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Plantation Jamaica Xaymaca Special Dry rum

Plantation Jamaica Xaymaca Special Dry

Caribbean | Aged

36 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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36 Plantation Jamaica Xaymaca Special Dry ratings

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Posted 2 months ago by Bonandy from Poland with 51 ratings

I really like the Plantation rums family. Slightly sweet, pleasant aroma. Perfect for sipping.


Posted 10 months ago by El Cap from United States with 62 ratings

I love it. Banana bread underneath a palm tree with cigar smoke drifting by from further on up the coast. Walk out to the shore.

Dip your toes in.


Posted 1 year ago by CaptainGreen (PREMIUM) from United States with 74 ratings

Avast, the smell of this rum be complex! Some fruit, a wee bit of oak, and lots of burnt sugar. Maybe a hint of Cognac... not a fan of Cognac. The oak carries into the flavor, which be smooth and spicy with a little burn. If you fancy a sweet rum, weigh anchor and sail on. This be a true clap of thunder not meant for the lily-livered. Drink up, me hearties!


Posted over 2 years ago by Dan-Fix from Sweden with 113 ratings

Dry but a hint of sweetness. This one suited my tounge.


Posted 1 month ago by Matje from Netherlands with 27 ratings

Lekker warme alcoholsmaak met subtiele nasmaak. Niet wrang maar soepel. Eigenlijk een 6,5 maar dat is niet mogelijk.


Posted 1 month ago by Djmillard (TASTING CLUB) from United States with 20 ratings

This is the tastiest rum I have sipped to date. I am not spectacularly well sampled, but have had a number of staple well rated rums, and something about Plantation Xaymaca takes the cake.

It's fairly dry, has a dark fruit tang, and a sour, earthy punch that dominates the palate. If I tried this cold turkey, I feel like I might have hated it, but in the midst of smoking others, it struck me hard and continues to do so.

At this juncture, I can't say anything more than "I'm definitely buying more of this"


Posted 2 months ago by Teemuh from Finland with 24 ratings

Tastes and smells mostly floral with a bit of jamaican funk to it. Very dry tasting rum for a plantation. I maybe wouldn't think of this rum as a sipper.

I prefer appleton signature over this. It's cheaper and funkier. Going to try this in a mai tai later. (I have heard that's where this rum shines)

EDIT: Makes an amazing Mai Tai! 10/10 in that category. No other rums needed.


Posted 3 months ago by CK from United States with 22 ratings

I've been very happy with most all the Plantation rums I've tried but this one was mildly disappointing. It's dry which I dont mind, but there is just not a lot going on here and its pretty meh as a sipper. It's fine in some cocktails but there is really not much that stands out here. It's pretty unremarkable and middle of the road. Not bad, not great, just, meh. Doubt I would ever buy it again, but happy I tried it.


Posted 3 months ago by Heinemans from Netherlands with 18 ratings

A rum so relaxed in taste it has to come from Jamaica. I however prefer some more kick in a rum


Posted 5 months ago by Flauda from France with 18 ratings

Weel achieved, complex, Plantation give us here a beautiful funky Rhum to make us travel to Xaymaca