tongue tip never lies. This is what I was missing the first taste! Also a smokiness.

A Taste – Yes sweet immediately.. I can taste the sweetness spread across the tongue. First the tip then right down the center. A little wood bit, pleasant; a counter. A spiciness is there too. I venture to say a bit of heat. Warming and comforting. After swallowing...?

After Taste – Smokiness, slowly returning sweetness. Very refreshing to the mouth. After swallowing I smell the snifter and pick up some spices. Cinnamon, but, not just that. A savory perfume as well. Tasters out there – take you time and re-inhale a glass after swallowing, oh my. Perhaps just a whiff of clove.
In mouth - Let it roll a bit.. sweetness stays - intensifies along the sides. The swallow has a burst of tingle then cool sweet. I'd say under the tongue is sweetest. For some reason -- just a hint of floral soon after swallow.

After taste: In the glass Crystal Rum has a thickness. As clear as water, and it legs on the glass, long, thick streaks. Look at the picture and you can see them.... Sweetness!

Posted over 7 years ago by muppet from United States with 49 ratings

Very mapley taste